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Great Games


Tempus Resonat - IT BEGINS!

Posted by Lucina , in Life Nov 01 2014 · 322 views

I have officially started writing my NaNoWriMo project, and have logged 1464 words so far. :) I am taking a break now to go and sleep, since that is a thing humans do and it is currently 2am for me. :P

Anyway, if you're interested, you can read the synopsis here. Don't pay attention to the genre; I'll probably be changing it again later, because honestly from my plans, the NaNo site doesn't seem to have an option that really fits Tempus Resonat. That's partially because I can't select multiple genres, though. And also partially because I haven't written it yet, so I don't know if it'll end up matching the genres I had in mind completely.

Anyway, sleep time. I'll try to update for NaNo at least once a week.



Posted by Lucina , in Life Oct 27 2014 · 257 views

Posted Image

I have decided to participate this year!

If anyone wants to become a writing buddy or whatever, feel free to do so. :P I go by "Voltex Oblige" on the NaNo site.

This year I'll be writing a rough draft of what I hope will be my first novel, titled Tempus Resonat.

Best of luck to all.


3 cheers for Bionicle 2015 reboot

Posted by Lucina , in Life Oct 09 2014 · 375 views

I am glad that I wanted this and am thus okay with it
Also happy that I was right because being right is obviously awesome

I want that transparent Hau... doubt I'll win it, but oh well. I can live without transparent masks.


It arrived!

Posted by Lucina , in Life Oct 02 2014 · 203 views

The NinjaCopter (my raffle prize) arrived today. :) I'll post a review in the Ninjago discussion forum later tonight.

Posted Image



Posted by Lucina , in Life Sep 08 2014 · 319 views

Posted Image

It actually happened


It has arrived

Posted by Lucina , in Life Aug 27 2014 · 314 views

Once I set up an Internet connection for it, my computer is good to go!


New Computer

Posted by Lucina , in Life Aug 25 2014 · 207 views

It has been ordered. Once it arrives I can continue writing... and I can play some video games too.


AMA: The Answers You Seek

Posted by Lucina , in Life, BZPower Aug 05 2014 · 309 views

do you dream of farm animals kidnapping a 2x2 brick named samantha whilst wearing a silly hat

I do not. I do, however, dream of jungle animals eating a 4x4 brick named Bartholomew whilst wearing a fedora.

How often do you dream about farm animals?

I usually donate my dreams of farm animals to Sumiki, so not very often.

This will be multiple questions:
A: Do you dream of farm animals?
C: What chapter are you up to in the epic?
D: All your base are belong to us?
E:What are your opinions on the new chapter of RWBY?
(Yeah in A And D I was bored. =P)

A: Please note my answer to Luroka.
B: That was a simple test to rile some of you up, should I ever decide to truly dedicate myself to re-writing that entire thing.
C: I am currently up to Chapter 5, although I am also in the midst of re-working the outline and therefore the writing has been delayed by a little while. I expect that I shall be up to Chapter 6 or 7 by the end of the week regardless.
D: Absolutely not. They belong to me... as do all of yours.
E: Unfortunately, I am so far not very impressed with Volume 2 of RWBY.

You know, I wasn't sure if anyone really caught on to my silly question until now...


Have you seen a 2x2 lego brick named Samantha?

I have not. I have, however, seen one named Bartholomew.

do you dream about nose hairs

All of the time.

Why world has not explode from Mario, Sonic, Mega Man and Pac-Man being in the same game????

Because it had already adjusted to Mario and Sonic being in the same game, and while Mega Man being there might cause the world to explode, Pac-Man's total lameness unfortunately cancels it out.

Opinion on possible return of bionicle?

Cautiously optimistic.

do you often consume bacon marinated in pickle juice

That's gross and you should be ashamed of yourself.

am a voltex are in why

Much confusion, such grammar


Ask me Anything. (Do it you won't do it)

Posted by Lucina , in Life Aug 02 2014 · 378 views

So I figure that I have a couple interesting things going on that you all might have questions about; whether they be games, what I'm currently writing, or other things entirely. Now is your chance to ask, and I'll try to do a blog post ASAP answering any questions given. Fire away.


The Front Page

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library, Life Jul 20 2014 · 308 views

I've been using the mobile skin and going directly to my notifications ever since I left, so I totally missed the fact that Bionicle Mafia Book 1: Isolation made it onto the front page.

So that's pretty awesome. I'm hoping to get a week off in august so that I can go home for a bit and work on Book 2 some more before the summer ends; right now I am aiming for an October release.

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