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Raptor Paddock


Sundays Are Fundays (sorta)

Posted by Bionicle Raptor , Nov 01 2009 · 17 views
Well I asked my friend Little Miss Sunshine (Nukaya Cloud Fire) for some advice about blogging, and she suggested a few interesting ideas. One of them being that I should write a few entries about current events happening in my life. So here I am! =D

Today I went to see the movie Michael Jackson: This Is It. This was a film that consisted of footage from the rehearsals of songs that Michael and his team were going to perform before he passed away this year. It was really interesting to see the different types of dances and stages props would be set up for each song. It not only went into the work of Michael, but also the work of the dancers, singers, and band members that he worked with. It's amazing how he came up with so many unique ideas for his songs.

No. I'm not a hard core fan, but his music is great, and I was saddened when he passed away.

And that's what I did today! laugh.gif

Please don't leave any hurtful comments or jokes about Michael Jackson. They'll be obliterated and forgotten.


#1 Gigan

Posted by Bionicle Raptor , Oct 31 2009 · 260 views

Yup. My favorite Godzilla enemy is Gigan! Gigan made his first appearance in Godzilla vs. Gigan. (Don‘t complain, most of them are named that way). Gigan is a space monster ,which means he came from another planet. He also teamed up with Megalon in Godzilla vs. Megalon, and was revamped for Godzilla Final Wars. In Godzilla Final Wars there were two types of Gigan, one with hooks for hands, and one with chain saws for hands!

Gigan’s weaponry consists of his hook hands (of course), a saw blade on his stomach, and lasers he can shoot out of his eyes.

Trying to explain why I like Gigan is easy. Because he’s awesome! Trying to explain what Gigan looks like though is quite hard, but also fun. He has sails on his back like a Spinosaurus, spikes on his head and tail, has a beak, has one eye, has hooks for hands, and saw blades on his stomach! That’s awesome! I can’t imagine how they could make this up! Gigan also has one of the coolest roars ever. If I could make any sound, I would sound like Gigan. If you haven’t heard it before, go to a video viewing site and watch a video of Gigan real quick! That’s all I can think of to say about that. blush.gif

That’s about wraps up Bionicle Raptor’s Top 5 Godzilla Enemies. Maybe next year I’ll do something similar, I might even blog more often. Thanks for reading, and Happy Halloween!


#2 Destoroyah

Posted by Bionicle Raptor , Oct 30 2009 · 345 views

Destoroyah was first featured in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, starting to see a trend here? Another one of Godzilla’s most powerful enemies. Destoroyah had three forms, one was a crab like creature, then a flying form, and finally the demonic form. Actually Destoroyah during the movie is called Destroyer, but it seems Toho (the creators of Godzilla) did not have the copyright to call the monster Destroyer. So they went with the next random thing.

Destoroyah’s powers are based around an oxygen destroying element. These same attributes were used to create the oxygen destroyer bomb, which killed the original Godzilla in the 1954 movie. Destroyah also has the ability to change it’s forms at will and even separate itself to make small versions of it’s crab-like form, and then reassemble again. On top of that Destoroyah has a laser horn that can cut through just about anything.

What’s Destroyah’s gender you may ask? Well some say that in crab form, Destoroyah has a triangular shaped torso that only female crabs possess. So it may be that Destoroyah is a female! But it seems that in the Godzilla games Destoroyah is a male. So I guess you can pick which ever gender you want!

I can’t really explain why I like this monster. It’s just that Destoroyah is again out of the ordinary. In fact he/she/it looks kind of scary. Yeah were getting some good looking girls here aren’t we? Destoroyah’s roar is pretty cool too. So if you watch any Godzilla movie other than the first one (which you should), you should take a look at Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.

(PS. To Chan’e) Destoroyah has the tongue with a mouth from Alien. wink.gif
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#3 Mechagodzilla

Posted by Bionicle Raptor , Oct 29 2009 · 63 views

Mechagodzilla made his first appearance in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, duh. He is considered to be one of Godzilla’s greatest enemies, and possibly his arch nemesis. There have been many forms of Mechagodzilla. The original Mechgodzilla, which was introduced in 1974, Mechagodzilla II (1993), and Mechagodzilla III also named Kiryu (2002).

Mechagodzilla has a HUGE arsenal of weapons, but it depends on which version you’re interested in. Lasers, missiles, freeze rays, eyes beams, shields, the works!

Why do I like Mechagodzilla? Think about it. What’s better than Godzilla? A Robot Godzilla! Especially when he shoots lasers and missiles! laugh.gif


#4 Biollante

Posted by Bionicle Raptor , Oct 28 2009 · 46 views

Biollante made her first appearance in Godzilla vs. Billante. She is the product of a combination of plant matter and the cells of Godzilla. At a first glance, Biollante to some may look like a cross between a Venus Fly Trap with a Crocodile head.

Yes, Biollante is a female. Her abilities are to use her many arms for combat and can spray a sort of acid from her mouth.

Biollante is favorable because she is an over looked enemy, and her look stands out amongst the other enemies Godzilla has fought. Not to mention she looks really scary for a female monster. Not as cuddly as Mothra is she?

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