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Great Games


I experienced the divine tonight

Posted by Lucina , in Life May 22 2014 · 295 views

Posted Image
Praise Helix
Thank you for bestowing upon me the honor of hosting your soul and channeling your divine powers for a short time
I'll never be the same


Big big excitement

Posted by Lucina , in Life, Film / Shows May 22 2014 · 310 views

At the very least, it is reassuring to know that I will be able to look forward to another spectacular soundtrack when the season is over; I loved the soundtrack for Volume 1.
Finally Weiss figurine
I haven't had the money to get the Ruby figure yet, but maybe I can convince someone to get me Weiss for my birthday or something. 
Anyway back to more important things!


Of cellphones

Posted by Lucina , in Life May 16 2014 · 288 views

So I finally got off my butt and bought a cellphone today; I've been wanting to for awhile, but this should hopefully help me to pass the time this summer and keep connected with people.
I'm terrible at keeping contact with people. >.>
I managed to find a Samsung Galaxy S4 & plan that were in my price range, so I'm pretty happy with what I've got.
Update: Read my thoughts more in-depth over at i, voltex!


Sometimes I wish I was left handed

Posted by Lucina , in Life May 08 2014 · 450 views

Pretty much what the title says
Even more than that though I would like to be fully ambidextrous


Well, this sucks (Recap 04 even though it's off schedule because life)

Posted by Lucina , in Life May 06 2014 · 444 views

So I work at a camp in the summer as a Counselor, and we have a week of training at the end of June.
My graduation hits during the Wednesday of that week.
My prom hits the Thursday of that week.
I have known this for quite some time. I have spoken with my mother about this before. I had assumed the issue had been ironed out and that she would arrange for my grandparents to pick me up from camp and bring me home for graduation, and then they would drive me back to camp on the Friday. I was planning to speak with the Directors this weekend to work out the time off.
Tonight my mother called the camp without telling me, and told them that she wanted to keep me home for the ENTIRE TRAINING WEEK.
Now they're saying they will only give me 24 hours off (meaning prom is out the window because obviously graduation is more important), and I have lost credibility with my bosses. 
And to top it all off, I need to have a criminal background check done (because I'm working with kids so y'know be extra careful n such) and it's due this weekend and I totally forgot to have it done.
Gonna have to subtract those two points I had. Back to zero.
Major uggggggggggggh
Points: 0 (sob)


To Those on my Steam Friends List

Posted by Lucina , in Life May 06 2014 · 186 views

I am putting out a call! Are any of you (particularly/mainly the ones that I speak to on at least a semi-regular basis) fans of Percy Jackson and/or the Heroes of Olympus?
If so just shoot me a message on Steam, or comment here ASAP.
In IRL news, I have had another person tell me to be a teacher. I refuse! I will not go right from learning as a student in school to learning as a student to be a teacher in school to being a student teacher in school to being a teacher (in school). 
Gimme at least ten years to do my own thing that isn't teaching pleeeeease


This describes me perfectly

Posted by Lucina , in Life Apr 24 2014 · 323 views

Posted Image
I can't help it; it's just too fun killing off all of those characters you love so much... and while I get you emotionally attached to the new characters, I have the old characters to fill the space! :D


NHL Playoffs (Round 1)

Posted by Lucina , in Life Apr 17 2014 · 229 views

I guess I'll shoot these up here again. I was busy last night but each of the wins fits with my predictions anyway. I suppose I'll give series length too.
Boston Bruins vs. Detroit Red Wings >> Bruins in 6
Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Montreal Canadiens >> Canadiens in 7
Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Columbus Bluejackets >> Penguins in 4
New York Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers >> Flyers in 7
Colorado Avalanche vs. Minnesota Wild >> Avalanche in 5
St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks >> Blackhawks in 6
Anaheim Ducks vs. Dallas Stars >> Ducks in 5
San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings >> Sharks in 7


Very Quote

Posted by Lucina , in Life Apr 09 2014 · 355 views

9:32 PM - The Agyrophobic Chicken: As the wise iBrow once said: "very goat" -- iBrow Voltex, 4/9/2014.

9:32 PM - The Agyrophobic Chicken: iBrow's language skills have officially devolved.
9:33 PM - much mislead: much devolve
9:33 PM - much mislead: very language
9:33 PM - much mislead: such lacking


9:36 PM - Voltex has changed their name to The BIONICLE Hero.
9:37 PM - The Agyrophobic Chicken: ...
9:37 PM - Vinylstep: We've been overrun!
9:37 PM - Vinylstep: Men, to your battle stations!
9:37 PM - The BIONICLE Hero: ok
9:37 PM - The BIONICLE Hero: Kill the imposter
9:37 PM - The REAL BIONICLE Hero: NO.
9:37 PM - The REAL BIONICLE Hero: I am the REAL BIONICLE Hero.
9:37 PM - The REAL BIONICLE Hero: See?
9:38 PM - The REAL BIONICLE Hero: It's in my name.
9:38 PM - Vinylstep: ...
9:38 PM - The REAL BIONICLE Hero: You have to believe everything you read on the internet.
9:38 PM - Vinylstep: Can you swap Avatars for a bit?
9:38 PM - The BIONICLE Hero: I refuse
9:38 PM - Vinylstep: That should make this more interesting...
9:38 PM - The REAL BIONICLE Hero has changed their name to iBrow Voltex.
9:38 PM - Vinylstep: ...
9:38 PM - Vinylstep: Lovely.
9:38 PM - iBrow Voltex: =)
9:39 PM - The BIONICLE Hero: oh dear
9:39 PM - The BIONICLE Hero: much mislead




A question for you all

Posted by Lucina , in Life Apr 03 2014 · 287 views

So generally my blog is mostly just "fun" stuff; ie. not very important. But if possible, I'd like to spice it up a bit and have some more serious (or at least semi-important) stuff. So I was mostly wondering if anyone would be interested in me occasionally providing you all with insights into the most interesting aspects of my life. At most it'd probably be two or three times a week, though I'd expect it to be more of a "once every one or two weeks" sort of deal.

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