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The Temple of Wind



Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZPower, BZP Library, Film/Shows Nov 26 2011 · 59 views

News post coming tomorrow, but I'll do something here.

First of all: I am going to plead with all of you to join Bionifight 4. We're dying out there. :(
Next: I'd like to ask for reviews of my short stories What Lurks Below and Fear. Links coming tomorrow I think, since I don't have much time now.

So yeah. More news regarding Transformers, ORIGINS, Tahu vs. Tahu, and other stuff coming tomorrow.



News Post #1

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZPower, BZP Library, Film/Shows Nov 19 2011 · 52 views

So I've decided to do this stuff. Yay.

Tahu vs. Tahu
Writing Chapter 4 today or tomorrow, posting when I finish it. Not really anything big this chapter; I think it'll mostly just be Maxilos vs. The Others (Hydraxon, Ultimate Dume, Irnakk, Makuta). Tahu Mata will also clash with Roodak and Tahu Mistika. Gonna be an easy victory for one side. I'm also planning to write up another PSA or Special sometime in the next week.

Vultraz's Journey Returns
Writing Chapter 5 tomorrow, and will post tomorrow or Monday. Hoping to get Chapter 6 done as well, since it's been like 3 weeks since this thing has been updated. Chapter 5 will see a cameo from It's a Mad House!, as well as the last time we'll see the diner this comedy.

Brotherhood of the Time-Travelling Warlords & Tahu vs. Tahu: The Tournament
I'm not sure when this'll get updated. Sorry. Ever since I posted Chapter 2 back in April, insipiration for Chapter 3 hasn't come. Hoping this will be completed before the new year, but who knows.
As for Tahu vs. Tahu: The Tournament, I'm going to re-post it before Christmas.

This will be posted by the end of the month if all goes well. Just want to make some minor changes to Chapter 1 before I post it.

What Lurks Below
My entry into Short Stories Contest #8, starring Takanuva. It'll be completed and posted and entered before the end of the month. Hoping people will enjoy it.

The first few chapters will be written sometime before the end of the month, and then I'll post it. More updates to come soon, including the Autobot cast list for #1.

This guy is a pretty big player in Day Run: The Garden, but this isn't about that. I have MAJOR plans for this guy that include ORIGINS, The Vultraz Trilogy, Tahu vs. Tahu, and others- plans that will tie each of these together even further. He might even enter into major conflict with ALMIGHTY....

Bionifight 4
Things seem to be going smoothly. Unfortunately, my plans for Round 5 fell through, and have been post-poned to Round 10. However, I'm thinking the remaining players will still enjoy it.

Anyway, that's that for this week. I'm planning to do this every Saturday.




Posted by Agnes Oblige , in Film/Shows, BZPower, BZP Library Nov 18 2011 · 55 views

Transonicle by Maniactoalaco in the Comedies forum has inspired me to write about the Michael Bay Transformers trilogy. It'll be a series of three epics in the COT forum, with new characters added in (like Prowl and Cliffjumper) for both sides (I guess a Decepticon added might be called Motormaster). Hoping people will like them.



Short Stories Contest #8

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZP Library, Video Games Nov 17 2011 · 36 views

I think I might be roughly 1/3-1/2 done my entry for it. :)
Hoping people will enjoy it; I'm basing the story on the comic title What Lurks Below. Aiming to make it slightly creepy.

It's going to star Takanuva, and will be a sequel to my recently reposted short story Avalanche. Reading Avalanche won't be necessary to understand the entry though.

I also just discovered that the Epics forum has a wiki. Cool. Doesn't look like it gets as much activity as my beloved Comedy Wiki though.

So yeah. Off to play some more Team Fortress 2.



So Bzp Is Back. Again. Also Ponies. Also Red Vs. Blue.

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZPower, BZP Library, Life, Video Games Nov 15 2011 · 53 views

Which cool I suppose. Good to know I didn't miss much the day I was away.
Also, the double post has been deleted. Yay.
I have not watched a My Little Pony episode for a long time.


I actually feel kind of depressed now. That sucks. :(

Sorry about that, but seriously- I loved it. Can't wait for season 10.
Tahu vs. Tahu & Vultraz's Journey Returns being updated soon.
ORIGINS will be arriving in Epics within the week.
Bionifight 4 is running smoothly (just an issue concerning special weapons with one member. Everything else fine.), and a HUGE surprise coming for the players Round 5.
Vertak is about to beat everybody in the Day Run fighting contest.
Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, and Rayman Origins(I think) all out this week. Which sucks, because I don't have the money to buy any of them. Not like I've played any of the other games in those series, but I like Team Fortress 2, so I think I'd at least like the online for MW3.

Anyway, yeah. Cool beans.
Also debating still whether or not I'm gonna post and continue Coconuts on here.



Day Run And Origins

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZP Library Nov 05 2011 · 40 views

Things are about to get hectic in Day Run again. It's been a nice break, but it's time for Team Zero to catch up with the others. Cuz currently we're like, bottom of the pile.

As for ORIGINS, I think I might post it in Epics, so that people will (hopefully) actually read it. So yeah. Gamma will be introduced to all of you in Epics and Comedies soon.

Or at least, my Comedies fans will meet him for the second time. Because they know him already.



Huge Success!

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in My Little Pony, Life, BZP Library, BZPower Nov 04 2011 · 46 views

My BZP plans for today included various things such as the following:Eat Tacos
  • Finish writing Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath (check it out!!!) Chapter 4 and post it.
  • Write Vultraz's Journey Returns (check it out too!!!) Chapter 4 and post it.
  • Finally decide where the heck I'm gonna put ORIGINS (blog or epics?).
  • Watch my fifth My Little Pony Episode. I was thinking 22, 26, 18, or 7.
  • Finish up the first post for Bionifight 4, decide on whether I'd use a subtitle or not, and then post it.
  • Post a couple times in Day Run.
  • Eat more Tacos.
  • Watch Shadow of Israphel (does anyone know of this?)
  • Brouse BZPower
  • Eat cake
  • Eat more Tacos.
This is the stuff I completed:#1: Eat Tacos
  • #6: Bionifight 4 problems
  • #7: Day Run
  • #8: Eat more Tacos
  • #9: Shadow of Israphel
  • #10: BZPower
  • #11: Eat Cake
  • #12: Eat more Tacos
All in all, I feel really sick from all the cake, chips, pop, and tacos I've ingested. It didn't help that I was laughing at both Fails of the Weak and Shadow of Israphel, and I've accomplished nothing with any of my Comedies or other stories (ORIGINS).

So I guess you could say today is a HUGE SUCCESS!!!



Sadface Comedies

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZP Library Oct 30 2011 · 27 views

So it woud appear events beyond my control conspired against me this weekend (curse you ALMIGHTY!!), and so Tahu vs. Tahu and Vultraz's Journey Returns will not be updated this weekend; you'll have to wait.

The second annual Vultraz Halloween Special should be posted within the day, however.



The second annual Vultraz Halloween Special has been posted, along with Vultraz's Journey Chapter 4!
Expect Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath Chapter 3 tomorrow!



Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZP Library Oct 20 2011 · 44 views
I'm in the process of writing an origins story for him. At the moment I'm planning it to be blog exclusive, as it will not be a comedy. I'd post it in Epics, but nobody there has even heard of ME, let alone ALMIGHTY.

However, since this is his origins, we're going to see his brothers.

But I don't know what to call them to match "Almighty".

Ideas appreciated.



I Return

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZP Library, Uncategorized Oct 14 2011 · 56 views
ibrow, Comedies
So I'm back. Awesome, right?

Sort of. So I posted Vultraz's Journey Returns chapter 1 in the Comedies forum, for those of you interested.
Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath hopefully coming soon. The coding for the first post is causing problems for me at the moment. It's a lot of work.

I'm not sure I like the new blogs, but that's no surprise if the staff have less control over them now. Seems backwards to me. You'd think the lastest type of any software would give you MORE control, not less.

Anyway, goodbye for now.