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  1. >_<

    question for OBZPCs

    Still remember the day when mine (also maybe everyone else's) showed up red and in smallcaps. It's... different. The bronze makes me feel like I'm part of some elite club, but also like I've not earned it. I just got mine through a combination of Premier, referrals and maybe some other stuff? I don't really remember anymore Still, never got a penalty, so like that helps I guess
  2. >_<

    ~name change~

    @Arc: right when its comment section is removed... Hmmm... * Becoming more popular amongst BZP members * No longer has a comment section or "official" community BZP, Paranatural... it just clicks!
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    1. >_<


      a necrodancer brought me back ^_^

  5. About a month ago, I referred a user to BZPower. Little more than a week ago, they have made their first post in a category where posts do count. However, he is still listed as Pending when I go to the Referrals tab and neither of us have received any of the perks described in the topic on referrals in the Reference Desk. My question, in short, is this: is this the result of some sort of internal error, whether it be in the programming or configuration of the referrals system, or am I simply being too impatient and should wait more than a week before filing a veiled complaint? (The extended version of this question is: once a user has signed up through a referral link, has had their account activated and made a post that counted towards their Active Posts, is the process from then on automated or does the Staff have to manually assign and evaluate perks?)
  6. CeeCee

    So I came on here thinking you were dead and then it says you were active today. Where have you beeeeeen?

  7. [Ray]: Utilize time travel to meet up with past- and future Rays for 3x PRODUCTION SPEED
  8. I was just thinking that I haven't seen you around in a while... You should come back and post more blogs for me to stalk. kk? kk.

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    2. >_<
    3. Portalfig
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      Well then, my job's done here! *leaves again*

  9. Looking at these two threads, it would seem like both lists and colours and not yet working properly. More specifically, while the color-tag is just listed as raw text in it's entirety, the starting list-tag seems to be missing. EDIT: While the actual list itself does not parse, the indentation it creates does and persists throughout the rest of the post. As a finishing touch, it also stacks with itself.
  10. lol at your about me.

  11. Sorry, still really busy, just don't have the time for BZPower right now. See y'all later

  12. [Pat]: Wonder how your ego fits inside this bus [Pat]: Wonder how your WONDERFUL PERSONALITY fits inside this bus [Pat]: Wonder how your WONDERFUL PERSONALITY fits inside this GLORIOUS MANSION Also, [Pat]: Have some free icecream [Pat]: Contemplate utter deliciousness of muffins [Pat]: Eat a muffin [Pat]: Eat two muffins [Pat]: You're too awesome to grow fat [Pat]: Hug supplier of muffins [Pat]: Hear it. Hear THE MUFFIN SONG
  13. That was the plan, yes. Currently the site's offline due to..... ahem, "complications". It might tune back into the 'net again, it might not, but if it won't make it, I'll just release all the files currently in my possession. The website might be offline, but everything's still safe on my harddrive.
  14. >_<

    Furlough Fundays

    Perhaps you could play some Team Fortress 2, to increase the concentration of hats in the government.
  15. My recent inactivity has it's reasons. Whether those are to be shared or not will be something life'll tell me once this is all over.

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