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Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"


Sakura Matsuri

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Apr 14 2007 · 109 views
Saturday 14 marked the end of the Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival, with the Japenese Street Festival. (In Japenese: Sakura Matsure=Cherry Blossom Festival)

I attended, and so did other members of my Anime Club. There was lots of different booths and tents full of Japenese art, activities, food, and a whole block for Anime and Japenese Popular Culture.

I attended this year, as well as last year. It was bigger than last year, and a lot more people (but there may have been something with the fact that it was raining hard last year...)
The Anime section was cool, with a couple of booths selling anime and manga and other Anime merchandise. There was also a tent for Katsucon! I grabbed a flyer for Katsucon 14 for my anime club's bulletin board. A really cool part was the stage, with a great performance by J-pop band Mitsumatssu.

So, with that, as well as checking out the other booths (including the Go tent), it was enjoyable. There were even cosplayers there! I guess I'll have to dress up for next year!

Did you see me there? I was wearing my NERV shirt (from Neon Genesis Evangelion)

-CF patriot.gif


Dirty Lies

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Apr 12 2007 · 118 views
My Life Is Awesome
Hello BZPower,
Let me tell you a story of a Boy Scout who got lost in the woods

Ok, let me try this again...

Hello PZBower,
Let me stell you a tory of a Scoy Bout who got wost in the loods. Cow Hum? Cebause he wasn't using the studdy bystem. What a mupid storon! Now he found bimself heing based by a chair. This chair was muhongous! The Bout wasn't ratching where he was wunning, so he ripped over a troot, lell into a fatrine, and now he smells like a dile of pung.
woh ell.

The storal of my mory is this:
Actually, I haven't made a storal yet. How did lou yike this? Ever tistened loo the Stapital Ceps? They have sunny fets like this. I am troing to guy this out on my Scoy Bout troop at cummer samp.

-FC patriot.gif


Weasel Stomping Day

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Apr 11 2007 · 87 views
My Life Is Awesome
So I just borrowed a friend's Wierd Al Yankovik CD ("Straight Outta Lynwood"). (First time I've ever listened to one of Wierd Al's CDs)
It's funny! I especially enjoy "Virus Alert" and "Canadian cool dude" (but that word is filtered right there, BTW...)
other fun songs are "I'll Sue Ya," "Polkarama," "Weasel Stomping Day," and "Trapped in the Drive-Thru"

I saved "Virus" and "Canadian" to my computer and am giving him back the CD. (I enjoyed it, but not enough to do anything more with it)

-CF patriot.gif


Tree Climber!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Apr 10 2007 · 95 views
My Life Is Awesome
So today I climbed a tree for the first time in a long time. It's been years since I last climbed a tree. Felt good too. (keep in mind my age)

QUOTE(Tree Climber by Stellar Kart)
Wanna be a tree climber
Wanna be a tree climber
Wanna be a tree climber
Wanna be a tree climber
All the way to the top!

-CF patriot.gif



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Apr 09 2007 · 108 views
Well, I don't particularly like showing things before I finish them, but I heven't posted WIP's (Work in Progress) before, so here is something.

I don't need to explain WIP's right?

But I will say the fire is like that so he can stand for the pic

oh, and my system Brickshelf folder is now public. enjoy!

edit. trying this out (does it work?)
IPB Image
Create your own visitor map!

-CF patriot.gif



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Apr 08 2007 · 93 views
So I just spent a lot of time updating my Brickshelf with new MOCs and reorganization!

Here is the system folder with some cool stuff (when public)

I'll be posting my Bionicle stuff later so you'll have to dig for it yourself if you can't wait. tongue.gif

-CF patriot.gif
PS: Happy Easter!


Easter Break!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Apr 06 2007 · 92 views
My Life Is Awesome
Yes, Easter Break, not the public school spring break a week early.

Anyway, today is the first day of my Easter break. It will end on the 15th. Between now and then here is what I plan on doing: (List subject to change without your notice)
Work on Eagle Project stuff
Work on Scout stuff
Homework angry.gif
MOC? Maybe, but I might not have much time
Sakura Matsuri--DC Cherry Blossom Japenese Street Festival
WAMALUG meeting (in which I will bring in Bionicle MOCs to the members' dissapointment)
Sleep in late!
Squeeze in some more MOCing
And of course...BZPower!
Work on Scout/Eagle Stuff

-CF patriot.gif


Stay Off The Road!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Apr 05 2007 · 72 views
My Life Is Awesome
This needn't apply to you if you live outside the DC area. But if you're Aanchir, Lyichir, Total Nut, Lehatu, and/or Kofan, you might need to know that I just got my driver's liscense! (Learner's)


Where will I drive first? I'd love to say the Tyson's Lego Store (the one near BF06, KIE, Omi), but I don't have time right now. What I do need is a plain white (or black) hat so I can sew a BF patch onto it. So I guess my first trip will be to Michael's along Route 7 and 50 (and I might just happen to go to Barnes and Noble right behind it on Route 50, although I don't have any much money)

Or I'll drive to a friend's house.


-CF patriot.gif


Best Prank Ever

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Mar 31 2007 · 132 views
BZP has a tradition to doing certain things on the First of April. Over the years it has become expected, but I admit it's gotten me every time (except last year's note, which I'll post in a minute...)

Anyway, IMO, the best prank BZP has done so far is VahkiPower. The best way to show you this is probably by linking you to Binky's brickshelf folder with screenshots of VP itself. This was fun, because I actually freaked out, which was fun, and for weeks leading up to it this mysterious "Hapori Dume" was hovering the forums, (he, BTW, has the highest post count, although he barely posted). Totally fun day, I wonder what will happen tomorrow?

As promised, I have last year's prank news bulletin. (I saved it to my computer)
BZPower has obtained confidential Bionicle plans from LEGO's heavily fortified marketing department - don't ask how. (Many Bothans died to bring us this information.) Some of the past and future set ideas may or may not actually be brought to market, but we've transcribed these raw, unedited notes so you can see where the Bionicle universe may be headed. SPOILER ALERT. And be warned - some if it is not pretty.
The notes below were transcribed from copies of handwritten notes and first-stage design concepts. We apologize if some of the information is inaccurate, not every word was completely legible.
Marketing: BIONICLE sells mostly to boys. We're missing half the market! Get some "girl" products out ASAP.
R&D: Tough assignment, but we've got a few ideas.
1. "My Little Rahi" - Add some hair, a few brushes and claw buffing nail files, and we think this will appeal to the adolescent female demographic. Colors are pink, fuschia, purple, yellow. Avoid strong reds and greens. Use lots of sparkly bits.
Marketing: Good start. How about tween add-ons, like Rahi claw fingernail extensions and nail polish?
2. "Piraka Tea Party" - Need to strike while this iron's hot. Special set of all six Piraka, only in pastel hues, and the spines transforme into ponytails. Includes oval table and place settings for six. Matoran servants sold separately.
Marketing: What about packaging?
Brand Manager: Cross-sell with Clikits.
Finance: We need tie-ins with other LEGO themes to minimize design and mold cost. What can you do in this respect?
R&D: We've dredged up some other, less popular themes to use as tie-ins. See below.
3. "Bohrok Raiders" - Crystal miners run into sleeping Bohrok, who awake and cause havoc on the far-flung mining planet. Other creatures made of stone get in the middle of the chaos. Hilarity ensues.
Marketing: Weak. Sounds like a bad sitcom.
Brand Manager: Back-burner for now. Keep in back pocket in case other product lines tank.
Marketing: We need to think outside the box. C'mon, where else can we leverage the brand?
Promotions: Have had successful discussions with US car manufacturers about cross-licensing potentials.
4. "Ford Tahu" - 5-passenger sedan with grille molded in the shape of Tahu Nuva's mask. Optional life-size fire swords an extra feature. Real Corinthean leather interior.
Marketing: Who do we sell it to? Target audience doesn't drive.
Promotions: Have you ever listened to a 12-year-old try to get what they want? They'll whine to their parents until their ears bleed, and then Dad will trade in the minivan for one of these.
Marketing: Point taken.
Brand Manager: Agreed.
Marketing: It occurs that we're being greedy with the license. We can sublicense other companies to do some of the gruntwork for us. See below for a design from a Canadian company.

Brand Manager: Ugly prototype. When will the final design be ready?
1. Marketing: That IS the final design. It's called "MEGAToa".
[picture of a couple of Lego bricks built to look standing and have stubby arms] Brand Manager: Oh. Well, slap some lipstick on that pig and let's move some product.
R&D: Our biogenetics department has come up with something cool: do-it-yourself cybergenetic grafting technology. "Become a Toa!" There's still some work to be done on motor control and weapons governing, but we're very close. As soon as we find a non-permanent method of grafting masks onto a face, we're there.
Brand Manager: Sounds a little extreme.
R&D: We've gotta compete with video games and virtual reality somehow.
Brand Manager: What else have ya got?
Marketing: BIONICLE-language books. If we take all the boring stuff, like Hemingway, and translate it into BIONICLE language characters, maybe we'll increase the literacy rate. It's more of a public service than profit product.
Brand Manager: Go for it.
Marketing: Got a prototype for the next villain: "Vahbiyo" are big, vain, and have long flowing manes. Good looking, but stupid.
Brand Manager: Excellent! Love it. What else?
Marketing: Just one more thing, another cross-branding promo. I give you two words: "BIONICLE toothbrush."
Brand Manager: What, are you kidding me?

Happy April Fool's everybody. (and if I were you I'd head over to T-Hybrid's Hybrid Haven blog.

-CF patriot.gif


Never Got This Before

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Mar 29 2007 · 110 views
So I guess the board was acting up a little too much, because in trying to do a "quick edit" I got this

And yes, that's Binky's blog. Great guy, great blog, and I recommend it to everybody.

-CF patriot.gif

edit: In other news, I just updated my board settings for daylight savings time


Deathly Hallows Cover Revealed!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Mar 28 2007 · 178 views
My Life Is Awesome
Just got this in an email from Borders:

The Cover for Harry Potter 7!
Titled "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"


-CF patriot.gif

PS, what stinks is I'll be off at Philmont (a scout camp) when it comes out. angry.gif



Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Mar 28 2007 · 101 views
So I took advantage of TRU's buy two, get one free deal, and got myself Pridak and Ehlek (the 07 fo the title) and I got a Toa Inika (hence '06, but s/he shall remain unnamed).

The Barakii are awesome, and they have pieces I really needed (like Pridak's white double-joints)

I can't wait to start MOCing with them, and so far I combined the two.

Oh, also, I guess it's obvious I didn't win GregF's contest, so I don't see any reason to tell my guesses, but I would like to share that I guessed Hewkii would have the Mask of Gravity (it seems some of these masks are from Kal powers. Weird how some masks are also elemental powers). I think this because I have been wondering what would be up with him, being that storyline wise the stone guys are supposed to sink in water. So his mask of gravity makes up for that.

I was so sure of my other answers as well! Too bad....

-CF patriot.gif


Su Do Ku

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Mar 25 2007 · 162 views
My Life Is Awesome
So anyone like Sudoku?

Just wondering if you like it, hate it, tried it, and/or want to drop an A-bomb on it.

I started pretty much once the Washington Post got it, and do it every now and then. I enjoy it when I play, and also like some different variations, such as when it's not 3X3 boxes but weird shapes.

This is definitely an entry waiting eagerly for your replies.

-CF patriot.gif


The World Of Bionicle

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Mar 20 2007 · 131 views
I got the Bioncile Atlas, Bionicle World on Saturday.

It's written in the perspective of an OoMN member. There is some great info in there, such as some stuff regarding the Toa Mata in the Mata Nui chapter. That chapter is great, really brought back '01.
But the Mata Nui section didn't mention the Rahi Nui, and I think it should. (to GregF if he's reading this)

Yeah, go get it! rtfm.gif

-CF patriot.gif


Shameless Advertising

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Mar 17 2007 · 97 views
Yeah, other's have used that title and now I can too confused1a.gif

anyway, please vote number 1 in this pole. beg1a.gif It just makes sense! cool.gif

[insert bribe here] biggrin.gif

-CF patriot.gif

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