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Mishaps and Bubble Wrap


It May Be Easier To Just Set My Room On Fire.

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jun 24 2009 · 46 views
Cleaning wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for it feeling like I just threw away about three-quarters of my life.

Mom, don't you dare touch those LEGO bricks.


Emo Bun

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Jun 22 2009 · 65 views
bunny, rabbit
Posted Image

Lookit how cuuuute! With the little swooshy emo bun hair and everything!



Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jun 21 2009 · 40 views
the labyrinth, father's day
Gotta love it when my friend randomly calls me up at 10 PM and is like "I'm sending people over to pick you up. We're all watching The Labyrinth. Bring popcorn." It was a good evening, especially as I've never seen that movie before.

Annnnnd, for my dad, and all the other dads out there:

Posted Image

(I would put up some picture of my dad and me looking ridiculous or something, but I think these dessert burgers are a lot cooler)


Balloons Are Amazing

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Photography Jun 19 2009 · 70 views
college, balloons and 1 more...
Posted Image

Ok, so one balloon by itself is pretty cool. Like, you can play volleyball with it, or entertain a cat, or fill it with water and throw it at someone, you know, tons of fun stuff. But. what if you had several thousand balloons? All in one room? And then you added some college students who just got done with finals and have a bit too much energy? The results are quite astounding:

One half of the mastermind team that started this entire thing.
For a comparison to just how tall the balloon pile was, I am on a bed here (about 18" off the ground) and I'm about 5'4".
O.o Balloon creeper!

Posted Image

Oh, and we probably broke a lot of/all fire safety codes doing this (about a week ago. Never got time to post this until now due to moving out of dorm), but our RA didn't complain and sort of joined the balloon fray as well, so no worries. The Fire Marshall would've probably had a heyday, but we would've invited him to join in if he had showed up.


I Am Waaay Too Trigger Happy

Posted by Nukaya , in Life, Photography Jun 17 2009 · 64 views
soap box derby
I took over 900 photos last Sunday in Salem at the local qualifier for the soap box derby world championships. I think I should lay off the shutter button a bit.

However all I have to say is "EDWARD YOU DID IT! YOU'RE GOING TO AKRON!!!"


Weird Dreams About Tornadoes

Posted by Nukaya , in Eclecticness Jun 16 2009 · 50 views
tornado, dream
So, I had a dream last night that I was back at college and a tornado hit my school and I remember watching the tornado ripping through a wall while I hid under a desk.

This wouldn't be so weird if it weren't for that when my mom was a kid a tornado hit her school and completely destroyed it.

And you think this was a weird dream. You have no idea what you're in for.-FN


Lamps, Picture Frames, And Pizza Pans

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jun 13 2009 · 44 views
I am now the owner of a lamp that looks kind of like the Pixar one, a picture frame, Cranium: Turbo Edition, some random silverware, an iron, a retro-looking wall clock, and two pizza pans.

This is all due to my friend Zach, who came back to grab something he forgot during the move out of his room and we came to the discovery that the last person to move out of the room (our RA) decided that he was just going to ignore the huge pile of garbage he had left in the room, as well as everything in the fridge, the cupboards, the back closet; pretty much the entire place was a mess. I called our RA and asked him very politely if he knew why there was a mess in the room, and he told me that it didn't matter, because they (as in him, Zach and their two other roommates) were all supposed to clean it up, all of it the stuff was actually their old roommates stuff that he forgot to take before he moved out during winter break, and he didn't care if they got fined for the mess, as he would be able to defend himself as an RA. So, after Zach had an exchange of words with our RA, we spent about 45 minutes cleaning it all up and pulling stuff out that could be salvaged or wasn't growing mold.

I still need to pack all my stuff up so I can leave tomorrow. Blah.

You will still have the pizza pans and you will use them regulary to make a certian type of cookie that you don't know exists yet.-FN



Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jun 10 2009 · 68 views
college, finals
So, I'm done with finals.

Wait. Hold the phone.


Ok, that was so worth the five minutes it took for me to change the colour of each of those letters. And even though the last eight hours have been some of the most stressful in a very long time, I think my favourite part was when Kerry walked over to my computer, looked at the part of my final I was finishing up and said "You're insane. That's a good thing" and then walked off. It was just so utterly random, and that makes it awesome


Covered In Paint (Again)

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jun 10 2009 · 58 views
college, finals
Twomorefinalstwomorefinalstwomorefinalstwomorefinalstwomorefinals. *falls over*

And, as I found out around 11:30 this evening, if you try hard enough, you can indeed get the paint back into the squeeze-out paint tubes. It's just really difficult to do.


* Pulls On Armor And Grabs Weapons *

Posted by Nukaya , in Life Jun 08 2009 · 65 views
college, finals
Because it's finals week!

All day: Working on Graphics and Design final projects. Contemplate just sleeping in the art department in order to get everything done.
4:30 PM: Theatre Dance dress rehearsal

Most of day: Keep working on Graphics and Design final projects.
7 PM: Resident Assistant final
7 PM: Theatre Dance final

1 PM-3 PM: Graphics final
3 PM-5 PM: Design final

All day: Either act like a complete spazz since my finals are all done or conk out in my room and sleep for the majority of that time. Or maybe work on artwork? Packing up all my stuff might be good as well....

Anyway....OMG, so, like, I'm almost done with my first year of college. Woah.

And you thought this finals week was difficult. Cute.-FN

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