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Raptor Paddock


Need To Do List: Trades

Posted by Brappy Hour , Dec 27 2009 · 47 views
List of people I need to keep on track with trades:

Negotiating With:

Gatanui - Need to keep in communication

Receiving From:
Toatapio Nuva
GlatorianJaller - Waiting for payment

Need To Send To:

Payment To Send To:

Strategic disagreement - Need to "wire" her my payment
.:The Great Mata Nui:.

If you're conducting a trade with me and are not on the list, please let me know.



Today Good Day For Birthday?

Posted by Brappy Hour , Dec 23 2009 · 88 views
Yes, today marks the 19th anniversary of my birth.

Went to see Avatar in 3D! It was pretty good.

I also got a video camera a a gift from my family, so I'll be a camera man for BrickFair! _icon_joy_.gif

Also. I can't determine whether having a birthday two days before Christmas is a good thing or bad thing. dunno.gif



Building Kyry

Posted by Brappy Hour , Dec 14 2009 · 58 views
So today while I was Surfing on Biosector01, I was looking at the new entries of Agori and Glatorian. While looking at different village I saw that there was an entry for the Agori Kyry, who was featured in Raid on Vulcanus, who was the guard for Vulcanus as well as the one who spread the word of the good deeds done by the Glatorian.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

I saw that there was a picture of this set, and that it seems to be build-able thanks to the pictures provided by Sparky, the one who designed Kyry's cannon form. So, awesome. Another cannon set to make!

I've found most of the small parts in my array of random Bionicle parts, but there are some major parts needed too.

So that should be pretty fun.



Who Wants To Play Halo? Try Two!

Posted by Brappy Hour , Dec 13 2009 · 58 views
Alright. lets try to make more friend and get more willing members. Hopefully I'll have a better turn out this time.
In case you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm seeing if it would be fun playing Halo 3 or Halo 3 ODST with other BZP members.
Anyway, just like the last one, but just seeing if it was a bad time to blog, or my very low popularity. unsure.gif

Gamertag: Bionicle Raptor

BZP Member List:



Who Wants To Play Halo?

Posted by Brappy Hour , Dec 11 2009 · 77 views
I've been pretty lonely when playing Halo 3 ODST, all my other friends are either busy or playing other games. So I was hoping to find some fellow ODSTs on BZP. Also anyone who wants to play Halo 3.

If you could please give me your gamertag for X-box Live either here or through PM that would be great.

Willing to help others get achievements, I also need to get Endure for my last Vidmaster.

Don't worry, I don't swear or talk trash, in fact I don't talk too much anyway. Also if you look at my stats at Bungie.net, you'll see that I'm more than qualified to rely on for tough situations. wink.gif

Gamertag: Bionicle Raptor

Please don't feel shy. Make yourself known! And thanks for reading. smile.gif


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