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Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"


So I Built...

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Feb 28 2013 · 649 views
lego, bionicle, moc
I threw this together in about 40 minutes:
Posted Image
I haven't built a Bionicle thing in a few years. I threw something together back in 2010, and I'm pretty proud of the toros/head/arms, but the legs need work. I'm out of touch with the constraction medium.
But I am displaying at my LEGO Store's "Window Into the Community" display in April and decided upon one of two themes: Avengers Vs X-Men (based on last year's comic event) or Bionicle, because nothing sticks it to the man like displaying a 3-year-dead theme (as our LEGO conventions prove by being one of the biggest themes). (I've done this twice before. Once with Bionicle (with a WAMALUG kid) and another with space (with a friend). This time I'm getting the spotlight all to myself.)
AvX is only happening if I can craft a few things quick and cheap, like overturned cars and a building (sideways plates instead of brick by brick, methinks) for scenery, the Phoenix Force vs Iron Man's Phoenix Force mecha, the X-Men Blackhawk (vs an Avengers jet?) and then various bits of the two teams fighting.
That's if I get my creative juices flowing in the next couple of days. Otherwise I'm going to build a few Bionicle non-humanoids (I have 7 of those) and display Bionicle, because Bionicle is awesome.

Bigger things to come?
-CF :kakama:


So Many Names

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Feb 22 2013 · 789 views
brickfair, brickbadge, lego
There comes a time every year where I must place some words on a badge for BrickFair. Luckily my name and location is not required, and not necessary for me because I already have engraved bricks with my name(s) on them.
So now it's just a matter of putting some cool text there.
But I don't know what I want to put on them! :o
My first thoughts were "From Outer Space" for the location badge, but that's not nearly clever enough.
I was also thinking of having "DFTBA" be one of the bricks, but I'd probably frame it between some ~tiddles~ if possible.
I'm the Steampunk coordinator, so maybe something like "Captain Steam" might be cool. For a name.
Or maybe "Stormagedddon, Dark Lord of All" hmm?
And of course I can put some geeky things down, like "Don't Panic" or "Vworp vworp vworp" if I felt so inclined.
I have two bricks to fill, remember.
-CF :kakama:


An Evening of Awesome

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Feb 08 2013 · 699 views

A few weeks ago I visited New York City for my first time with one of my best friends! It was amazing in all kinds of ways, but mostly because I got to geek out at various appropriate times and take in sights I had never seen before. It was all pretty fantastic.
Throughout our trip I got to visit many places on my "to do if I visit NYC" list, including... (pictures)
Going into the Times Square Toys R Us LEGO section
Seeing the outside of the [Will Smith alien movie from 1997] building entrance
Stopping by Midtown Comics
Visiting Forbidden Planet, the amazing geek emporium
Peeking into Obscura, from the Science Channel show Oddities
Going to the amazing independent bookstore Strand (I got a $28 hardback Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio-edited collection of stories for $8)
Wandering into The Way Station, the steampunk bar (I had a Skywalker Margarita) with a TARDIS bathroom (and signed!)
Eating some pork buns in Chinatown
Strolling through Central Park
Having some New York pizza
What incited the trip was the fact that our favorite vloggers were going to be "playing" Carnegie Hall Tuesday, January 15. The author John Green and his brother Hank are internet celebrities and have amassed quite a fanbase of "nerdfightes"--enthusiastic people of all walks of life that fight for the nerd and towards various efforts of decreasing "worldsuck" (basically we want to make the world a better, more awesome place, especially one where liking things to a fanatical extent is no longer shunned by popular opinion of what is the "norm"). Penguin Publishers sent the two on a book tour last year when John's latest and most popular book The Fault in Our Stars was released, and this show was in honor of that one-year anniversary. The book has remained a New York Times bestseller since its release.
That was "An Evening of Awesome," and it truly was. Lizzie Bennet Diaries cast members read from TFIOS, The Mountain Goats played some songs, other surprise guests came out and shared the stage, which included Neil Gaiman who said something hilarious not repeatable on BZPower, John and Hank answered questions ranging from life to writing to enjoying life and not "growing up", and Hank sang some songs about Harry Potter, science, and angler fish.
Overall, it was tons of fun and unforgettable!
-CF :kakama: DFTBA!
(Total trip (travel, food, goodies, Carnegie Hall ticket) cost me under $200, because we stayed at my friend's counin's place both nights!)

The Me Brick

Posted Image
My BrickLink
Location: Northern Virginia
Favorite color: Guess
Favorite smell: Campfire
Interests: LEGO, Boy Scouts (Eagle), Geeking, Comics
First LEGO Set: Renegade Runner
Roman Catholic
Convention history: BrickFest '04, & '06
BrickFair VA '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14 & '15.
BrickCon '13.
Bricks Cascade '15.
BrickFair NJ '15.
:flagusa: :kakama:


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Mosaic 2011

Posted Image

(Thanks to everyone who helped!)

BḞ10: Mosaic

Posted Image
^News Coverage^
Special thanks to Nukaya and xccj for getting this off the ground and making it work!

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