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Unsorted Letters


Grave of the Fireflies

Posted by Grant-Sud , Jul 25 2012 · 423 views
Animation, War, Im going to cry
I saw this movie a month or so ago.

Oh... lord. I've never started to cry during a movie before. Never. I stopped myself before it happened, but, oh ...


So much Music, so little time

Posted by Grant-Sud , Jul 23 2012 · 603 views
So this guy at work leaves me his hard drive with like over a hundred GBs in it, says I can barrow it for a while. He's a local DJ, outside from serving, and says he has it filled with MP3s that I can have.

I'm like a kid in a candy shop right now. And all the Candy is FREE!!


Anyone interested in reading a CoT epic?

Posted by Grant-Sud , in Short Stories Jul 22 2012 · 688 views
Epics, CoT
Is there? I've got a good idea, and have a few chapters done already. Just wondering if I'll have any readers, and yeah this entry is advertisement. Be on the look out! =D


Cave Story

Posted by Grant-Sud , Jul 22 2012 · 485 views
Indie Video Games, Cute Robots and 2 more...
Alright so I just bought and beat the video game Cave Story over the past month. Was able to check out all three endings and may I just say that it was incredible???

I'd really love to post up a review for this game soon, but in the mean time I'll just wow you with fanart that some guy drew. :3

Posted Image



Oh snap I totally have a blog for a while

Posted by Grant-Sud , Jul 22 2012 · 791 views
So just writing in, speaking out about some blog entry like things that I can try doing. Can't wait to get started!

In the mean time, wanted people to know I have a new epic in the making. It'll be CoT, posting it as soon as my current epic being co-written is nearing a close. Hopefully I'll get some good feedback on it!


... But He Smells Like Ranch Dressing!

Posted by Grant-Sud , in Music Dec 28 2011 · 352 views
The Black Keys, Music

I wanted love, I needed love

Most of all, most of all
Someone said true love was dead
And I'm bound to fall, bound to fall
For you
But what can I do?

Take my badge but my heart remains,
Lovin' you, baby child,
Tighten up on your reigns,
You're runnin' wild, runnin' wild,
It's true

Sick for days in so many ways
I'm achin' now, I'm achin' now
It's times like these I need relief
Please show me how, show me how
To get right

When I was young and moving fast
Nothing slowed me down, slowed me down
Now I let the others pass
I've come around, come around
Cause I've found

Living just to keep going
Going just to stay sane
All the while not knowing
It's such a shame

I don't need to get steady
I know just how I feel
I'm telling you to get ready
My dear

Tighten Up - the Black Keys <3


The Secret Of Nimh

Posted by Grant-Sud , in Animation Dec 27 2011 · 374 views

Has anyone ever heard of this movie? I just watched it again the other day. It holds so emotion for an animated "kids" film. A very darker atmosphere then what I expected and though it's a tale about mice, it holds a lot of humanity in it. One small mother mouse on a journey to save her children in a harsh world? I love it. :3

If anyone gets a chance, this is one movie not to miss.

Posted Image

Those are cobwebs, not ghosts.


Ah, Later Blog =/

Posted by Grant-Sud , Dec 25 2011 · 295 views

Had fun posting whatever. Hope you had fun commenting. lol


Not Back Home Yet, However

Posted by Grant-Sud , Dec 24 2011 · 226 views
Gundam 00
Finished Gundam 00 and it was AWESOME! Can't wait to see the movie.


The Battle Of New Year's Eve

Posted by Grant-Sud , in Short Stories Dec 21 2011 · 347 views

On new year's eve I'm working from 2 in the afternoon till 2 in the morning. I've seen the reservation list and I can't tell you how excited I am. At work it's our biggest day of the year. Bring it on, hungry party I-wanna-get-drunk people. >=D

Also working on a new story, yes I know you all are so excited for that. lol


Posted Image

Name: Grant-Sud

Blog: Unsorted Letters

Interests: Music, Video Games, Books, Writing, Swimming, Basket Ball, Bionicle, Lego, Religion

Artists: 3 Doors Down, The Beatles, Black Crowes, Billy Joel, Cage the Elephant, CCR, Eagles, Elvis Presley, Eric Hutchinson, Fleetwood Mac, Green Day, Guns N Roses, James Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Ray Charles, Rush, Santana, Steve Miller Band, Sting and the Police, Tom Petty, U2, Van Halen

Welcome! Just going to be writing down entries that interest me and hopefully you as well. I'm fond of reviewing whatever, writing short stories and posting the random event. Enjoy! ^^