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Contest Design Winner & Color Suggestions!

Brappy Hour


The voting is over, and the winner is TuragaNuva! LINK


Now that we know what design we're using, color suggestions are open till Sunday. When suggesting colors, please specify the shirts color, as well as the color of the design itself. You can only have 1 color for the design, so choose your color variants wisely.

Pictures of your choice are appreciated.


After the entry period is done, we'll have a week of voting for the colors the forum members like the most.


Thanks for reading, and have fun designing!

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Recommended Comments

I like the idea of printing the design in a yellow/gold color. I think a deep purple would look good as a shirt color to go with that. Something like this.

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How about either Tan on Grey or Tan on Dark Blue?

I like the dark blue / royal blue option for the shirt color, maybe yellow / gold instead of tan.




I had this really cool shirt that was navy blue, and the print was the special paint that glows really bright under black light. That would look very cool for this design I believe!

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