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Doctor Who

Posted by Virndrung Vatten , Jul 16 2017 · 303 views

Holy crud they actually did it the absolute madmen

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Pahrak #0579
Jul 16 2017 11:14 AM

Oh did they announce that already?  I wonder what...


*one Google search later*




This is a good weekend.

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Rahkshi Guurahk
Jul 16 2017 02:37 PM

I have no problem with this and like it. (assuming whoever writes this season is good.)

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I'm very disappointed that they didn't get an actual doctor for the role.  Whatever happened to diversity in film and television?  How will young doctors grow up to become successful members of society without positive role models to look up to?

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People still watch that?


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The fact that Chibnall is in charge instead of Moffat was infinitely more relieving than any on-screen casting decision.  As we've learned from Capaldi's tenure, brilliant actors can be squandered if the plots suck.
Don't get me wrong, I love that they got an actress who can really nail the role, but the scripts better do her justice.

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Virndrung Vatten
Jul 17 2017 11:48 AM

Hate that meme.


Smith was squandered way more than Capaldi ever was, with one good series, one abysmal one, and one bad one, as opposed to Capaldi who got series 9 which is pretty much the single best and one of the most consistently good series in all of new Who and merely had a shaky start. 

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Most of the middle-of-the-season stories are fairly consistent from season to season (aside from absolutely abysmal entries like as Kill the Moon).  The problem is that I'm not sure Moffat has written a good premiere or finale since The Big Bang, and since the series bookends determine the arc of that season, a terrible idea can infect the whole shebang.  That's my main issue with series 9, actually—the whole "hybrid" thing went beyond "hard to follow" territory into "aggressively nonsensical" land.
I hope that Chibnall puts an end to the abhorrent practice of out-of-character actions driving drawn-out tell-don't-show plot-hole-besotted action figure fantasies that put the Doctor's life or the human race or the whole universe or all of Time Itself™ in jeopardy twice a series.

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