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Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"


In His Element

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jan 26 2014 · 202 views
toa, ice, snow, element
I was inspired to go out into the snow today and take a picture of an Ice Toa in his natural environment:
Posted Image
I built this guy about six years ago (as well as the rest of his team) and even wrote a short story around him (I was originally going to write an epic, and I built the Toa team central to it). Short story shorter: During an epic battle to save his land, after his other five Toa teammates have fallen, he releases a nova blast of ice, stopping the threat but being encased in a cocoon of ice. Now, millennia later, he has thawed (Captain America-style), only to have icy protrusions become a part of his armor, affirming his icy nature.
The team of six I built is not his original team that perished, but a new team he has become a part of. More details to follow when I finally take decent pictures of all six.
Is Koji a good name for a Toa? I seem to think so.

-CF :kakama:


Favorite Books 2013

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jan 04 2014 · 137 views
books, reading
2013 was a good year for me in reading. I only read about 20 or so novels, when I really wanted to read more than that, but I'm sure that was more than my four years of college combined (due to classwork), and was greatly stemmed from my realization after graduation that I suddenly had more time to read (and boy did I take advantage of that once the summer hit).
Here are my favorite reads of 2013:
-American Gods by Neil Gaiman: The most brilliantly-written books I've read. It's fantastic.
-The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman: This is a book I would recommend for any avid reader, anyone who enjoys a good story.
-The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: Beautifully written, with some well-written characters and great scenery. Great imagination put into this.
-Redshirts by John Scalzi: Hilarious sci-fi parody.
-Ready Player One by Ernest Cline: An exhilarating action movie in book form. For fans of video games and virtual reality.
-Batman: Arkham Asylum (A Serious House on a Serious Earth) by Grant Morrison and, more importantly, art by Dave McKean
-I finsihed reading The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman: Best graphic novel series ever.
-Saga vol 1 by Brian K Vaughn: Described as a cross between Star Wars and A Song of Ice and Fire, it's pretty much awesome.
-Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell (and, to a lesser extent, but still enjoyable, Fangirl). Both well-written in their own right, but I think I like Eleanor and Park more. I even met the author and had her sign an X-Men comic (a central prop in E&P).
-A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (I got to meet the author at the National Book Festival!).
I also read a few duds (as well as just quit some partway through). IMO you'd be better off not reading The Cassandra Project, The Archived, or Best of All Possible World.
What does 2014 hold in store? I'll be posting about that next!
-CF :kakama:


Books! So Many Books

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Dec 29 2013 · 169 views
I have a small obsession with collecting books.* Working in a bookstore, my employee discount makes for tempting impulse-buys, leading to having about 100 books but having only read about 40% of those.** A full bookshelf looks nice. It's impressive. It's a finish line goal; me always knowing I'll have something to pick up immediately upon finishing a book.
But it does seem like I should slow down my book-buying until I actually finish a lot of these. Especially when a handful of these are borrowed or gifts.
Here's what my bookshelf looked like in August. (Oops, procrastination.) Today it's a little different, but I pretty much gained a lot of graphic novels and a few novels, and about 15 are lent to a friend. So this is still fairly accurate.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
(That last pic is my comics.)
And some LEGO on the other shelves:
Posted ImagePosted Image
See anything you like? Have just as many (or more) books piling up as me?
In a few days I'll reflect on what gems are on this shelf I have read this year, and what next year holds for my reading anticipation.
-CF :kakama:
*I also have an affinity for hardcovers. Just look at this binding of The Night Circus! (The American Gods 10th anniversary edition has a beautiful binding too!)
**Surprisingly, a lot of these books aren't from work, but gifts or collected over the years. I've learned to stray away from impulse-buys, especially since I probably won't read it for a few months.


Gift Card are Great

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Dec 13 2013 · 119 views
life, gift cards, christmas gifts and 1 more...
Often heard, especially in retail, like the bookstore where I work, is that giving a gift card seems "too impersonal." And that makes sense. If you know the person well, then, theoretically, you should know which book/game/CD/LEGO set/etc to get them as a gift. I helped a friend choose out a LEGO set for our friend, and I found something I know he didn't have but would enjoy. Other times, I might have, say, my brother's Christmas list, so know what to get him.
But on the other hand, knowing exactly what they want can be tough. Often customers (especially relatives and family friends) don't know what someone has already read (for my example), or has a hard time pinpointing what to buy someone. When it's easy, great. When it's hard, I feel a gift card says you know the person well enough to shop at that store.
Plus, in my case at least, receiving a gift card to someplace I shop frequently is great because it means I can buy stuff without expense to me. (Like when my parents got me a gift card to my comic shop for my birthday.)
Point being, sometimes it's just as great giving someone a gift card and reliving a bit of their spending, or letting them choose exactly what they've been wanting for a while but haven't told anyone.
-CF :kakama:


Winter Cleaning

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Dec 12 2013 · 101 views
lego, brickforge
I just found some BrickForge freebies while cleaning my room.
...Handed out at BrickFair 2012.
Still, more cool things to have minifigs hold! Woohoo!
-CF :kakama:


Conventions Early 2014

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Dec 01 2013 · 120 views
lego, conventions
Might as well say it sooner rather than later: I don't plan on going to BrickFair Alabama in January or Bricks Cascade in March. I need to buy a new computer as the new year rolls over* and probably a new bike come springtime (mine got stolen in September).
Convince me to go to a springtime/summertime convention within a few hours drive? Go for it. But a whole day's drive mid-south or flight out west (as wonderful as Portland and its inhabitants are) isn't a good idea for me.**
*This thing is 5+ years old! :o
**Make it rain money and then we can talk plane fare.


Abe Lincoln

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Nov 01 2013 · 219 views
lego, lego movie
...has a ROCKET CHAIR!
That better make it into a set.
-CF :kakama:


7 Years In The Making

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 21 2013 · 179 views
bzpower, chocolatefrogs, piraka and 2 more...
After seven years, the title is finally official! I am the Piraka Fusionist!
It's still built! It even came to BrickFair this year! I'll probably bring it to BrickCon because why not?*
Posted Image
It's nowhere near a decent MOC, especially after I've built other, better things, but this guy has to have a special place in my heart, and there isn't anything I'd change about it. (Well, that tail's tip is pretty ridiculous. Hey, I was 16.)
Just go look at one of my posts and look at my new, fancy title!
-CF :kakama:
*Luggage. That's why not.


MOCs Mailed

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 19 2013 · 156 views
brickfair, mocs, lego
If you've mailed me MOCs (or art) for BrickFair, I've mailed them back, with a prototype part!
-CF :kakama:


Favorite Comic Cover EVER

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 09 2013 · 208 views
comics, batman, superman and 2 more...
I have a handful of favorite comic book artists: Chris Bachalo, Stuart Immonen (those All-New X-Men covers, am I right?), Dave McKean, and recently Jae Lee in Batman/Superman (apologies to Jack Kirby, though I'll soon read some FF comics drawn by him), but none of them have drawn my #1 favorite cover ever.
See, now and then a comic might get published with a blank variant cover made from hard stock paper, the purpose being for commissions, presumably from a well-known comic artist visiting a convention (or your 2-year-old who likes Batman). I took a slightly less orthodox approach and handed my comic over to a friend.
Don't take this notion lightly. This was a paid commission (in various terms), but it was worth every penny. And, while everything comes with a price, I'm sure she'll be up for earning a bit of cash for commissions if you just drop her a PM.
Without further ado, this is the lovely Lady Kopaka's fantastic, wonderful, too-good-for-words-like-those-raptors drawing of Batman and Superman on Batman/Superman #1, N52, published in June.
Posted Image
Posted Image
I especially like how the capes flow with their length. And the backgrounds for each character. And the attention to detail, like Clark's t-shirt instead of his suit since that's what he has in this issue.
Now I just gotta figure out how to frame this!
-CF :kakama:
(Seriously though, send her a PM and see if she has the time for commissions. She likes making money off of her talent.)


Well This is Awkward

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 07 2013 · 196 views

The BrickFair withdrawl really hit me hard this year, as I love you all (well, most of you, not you, and you're ok... you know who you are :P ) and as such strong bonds were formed and reformed saying goodbye until who-knows-when was really hard.
But what I especially realized as I left everyone after our final dinner was how much fun we are compared to my local friends and friends from college. Maybe because I see them more often it's not as tough, or maybe because I know them so much better it's no question I'll see them again soon; but really it's more about how much of an awesome time I have with BZP and how average hanging out is with my usual friends.
I guess we just party hard (BZParty?) at the big get togethers instead of keeping it average.
Can't let my local friends see this post thought. XD
-CF :kakama:


Why You Shouldn't Come to BrickFair

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Aug 04 2013 · 276 views
lego, brickfair
Why you shouldn't attend BrickFair: Because you live "too far" away.
Why you should attend a convention near you: Because they are awesome.
tl:dr--Well maybe you shouldn't have tl:dr'ed my editorial.
-CF :kakama:


We've Got Great Members

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 27 2013 · 166 views
brickfair, bzpower, art, bionicle
I've just finished registering all the MOCs for BrickFair that people have sent me, and just in time too as MOCs submitted after today (ie in the next 20 minutes of typing this) won't have their MOC cards printed out and I'd have had to do that myself.
And what dawned on me was how cool our fanbase is that we have art to go along with our MOCs. Aside from Greg Hyland's art here and there, I can't think of another theme displayed at conventions that have fan-made art accompanying their MOCs, aside from the MOCs themselves.
And that is something for all you artists to pat yourselves on the back for.
-CF :kakama:
(Five days! (My festivities start in 2!))


Avengers + Munchkin

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 21 2013 · 132 views
avengers, munchkin, lego and 1 more...
100% of you will probably know of at least one of these franchises.
Bonus cookies if you're fond of both.
First, some more Avengers figs:
Posted Image
-Namor (doubtful he's still an Avenger), Maria Hill (technically not an Avenger, but she's in the Secret Avengers title), Rogue (an Uncanny Avengers--protip: Don't read anything by Rick Remender)
-Ant-Man and Wasp (she'll be updated with wings once I get the pieces)
Now, who's had the pleasure of playing Munchkin?
Posted Image
If not, well hopefully I'll remember to bring it to BrickFair, and we'll all have a blast!
I wish I could fit the lady munchkin with something on her back too, but the armor gets in the way. I tried stretching a scabbard over it, but ehhhhh... I'm sure other pieces will come to my attention.
I think I'll put these two on my brickbadge.
-CF :kakama:


Steampunking It UP

Posted by ChocolateFrogs , Jul 19 2013 · 64 views

In a continuing endeavor to build more steampunk MOCs, especially before BrickFair, I bring you something that's been floating around in my head for a while now:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Hopefully some more ideas will float my way before the con!
-CF :kakama:

The Me Brick

Posted Image
Location: Northern Virginia
Favorite color: Guess
Favorite smell: Campfire
Interests: LEGO, Boy Scouts (Eagle), Geeking, Comics
First LEGO Set: Renegade Runner
Roman Catholic
Convention history: BrickFest '04, & '06
BrickFair VA '08, '09, '10, '11 & '12, '13 & '14.
BrickCon '13.
:flagusa: :kakama:

Chocolate Froggy Bloggy

Posted Image
Posted Image


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Mosaic 2011

Posted Image

(Thanks to everyone who helped!)

BḞ10: Mosaic

^News Coverage^
Special thanks to Nukaya. Without her this might not have gotten off the ground.

Other thanks go to xccj for making the pictures, and the members for making the squares!

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