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    2018? Woah! No clue if anyone still follows my blog but I figured I'd drop by the old forums and reconnect. It's been 2 years since my last post. I'm now in college in Manhattan, and have had a nice part-time job for the last year. I'm still really big on retro video games and my collection is growing by the day. Right now I'm at about 400+ games. I also bought a Switch! Really excited to play more of that. A couple weeks ago I actually broke out some Bionicle parts and tried to finish a project, but didn't get to. Would honestly love to get back to building, but right now I have no time! What free time I can manage I spend on Youtube, with friends, playing video games, or playing guitar. I figure I'm not 13 years old anymore and can actually say things like my full name and stuff without minding. I came here when I was 11, freaking 8 years ago. Wow! Anyway, I surmise you all know I don't frequent the forums anymore, so if you would care to follow my social media, I wouldn't mind to follow back! I honestly consider you guys as friends, so feel free to follow my instagram, @derekteut!
  2. Daiker


    >tfw my guess was correct What's up my dudes?
  3. Daiker


    Hey. For all like 3 people who actually follow my blog, I figured I'd give some kind of update. I've grown a lot since my early days of BZPower, and nowadays I look in retrospect remembering this site fondly; It was my first real internet venture serving as my youthful discharge of web-noobiness that I think all internet savvy youth go through. I owe this site at least that. I'm now entering my senior year of high school. I think I made this account in 7th grade? Really takes it into perspective. I still lurk often, as honestly I still want to be interested in Bionicle. I still remember the deep lore, names, facts, etc. and it's really a cornerstone of my youth. I haven't built anything in years. That grey hunch dude is still sitting on my now defunct Bionicle cabinet, looming over my desk which is right over two tubs of Bionicle parts. I don't want to put them in storage or anything. They take up tons of room but I'm just too fond. As much as I'd love to stay an active fan, as a 17 year old with no income, it's pretty difficult staying in the know. Other hobbies have shadowed over my Bionicles. Starting around 3 years ago I got into retro video gaming. It sounds stupid, I know, but I've just become super fascinated in older video games and have taken a big liking to them. I have become extremely knowledgeable in video game history and have a sizeable collection of games I like. I have almost every console I want except a Famicom. I even own a few very valuable sought after games, bought for cheap. I've become very into Audio/Video technologies too, becoming interested in old tube televisions, display signals, and all that stuff. I would love to get into electrical engineering and modding, but need better equipment. I enjoy cleaning and refurbishing older systems. Here's a picture of my set up/collection from a month or two ago. Note the Bionicle bins left to the wayside. Don't worry, I'm not a "COD SUCKS" kinda of guy (But come on, it really does at this point), I still very much appreciate modern games. I own a PS4, 3DS, and Wii U. I also learned how to play the guitar. Woah. Never thought I'd be able to say that. I took a beginners guitar class last year and was way ahead of my (really simple) class. It's been a year since then and I'm really proud of how fast I've been able to pick it up. I've recently been diving into fingerpicking, which is pretty cool. I've just been into music a whole lot more too. I'm a giant Rush fan, with other bands of interest being Alice in Chains, The Fratellis, Oasis, Queens of the Stone Age, and Yes just to name a few. I also got super into an obscure indie band called Miracle Legion, which has some beautiful music. I'm also taking an elective in Advertising and Design in school. I'm one of the best students in my class, as I'm very fluent in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign. Really happy I can make the things I do, and am considering it as a possible career path. I also got my first over 100 average this year which is neat. Not really a development, but my social life's been kicking off since freshman year. I have multiple friend groups, all with similar interests as me and I'm really happy with the sheer amount of people I've been able to come by and befriend, not to mention my current girlfriend of 1 year. Overall a lot has changed since my days of frequenting internet forums and the like. Nowadays I stick to Youtube and social media for daily activity. I just figured I'd offer a small update. This isn't some leaving post or anything - I don't think saying you're leaving or even doing so makes much sense for people like me, how much time can lurking really take? Either way I didn't wanna leave BZP hanging, so for those of you who care- there's the story so far.
  4. Daiker

    I made a tiny MOC

    Daiker's 20-character review "Thin bod is odd and i wish-"
  5. My entry for BBC 69. This guy was made in a day, so yeah he's not my best Entry Pic: Link to gallery when public
  6. Okay so over my vacation in 2014, I spotted some- interesting looking toys in a boardwalk store in Wildwood, New Jersey so I thought I would go in-depth and showcase to all of you POLICE LEGEND: WAR FOR THE INVRDER FORM SPACE (Note: all bolded content is directly quoted) DIY! COLLECT ALL! HEAVY EQUIPMENT ENTHUSIASM GAME! To lead this team of crime-fighting heroes policemen, we have FLAMES Flames comes with a giant claw, a wing piece with stickers taken straight from Stormer XL, and scoliosis! Next up is GUARDIAN What he's guarding, I wish I knew but he comes with a dual-edged sword and a yellow colored mace (not visible). Neat! He's also the only hero legendary policeman to not have hancuffs. Poor Guardian! Notice his 1.0 head with a 2.0 helmet as well. Then we have HUNTER Hunter features a... launcher with wings? Missile? It shoots red balls and flies. I don't know but either way he must be good at hunting those "invrders form space"! I also have a picture of the back of his box (Note the 1.0 purple hands he doesn't actually have). He comes with predetermined base stats. Let's check them out, shall we? (Apologies for poor camera-phone quality!) VALUE OF LIFE: 800 Seems a little cruel to put a number on someone's life but oh well. ATTACK POWER: 900 Wow, 900 somethings of attack power! DEFENSE(?): 700 ABILITY TO EXECUTE(?): 700 ACCURACY: 1000 Spot on Hunter! He sure won't be missing any of those "invrders" anytime soon. After that is BLIZZARD Blizzard comes with a claw similar to his fellow policeman Flames, and I think another claw in his other hand. He must do a lot of ice picking. Unfortunately this one's name isn't visible in this photo, but the next one. This is RYE Rye features a um, engine powered yellow lazer? Yeah, but as a bonus, Rye comes with extra shoulder armor in case you lose the first one (See bottom left)! Well this last one is the odd one out. He definitely isn't a legendary policeman, but he is from the creators, certainly. The ONLY part of the SUPER HEROES ALLIANCE: DIY COLLECT THEM ALL line, it's GIANT (See upside instruction book in bottom right) He is the biggest of them all and comes with nothing but his raw muscle and bare hands! Yeah! Too bad there aren't any other super heroes. Well this just about sums up the uh, rather interesting look at the sets I saw over vacation. Here's a link to the gallery, when public. This company, apparrently known as "IX" did a great job with these outstanding figures. Well done! Come back next time where we inspect the "BOT FACTORY" toys!
  7. The first lego set I've bought* in ~2 years. I chose PoJ simply because he is one of the 3 protectors that stand out (It also agrees with a WiP of mine). I have to say I am thoughrougly impressed. He is a very substantial build for a 10 dollar smaller set. I plan on getting Pohatu and/or Lewa next. Being able to walk into the LEGO store that just opened up by me and walk out with a Bionicle set in hand just feels right. *I recently received Surge & Rocka Combat Machine from my younger brother who got it as a gift for Xmas and didn't want it.
  8. Alternatively, you could link text or a thumbnail, by highlighting the text or smaller thumbnail of the pic by selecting it and clicking the "Link" button. E: See now, you were able to link the thumbnails, but you didn't link them to the picture itself. Click on the image until its surrounded by white, then link THAT url onto the image.
  9. Daiker


    I belive everyone calls it CCBS because LEGO officially calls it that in this picture which explains it.
  10. Daiker

    NYCC Stuff

    So by give-away, do you mean give out to members you meet at conventions, or will they be raffled off on BZP? Or both?
  11. I see, but I feel like the amount of detail that went into making them look like actual sets (the visible HF shells, etc.) might actually correspond (at least for the most part) to its actual set.
  12. Dang, just remembered this
  13. They didn't handshake. They freaking armshook. And we wonder why Makuta didn't keep his side of the deal (Also Vahi cloud in the background but thats besides the point) (Also POSSIBLE RETURN OF TEAL ALONG WITH THE CONFIRMED PURPLE?) E: AZURE MADE TEAL DONZO :­(
  14. Not sure if I like it or not. I guess we're all just really used to locations have 2 words and a dash between them.
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