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Baltimore Comic Con Cometh



Baltimore Comic Con is coming this weekend, and I am getting more and more pumped with anticipation with each day!


On Friday I'll be hanging out with 55555, and on Saturday I'll be going solo unless a friend actually replies to my texts.


There are plenty of exciting panels happening, so it's just a matter of if I can get in to see the awesome comic creators talk. So I guess it's a matter of getting in line in time. There's a talk about the 90s X-Men series New Mutants, one about comics as myths and working mythology into your story, Mark Waid talking about writing great characters, a spotlight on Waid and Charles Soule, looking at the science behind superheroes and their powers, and more!


I also hope to get a handful of comics autographed by some favorite creators, like Mark Waid, Scott Snyder, and Charles Soule:






That's five issues by Charles Soule, two by Greg Pak, two by Scott Snyder, two by Mark Waid including my Kingdom Come graphic novel, and a few others by some more cool comic creators. And eventually I'll get some of these signed works of art framed.


I'm hoping to get some cool works of art in Artists Alley too. So we'll see what happens by the end of the weekend.


And I'll be back in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. A beautiful part of the city!


If you're going too, drop me a message!


-CF :kakama:


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