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    What's wrong with your face?
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    This was old anyway. Yes I know my first username was cringe worthy stop reminding me.

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  1. Link your Codename for this mission will be Naked Link

  2. Because she takes skill and I'm a scrub.
  3. Making America Great Again one Ruru at a time

    1. Toa Imrukii

      Toa Imrukii

      With Night-Vision?

  4. Man I thought this was gonna be about the awesome yet impractical balisword (a giant butterfly knife). I'm slightly disappointed.
  5. Scanty Demon


    I hate to break it to you but even if Hillary had won those alleged Harambe (peace be upon him) 14,000 votes did go to Hilary she still would've lost PA. Trump had an over 100,000 vote lead over Hilary dude, at least according to google
  6. Scanty Demon


    Harambe wasn't a candidate, he was a hero.
  7. Tonight was amazing.

    1. Zasshu


      Please tell me that was sarcastic.

    2. Scanty Demon

      Scanty Demon

      most likely not, but I'll let you decide.

  8. Yeah that's right, the PRC really hates Tibet. They hate them so much they're trying to wipe them out. You clearly haven't played MGS3 because the old master was a women. No joke they call her the mother of special forces.
  9. Handling online bullying is easy just turn off the computer!

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    2. Toa Imrukii

      Toa Imrukii

      Running away may solve this issue in the short, but relentless torment, biting evil, bloodthirsty maniacs will always find you, and as such you must fight to survive. Never loose yourself. You may run in the short, but fight in the long.

    3. Scanty Demon

      Scanty Demon

      Dude it's the internet you shouldn't take it too seriously, hahahaha.

    4. Toa Imrukii

      Toa Imrukii

      Easy for you to say. For some, though not myself personally, it is difficult to let go. Mostly younger people, kids explicitely. Kids are sensative and impressionable.

  10. Listen dude, everyone has emotional baggage. Anyone who says otherwise is lying through their teeth. You're experiencing what are called maladaptive thoughts and that's totally normal. They become a problem when you make them out to be a bigger thing then they actually are. From reading this blog I can pinpoint the maldaptive(?) thought. It's called magnification or the binocular trick. So you've accidentally double posted on a blog dude. I've once made all my posts unreadable because I set all my text color to an eye searing bright green. It happens. The fact you make mistakes and have flaws means you're perfectly normal. If something about yourself bothers you then do something about it. You have the power to change. tl;dr Read the Happiness Hypothesis and Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy as well as look up cognitive behavior therapy.
  11. Scanty Demon

    In America

    In Soviet Russia when you don't return at curfew, daughter's father reports to you the party comrade.

    1. Voxumo


      *Dials up EVERYBODY'S numbers*

  13. My ideal world is a world where Sonic's arms aren't blue Also brought Scanty back, yay?
  14. She's back!!

    1. Voxumo
    2. Toa Imrukii

      Toa Imrukii

      Who? Sorry, it's been a while.

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