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The Storyteller


Bionifight was on a Podcast, life complete

Posted by Stark , in BZP Library, Games & Trivia / RPG Feb 16 2015 · 362 views

Not really, but you know, I'll plug the BZPRPG Podcast here for it anyway! =D

The bit regarding Bionifight Infinite is from about 29:20-34:11... and yes, it is pronounced "bi-ah-nee-fight".

You can click the banner below to see the gameplay topic for Bionifight Infinite; I urge you to join! You can... basically do almost anything you want, really.

Posted Image

Until next time, everyone.

(Also read my amiibo epic and rip it apart please)


PROMPTED: Toa Hunt Amiibo

Posted by Stark , in BZP Library Feb 15 2015 · 175 views

Posted Image

Story - Review


Prompt Me

Posted by Stark , in BZP Library Feb 13 2015 · 570 views

Toss some writing prompts my way! I won't promise that I'm going to write something for all of them (or that I'll consider any even remotely good enough to post here :P), but I'll do my best.


coming... soon?

Posted by Stark , in BZP Library Feb 05 2015 · 311 views

Posted Image

perhaps it is


Does anyone remember this?

Posted by Stark , in BZP Library Jan 31 2015 · 252 views

Posted Image

I went on a hunt earlier today and was very happy to discover that a copy of each banner for Tahu vs. Tahu existed SOMEWHERE on the internet, so that I could save them to my computer and treasure them forever haha :P

I don't know whether the Deconstruction banner with Tahu Mata & Tahu Stars or the banner with them in comic form is my favorite.

It's also too bad that it isn't even readable anymore. The first two seasons were only on the archives (which have been deleted) and those formatting errors we got at the end of 2013 have rendered Seasons 3 and 4 into unreadable gibberish. :(


what am i doing

Posted by Stark , in Games & Trivia / RPG, BZP Library Jan 27 2015 · 476 views

I just spent 20 minutes writing 1000 words of pure terrible about how the players of BZP Mafia were introduced to the Potoo

what is wrong with me

i don't think i am going to post that


E: bumping to let you all know that you got what you asked for, horrible people


The Extermination continues

Posted by Stark , in BZP Library Jan 23 2015 · 253 views

Posted Image

Click the link above for Chapter 4!
Yeah that's about it. Everything else is horrid at the moment so I figured I'd have some fun and release this chapter so early that it's practically still Thursday~


Taka Nuvia vs. ToaD

Posted by Stark , in BZP Library Jan 13 2015 · 275 views

Taka Nuvia had never imagined that she would be in this position. She had originally been a simple artist, living a simple life; her apartment had been shabby and run-down, and she had drawn portraits of tourists foolish enough to believe that the Day Run and Bionifight counted as a vacation.

That had all changed when, one day, she unknowingly did a piece for White Two. Three days later, the White Turaga had shown up at her apartment and stared at it with distaste.

“No, this does not do at all,” he said dismissively, shaking his head. “Come with me - I shall find you more suitable quarters. I’m hiring you as the official artist of the White Council. Of course, you will be able to take on outside work - I would never dream of restricting your creative freedoms.”

Shaking her head, Taka Nuvia pushed the memory from her mind, re-focusing on the situation at hand. The Shadow Matoran known as ToaD - or rather, General ToaD - only smirked wider as she glared at him, fists clenched at her sides.

“You should really relax, you know,” ToaD said, chuckling as he crossed his arms. “Stress yourself out too much and you might crack your mask.”

“This is not a matter of stress!” Taka Nuvia snapped. “This is about you sacrificing three of our soldiers pointlessly!”

“It wasn’t pointless. I retrieved valuable information regarding the White Council,” the General replied, inspecting his armor and idly scratching at a spot of dirt.

“Three Matoran died!” Taka Nuvia hissed.

“Yeah, and three more will probably die tomorrow!” ToaD retaliated. “Seriously, what don’t you get about that?”

“It was needless sacrifice!”

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, is how I believe the saying goes,” ToaD told her. “Well, they were the few.”

“You’re heartless and cruel.”
“And yet Voltex continues to promote me, and pull me higher up the ranks with each battle that passes,” ToaD said, shrugging. “Why is that, I wonder?"


Chapter 3 releases Friday - and aside from the conflict shown above, we shall finally meet the figure known only as "Control"....



Posted by Stark , in BZP Library Jan 08 2015 · 169 views

Posted Image

Click the banner above for chapter 2!

And... we meet our villain... in a rather... tragic manner.

I am so, so sorry about the wait ;)


A little preview

Posted by Stark , in BZP Library Jan 04 2015 · 251 views

Since it's been a little while..

Posted Image

Portalfig had never forgotten the time that he went undercover to root out a terrorist organization - and for the past three months, it had been the only thing on his mind. The identity of “Tavahka” was slowly becoming synonymous with his own, and on the bad days, the Onu-Matoran was beginning to wonder just which side of this war he was really on.


Portalfig turned to face the speaker - White Seven. The White Turaga’s eyes glinted as he waved the Onu-Matoran over. As he had learned to do early on, Portalfig stopped a foot away and got down on one knee, kneeling to White Seven, who nodded with satisfaction as Portalfig stood again.

“I have missed you these past few days,” White Seven said casually, putting his arm around the Onu-Matoran’s shoulders and starting to walk in the directions of the weapon laboratories.

White Seven stopped outside of an unmarked room; the door slid open for him, and they both stepped through the doorway. Portalfig recognized the form of White One standing at a control panel in the far corner; and the three Matoran on the glowing white platform in the center of the room were none other than Quisoves Pugnat, Underscore, and Cyrix… although to both the Rebellion and White Council, the three were more commonly known as-

“The Triplets,” White Seven said, interrupting his train of thought, “are leaving for a rather… shall we say, secretive mission. They have proven their loyalty to us time and time again, and as a result, have been gifted this honor. Continue to serve us as you have, and you might find yourself rewarded with some secret projects of your own. But come - I have something a little more public in mind for you right now.”
Portalfig nodded, silently following White Seven out of the room.


watch, listen, remember

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just for fun

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