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Raptor Paddock


Design Color Voting

Posted by Brappy Hour , Jun 19 2017 · 189 views

Alright. There were a few suggestions, so let's get the voting started. We need to get this over with, so I can get these tees printed.

Before we vote. I want to stress that I get these shirts made at a local screen printing business, and they may not have the exact color paint of the winning design. I'll do the best with I've got, and I thank you for your understanding.

#1. Link

#2. Link

That's all of them, please choose wisely. These shirts will be worn by all your fellow members at BrickFair. Show support for your colors, and encourage others to give their votes and input as well. You have 1 week.

Have a lovely day.


Design Winner & Color Suggestions

Posted by Brappy Hour , Jun 14 2017 · 183 views

Voting time is over, and the winner is CFaber! LINK

Now that we know what design we're using, color suggestions are open for the till Sunday. When suggesting colors, please specify the shirts color, as well as the color of the design itself. You can only have 1 color for the design, so choose your color variants wisely.
Pictures of your choice are appreciated.

After the entry period is done, we'll have a week of voting for the colors the forum members like the most.

Thanks for reading, and have fun designing!


BZP Shirt Design Voting

Posted by Brappy Hour , Jun 06 2017 · 624 views

Greeting everyone. Now that the contest is over, we can begin the voting process of which design you all would enjoying wearing and representing BZP at this years BrickFair!

#1 First we have a nice design from Bfahome. Link

#2 Next we have a unique look from Toa Imrukii. Link

#3 Last but not least. We have a last minute entry by the legendary CFaber. Link

Please make a post with the number of your favorite design.
If you're going to BrickFair this year. I ask for your input, as you will be the primary customers.

You have one week to vote, the design with the most votes shall be this years design!
After that, a separate entry will be made on deciding the colors the winning design and the overall shirt will be.

That's all for now. Thank you for reading.


BZPower T-shirt Contest 2017!

Posted by Brappy Hour , Apr 03 2017 · 1,170 views

Take A Dive!

8th verse, same as the first. Welcome once more, friends. It's 2017, and that means it's the 10th anniversary of the Mahri Nui saga. So rather then limiting the contest to a set or group of characters. You all have artistic freedom with this project! The only requirement is that the design must be underwater themed. Something serious, or something comical? The choice is yours!

Rules: Your design must be a simple design, one color, and must be medium sized. A previous winner and decent example is linked here. https://farm9.static...757ed1131_b.jpg
Your design must also be black on a clear white background. This makes it easier for the screen printing process.

You may post your entries in this thread, and have until the end of May to submit your design.

The Prize: The maker of the winning design will receive a free T-Shirt!

The winning design will be chosen through a voting process of the members of BZP.
Colors will be suggested and chosen by the members as well.

Feel free to ask any questions if needed.
That's all for now. Have fun, and good luck!


Makuta Building Guide

Posted by Brappy Hour , Aug 21 2016 · 473 views

Hey everyone. I just finished building the Journey To One Makuta, and I'm posting how I made it here.

First off. The majority of the parts you'll need are found in these sets
Tahu Uniter
Onua Uniter
Lord of Skull Spiders
Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder
Umarak the Hunter
Umarak the Destroyer

Please note that you'll need an extra ball joint, there isn't enough in these sets. http://www.bricklink.../PL/53585.jpg?0

Next, I used this video, which is very useful if you want a step by step guide, and which parts to gather.

Don't worry about the coloring, just use the parts from the sets, and you'll be fine.

HOWEVER. Please stop the video at 5:42. Do not build the following part, but instead use this image that uses Umarak the Destroyer's jaw piece. https://www.flickr.c...57670900951320/

And that's about it. Everything else should be simple and easy. If you need any help, feel free to post a comment. I'll be happy to assist.

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