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Legitimacy of Games 101

Posted by Ta-metru_defender , Mar 31 2013 · 343 views

I'm taking Games 101 this semester and a lot of people laugh or are jealous because sometimes my homework is playing Halo, Settlers of Catan, or Mega Man 2 (or this week: Civilization V, Advance Wars, or StarCraft II). Thing is, my midterm is tomorrow (Monday) and I'm cramming.
People, I will have to see a picture of a game in play and write down the name, date, developer, platform, and country of origin. AND THAT IS JUST THE FIRST PART OF THE TEST.

Posted Image

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Mar 31 2013 11:11 PM

Platform? Don't some games look exactly the same regardless of what the platform is?

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There are two pictures. One is MW3 on PS3, the other is Battlefield 3 on PS3.


Good luck.

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This is a good one. Well done.

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Scanty Demon
Mar 31 2013 11:46 PM
@Vorahk1Panrahk2 The "platform" section is probably meant for games that are platform exclusive. Halo (The first four) were exclusive to the Xbox and the Xbox 360, Uncharted was exclusive to PS3. Granted the majority of games are mulitplatform so good luck remembering which are exclusives. Who knew a course on games could be so difficult?
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If your uni offers any sort of class on using games in education, take it. If it's anything like ours was, it'll actually be a really awesome look into educational methodology and how games and fandoms are awesome at teaching certain skills or even facts (Civilization is the bomb for this.)

But in any event, good luck on the midterm. But if you've got a drawing of Master Chief on a notecard, you're probably taking the right class.
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Hey, at least WarZ will be an easy question: everything in there turned out to be stolen anyway.
(They even stole the ToS, and subsequently forgot to change the name of the game and company in it to their own)
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Apr 01 2013 10:04 AM

Platform refers to what system it could be played on. For example Space War (designed by Steve Russel, released in 1962) was for the PDP-1, or how Halo (Bungie, 2001) was for the XBox, or Settlers of Catan (Klaus Teuber, 1995) is a board game).


And GSR; NYU has a whole department for Games, both study and design. What this class is is basically an art survey class on games.

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