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I recently acquired this from the hands of the villainous señor Palomar before he used it in his personal collection because after all this should be in a museumhttps://attachment.fbsbx.com/messaging_attachment.php?aid=48a5ff791705044b4964d9ae061ad815&mid=mid.1362379349989%3Ae25599ee2dbfa94588&uid=100000824540213&accid=100000824540213&ext=1362383000&hash=AQBiwXkgpKtY_fV9fWvJ5uPmPrkRgBAJZV32UP8oR9w3FABut I'm not quite sure what it isAll I know is that it lights up. And makes noises when it has vatteries, it's also from the adventurers line from 1998

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