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Tonight's Closing Montage Of Humiliation #5

Posted by Chols , in Bionicle, Lego Apr 14 2012 · 188 views

Future Me seems like a pretty cool guy though. Present Me hates Past Me
So I decided to sign into lego.com for kicks and check out the LMB. Lo and behold, the list of my most recent posts is still accessible.

Let's see what I was like 4-5 years ago...


Yes, all inhabitants shall die. No, the Mahri can't. Remember, Matoro is the MoLi's barer, so he atleast he must live. --Cholie

Yep, the Mahritoran totally died. And Matoro totally lived

Of corse I play with them! I also build MOCs, collect and even talk to them!Posted ImageCholie Nuva, The one and only Cholie like you've never seen him before!Posted Image

I talked to what now?

Also what the heck kind of signature is that


For some reason, there are TWO songs. The one on BIONICLEStory is "Crashed" by Chris Dautry (a song that wasen't even writen for BIONICLE, go figure), and other one on BIONICLE.com... well, it seems to me that no one knows the name, but this is the one in the credits, so who wants to bet we'll be seeing an MP3 of this one very soon? Posted Image -- Cholie Nuva



It had better come in 2008, not 2009 or somthing, I wasn't running around my house like a lunatic over this movie for nothing.... --Cholie

I guess all that running around the house like a lunatic was in vain.


Too bad. There are rumors going around that TLG will be making an Indiana Jones IV toyline. And if you ask me, one of TLG's best costomers, That is WAAAY over the top!Posted ImageCholie NuvaPosted Image

This must have been during that stage of my life where I was opposed to just about anything unfamiliar. I was a silly child.


PSST! Posted Image Keep your eye's peeled. There's gonna be movies for Mars Mission, City, Castle, and BIONICLE. Dunno when they'll come out, or how good they'll be (the producing company's name, Tinsletown Toons, dosen't sound very promissing...), but we'll just have to wait and see... --Cholie



How could it not be? I give it a Posted Image ! (I'd give it alot more thumbs up, but I don't want to get caught Spaming Posted Image )Posted ImageCholie NuvaPosted Image

Well ... at least I had some sense of sense


Well, I'd say it's the greatest BIONICLE song yet. Posted Image Also, I've got the lyrics:
Tension is rising
Gravity hurts
Everything's falling apart

Choosing the right side
Choosing our faith
Choosing is what we must do
Everyone's counting on you

For freedom we rise
Learn to fly
Reach the sky
Legend will carry you

...thousands of miles
Take a stand
Hold the land
Make sure that everyone's

...ready to win
Find the speed
All you need
Team up for battle

We fly, fly...

We fly
Gravity hurts

Creatures keep coming
Reaching within
Stealthy they climb from the dark
Yeah yeah

Searching for wisdom
Searching for truth
Show us the things you can do
Maybe it's all up to you
Yeah yeah

Chorus 3x

Also, I think the name is Tension Rising...

~CN is back!

>Tension Rising


Oh my goodness. And to think this isn't even counting stuff from my deleted account...

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Oh how we all have changed through the years.
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I'm sorry, but this is hilarious.
Now I'm scared to look at my old posts. D:
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Apr 15 2012 12:04 AM
The sad part is that these are normal compared to my early BZP posts...
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And to think I was bad...
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At least you didn't say anything about Makuta knocking on your door.
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@Bambi That's quite alright. I posted these because they're hilarious. :P

@Vohrahk1Panrahk2 Now I'm curious :rolleyes:

@Daiker I know I've replied to one of those topics at least once... ._.
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*Sees Bionicle facts that are untrue posted by Chols*


Fired. Kthx.

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This was before you hired me.

Well, at least most of it. :|
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Apr 15 2012 08:51 AM
My old posts are even worse. I can't even bring myself to look for them; it's too shameful. D:
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Apr 15 2012 09:37 AM
My old LMB posts weren't that bad, actually.


I'm not sure if this has been done already, but here goes:

Who's there?
Hau who?
Hau do you not know it's me!?

Okay, so my sense of humor was a little stunted, but it's not like I did anything humiliating...


Here's another quiz!

1. What is your favorite thing to do?
A. Relax and read books
B. Watch TV
C. Work!
D. Practice fighting
E. Work out
F. Count your money
G. Think of ways to get more customers

2. What's the best type of job?
A. Musician
B. Nothing
C. Fry cook
D. Scientest
E. Lifeguard
F. National Treasurer
G. Thief

3. What best describes you?
A. Peace-loving
B. Couch potato
C. Hyperactive
D. Smart
E. Strong
F. Cheap
G. Scheming

4. What would you do in your spare time?
A. Relax
B. Nothing
C. Work some more
D. Think of cool new inventions
E. Exercise
F. Count more money
G. Scheme


Hey, in my defense, I used good grammar and spelling. >:(

In all seriousness, the above two posts are about the closest I came to being "noobish". I guess joining at the tender age of thirteen -- and allowing myself to develop forum skills in the Bionicle writing forum -- helped.
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Well, in defense of 'Dautry', you might've accidentally typo'd that one. Dunno, though, I'm not you, past or otherwise. :rolleyes:

Though 'Tension Rising'... Yeah... Not sure what happened there. =P(At least Gravity Hurts appeared twice in the song. =P)

It is interesting to go back and look at stuff you've posted in the past. I am never doing that for my run in the LMBs, because I know I was newbish for 2006 at the very least. 2007 was a little better, even though that could be summed up as 'post spree'. :rolleyes: Joining other forums certainly helped. =P
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I can't honestly remember if I ever used the LEGO Message Boards. It just always seemed pointless to me, since every other post seemed to ignore the ones before it. Even with how noobish I once was, I could recognize that I was never going to have a meaningful conversation there.

EDIT: Google search says no, I never made any posts on the message boards. All searches for my username on LEGO.com bring up Rebrick stuff, Design byME stuff, and Hero Recon Team stuff. I guess I'm not especially active there...
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I think I only posted one or two posts on the LMBs. I was frustrated early on by how posts didn't instantly appear because of required moderator approval. I had actually found BZP before the LMBs, and it was obvious that discussion here was superior.

I did however participate with the Lego Universe MOC forum thingies in 2007. Those shenanigans lead me to find BZP.

So basically, my old posts aren't *that* noobish, although I still grimace to look at them.
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Yeah, I agree that those features of the LMB were frustrating. Understand though that this place was the first real Internet community I participated in, so despite it's annoyances, I managed to look past them and get a foothold on Internet communication.

And yeah, I had no idea how to spell Daughtry. :B Also I did eventually get that album, so no need for that Crashed MP3 lol.
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lol, a Mars Mission movie.

The LEGO boards were such a joke
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