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Infinite Awakening


Who do you trust?

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Sep 23 2014 · 157 views

“Are you sure?”

“I’m certain,” Vinylstep said.

Burnmad looked away, still hesitating - this was second hand information. How did he know he could trust Vinylstep? Or, for that matter, how could he trust Hero? He was no longer sure of anything.

“Voltex trusts us,” the De-Matoran added. “As does Ehks. We both know that they’re the only ones equal to you in power.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.”
“On the contrary, it means a lot,” Vinylstep said drily. “Get it into your head - I’m on your side. Hero was planning to wage war on the White Council as soon as possible. Take a look at the Matoran surrounding you, Burnmad. Several of them are working for the White Council, and they want you and your allies dead. Who supports the White Council? Who would you least suspect?”

​Bionicle Mafia: Book 2 - Extraction releases October 1st.



Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Sep 17 2014 · 119 views

Matoran - Ordinary Matoran; they vote, don't do much else.
Medic x1 - Can protect one other person each night from death.
Detective x1 - Can learn the role of one other person each night.
Mayor x1 - Has double votes at the lynching.
Armed Matoran x1 - Can kill one other player during the game.

Mafia x5 - A group of Matoran trying to hunt everyone else down on the orders of a higher power.
Cryo x1 - A Matoran who wields ice powers; kills one other person each night.
Pyro x1 - A Matoran who wields fire powers; kills one other person each night.



Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Sep 11 2014 · 142 views

Posted Image

Well isn't that something.....


Matoran - Ordinary Matoran; they vote, don't do much else.
Medic x1 - Can protect one other person each night from death.
Detective x1 - Can learn the role of one other person each night.

Mafia x5 - A group of Matoran trying to hunt everyone else down on the orders of a higher power.
Cryo x1 - A Matoran who wields ice powers; kills one other person each night.
Pyro x1 - A Matoran who wields fire powers; kills one other person each night.



Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Sep 10 2014 · 125 views

From the pages of Bionicle Mafia: Book 2 - Extraction

Voltex put the helmet on and locked it into place, standing still to keep himself oriented as the helmet’s display activated.

Once he was used to the display, Voltex jumped the last few steps and landed in front of the door, kicking it open and pointing the gun straight ahead. As he entered the room, however, he faltered – Sumiki was seated at an oaken desk, facing him, and totally unarmed.

“Welcome to my final resting place,” the former CEO of Hat Enterprises said, opening his arms. “Why don’t you take that helmet off? I’d like to see the face of my killer before I die.”

“You know who I am,” Voltex said.

“Perhaps,” Sumiki said, shrugging. “But don’t I get one last wish?”

Voltex kicked the door shut behind him, pulling the helmet off and dropping it to the floor. Sumiki smiled, appearing satisfied, and sat back in his chair.

“So this is what you’ve become,” Voltex said, glancing around. “The great CEO of Hat Enterprises, who managed to cheat Xaeraz and become the richest Matoran in Metru-Nui, reduced to an office chair and a desk inside a basement in BZ-Koro, waiting for his demise.”

“I am not perfect, nor am I some sort of god,” Sumiki said, shrugging. “I made mistakes and they have landed me here. I have made peace with my incumbent demise, Voltex – but have you?”

“It’s you who’s dying tonight, not me.”

“Oh, we can both agree on that,” Sumiki replied. “But will you be ready to accept your fate when it comes? Do you even know what you are dealing with?”

Voltex glared at him. “You have no idea what I’m dealing with.”

“No? Enlighten me.”

“I’m fighting Xaeraz and Project Mayhem,” Voltex spat. “I’m fighting you, the White Council, the Cryo and the Pyro. I’m fighting against myself, and even with this special lightstone that Ehks made, I’m still going mad.”

“Not all of them must be your enemy,” Sumiki said quietly. “You know, the whole time I was working with Xaeraz... I was secretly working for the White Council as well. That was where I met Luroka - and also how I introduced him to Xaeraz. That is the only reason I was never arrested as well; but they clearly felt that I was a threat, and once I escaped the conference, I realized... that to the White Council, everyone except for themselves are merely tools. Tools to be disposed of after using them. But by then, I had already spoiled my chances with Xaeraz. So I came here, and I waited for you or him to arrive, and kill me - and it turns out that it’s you. The only surprise is that none of my traps harmed you.”

“That stuff would never kill me,” Voltex said.

“I suppose not,” Sumiki said wearily. “I would never expect you or Xaeraz to fall to a trap such as that. You’re both too... determined.”

Silence fell, and both Matoran remained that way for several minutes before Sumiki spoke again. “Well? Are you going to kill me?”

“You don’t seem upset.”

“My reaction confuses you.”

“A little.”

The Fe-Matoran shrugged. “I know exactly where I am headed, Voltex, which is more than most beings can say when they die. And because I know where I’m going, I also know that I stand a better chance of surviving it. And if I can survive it... well, then perhaps we shall meet again.”

“We’re still enemies.”

“For now,” Sumiki said. “But I have a feeling that in the long run, we’ll be allies.”

Voltex was silent for a long time before he replied, “you know, back during the conference, I was trying to stay ahead of you. Predict every move you made, and all that sort of stuff.”

“How did that go for you?”

“Eventually, I realized that I couldn’t,” the Ba-Matoran said. “So I told myself, ‘stop trying to predict Sumiki, because he’s unpredictable’. And you know, after that, we won.”

“And?” Sumiki prompted.

“And I had this whole conversation in my head, how it would go,” Voltex continued. “It hasn’t gone how I thought it would. I tried to predict you again and I failed.”

“Well, I do like to keep up tradition,” Sumiki said, chuckling.

“I don’t know what to think,” Voltex admitted.

“Then don’t think at all,” Sumiki said, turning to him. “Do you want to know something?”


“I’m just like you and Xaeraz,” the Fe-Matoran said. “I’m absolutely insane. But you know how I deal with it? How I’ve managed to avoid mindlessly rampaging through the streets, how I have avoided killing everyone I meet?”


“I dream of farm animals,” the former CEO said. “And look where it got me. I appear more sane than you, and even if you’re about to kill me, I know that where I’m going, I’ll be given a second chance. And I’m going to take that for all that it’s worth.”

“Farm animals,” Voltex repeated.

“Farm animals,” Sumiki confirmed. “So now I say, shoot me.”

Voltex raised the gun. “Unpredictable until the end.”
“I try my best.”

To Be Continued...?

What's going on in this preview? When does it take place? Does Sumiki die? How did Voltex get there? Where did Luroka go?

You'll have to wait and find out. ;)


All of my dreams have come true

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Sep 09 2014 · 110 views

You have no idea how happy I am

Finally Vultraz is getting the attention he deserves from you all, and is being named the rightful king



Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Sep 06 2014 · 279 views

So I've been playing FTL, and I decided to name my crew members after people on BZPower. And once my journey ended (we all died), I was inspired!
To write a story!
And so I am writing a story. Just a oneshot; nothing more, starring the crew of the Oblige, a Kestral A-Class ship on a mission for the Federation. The crew members are as follows:

Voltex (Pilot & Captain)

It would be nice if there were more; unfortunately, I'm rather horrible at the game and did not make it that far. =P Still, I suppose it's easier to emphasize the tragedy when you have less characters...


New Story

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Sep 02 2014 · 85 views

All Hail the King

Written in the POV of a character known as "Agent 64", this story (while not one of my favorites) has many, many interesting things inside. There's a lot of behind the scenes world building, as well as starting the buildup to things that will become more important later on.

Still aiming for the October release date for Book 2.



Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Aug 04 2014 · 96 views

Coming soon - a new instalment in the Bionicle Mafia epic series:

All Hail the King


Mafia Book 2 SIGN UP NOW!

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Jul 28 2014 · 149 views

Due to a small (read: large) change in plans, I will be needing a couple more characters in Book 2... so if you have been wanting a spot, comment below with your preferred element.


The Front Page

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library, Life Jul 20 2014 · 109 views

I've been using the mobile skin and going directly to my notifications ever since I left, so I totally missed the fact that Bionicle Mafia Book 1: Isolation made it onto the front page.

So that's pretty awesome. I'm hoping to get a week off in august so that I can go home for a bit and work on Book 2 some more before the summer ends; right now I am aiming for an October release.


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1. Mario - OWN
2. Peach - OWN
3. Yoshi - OWN
4. Donkey Kong - OWN
5. Samus - OWN
6. Link - OWN
7. Pikachu - OWN
8. Kirby - OWN
9. Villager - OWN
10. Wii Fit Trainer - OWN
11. Marth - OWN
12. Fox - OWN
13. Luigi - OWN x2
14. Diddy Kong - OWN
15. Zelda - OWN x2
16. Pit - OWN
17. Little Mac - OWN
18. Captain Falcon - OWN
19. Bowser - OWN
20. Rosalina - OWN
21. Sheik - OWN
22. Toon Link - OWN
23. Lucario - OWN
24. King Dedede - ??
25. Meta Knight - ??
26. Ike - OWN
24. Shulk - ??
25. Mega Man - OWN
26. Sonic - OWN
27. Robin
28. Lucina
29. Pac-Man
30. Wario
31. Charizard
32. Ness
1. Dr. Mario
2. Zero Suit Samus
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6. R.O.B.
7. Duck Hunt
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15. Mii Gunner
16. Mewtwo (?)

Quote Block

We're not teaching university science classes here, we're playing a text based fighting game where the objective is to beat your opponents into oblivion.

Get back in your grave, you.

*Slaps with tombstone*

Also, what pay are you gonna get as iBrow's slave?

Chro suddenly developed arachnophobia.

explain it with a convoluted quadruple negative.

Although everyone should go sign up for that game now.
And tell your friends.
And your moms.
Maybe not that last bit.

Poor Lhikan. Demoted from riding on top of an awesome Rahi to being packed in with a bunch of batteries as an afterthought.

However, this does not mean we no longer want to kill the rest of you for evading death. In fact, we would like to destroy you all, because we feel like it and we're the bad guys, the latter of which we only just realised.

...You guys didn't realize we were the villains all along?

You thought I was a good guy? ? ?


None of us are actually competent. We run around like headless chickens, if headless chickens were capable of wielding assault rifles and broadswords.

I'm gonna bluff you guys so hard you won't even know that I'm bluffing
Or maybe you will
It'll be a quadruple bluff

How is Chro's arms still on fire though? I bet Burnmad has something to do with it.

It's linked to Voltex's everlasting, endless fury.