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  1. What the... Oh i'm awake!

  2. I guess it's been a long time. I'm not around, but I do miss you all and hope you're doing well!

  3. I miss you bud! D=

    1. Grant-Sud


      Thanks man, appreciate it ^_^ Inactive right now, but hope you're doing well!

  4. "I got a little black book with my poems in em." it's a fantastic album and deserves as many posts as possible!
  5. Man GSR... you are hands down the best author on BZP. All of your stories are so touching like this. Great job, really brought back a lot of nostalgia.
  6. "We meet again, Christina."

  7. Anna is the best!

  8. I felt like number 3 had the best descriptions, pretty sure this was Velox's story but can't remember... either way great job man!
  9. I was on your blog and started reading through your music... At first, I'm like, "Okay... don't know... don't know them either..." you know besides the Beatles and stuff, I'm more into the classic rock group, you know? But then, DUDE, I was like, "Wait, what's that second to last one?" I read Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts, and was all, YEAAAAAH!

    1. Little Miss Krahka

      Little Miss Krahka

      Good, so my music is obscure enough to maintain my hipster cred! And YES YOKO KANNO YES

    2. Papa Vinc

      Papa Vinc

      Who's more obscure: Yoko Kanno or The Pillows?

  10. The thing is, Video Games can be just as terrible as movies and books in the violence area. It's up to each individual person to decide if they want to play something like that. If you feel like a violent game will effect you, or it makes you nervous or you feel like your conscious bothers you by playing those games, then by all means you shouldn't play something like that, and it's understandable. And while violence in video games as you mentioned can have weighty decisions behind them, making the player think and bring important parts to the story, there are equally, video games that feature senseless violence and extreme gore, that CAN effect people. Regardless of whether it's fiction or not, some people can be effected by such things, which is why a lot of people are worried about kids playing them. It's not like people just suddenly decided to attack video games and place all the blame on them for violence in the world, and if they do, that's pretty unjustified. But it is safe to say, that just like violent books or movies, these kind of things can effect the people reading and watching them... But it's a torn issue and I'm kind of on both sides.
  11. Name: Grant-Sud Theme: Glass Word Count: 750!! Title: Hard to Break "It's easy to break a promise..." "No come on, I did my best to get the cup for you and I di-" "You were in the restaurant! How could you forget?" "I didn't! Hear what I'm trying to say. I got a whole story for you." "…spill!” *** He sighed, taking another swig of his pint of Guinness. They were in an Irish Pub, a special Irish Pub, that Alex and Mitch had decided to stop at. Alex lowered the drink to the bar. Out of all the places he'd visited while in the Big Apple, the Empire State Building, China Town, Times Square, and wherever else Mitch wanted to take him, this bar was high on the priority list. However, as he stared down at his buffalo chicken pizza, which was nasty with all the added blue cheese and celery in it, he hung his head. "We look like a gay couple, wearing matching plaid shirts..." "Hmm," Mitch correctly responded. His friend gave him a side glance. "I don't care what other people think..." "Harder to pick up girls if we're giving the wrong impression." "Let's just get the cup and leave..." Mitch said in his easy voice. He had a casual demeanor. "...it's been ten minutes. Go find the guy." Alex ran his hand through his hair. They'd been here for an hour now. The meal had been okay, but nowhere near the great pizza that New York usually offered. But the service... had been horrible. "This cup, does your sister care about it that much?" Alex looked at his unfinished beer. "She doesn't get to come with me on these trips anymore. She's got too much work to do, responsibility, the kids." He paused, lost in thought for a moment. "…And so the last time she was here, years back, she talked about how she wanted the glass pint. These glasses in our hands that say, "I'm gonna make it, anywhere". But we never got it." Mitch lightly laughed, with a rare smile on his face. "Bah... I just love her, you know?" Alex felt a firm grip on his shoulder. "Yeah, I know." Mitch looked him in the eye, and nodded. They both smiled in their plaid shirts, thinking it’d been a good day to wear them. *** "Eventually our server came by, and when we told him about the glass, he told us that because he ruined my pizza by adding all the extra toppings, that we could just walk out with the glass when he wasn't looking..." He hadn't told her all the details about their trip at the bar, or at least not the parts that were mentioned about her. "You can't do that..." "Well that's what I told him! I'm like ... 'So you mean steal it.' and Mitch is just staring at the guy like he's an idiot... So we told the manager about how terrible the guy's service was... guess what happened?" "He gave you the glass?" "Yeah. But first he fired the server. Told us he had gotten a lot of complaints and was giving his friends free food. Anyway, we got your cup... well...” *** The breaking of glass hit the cement floor of the subway station. Just for a second, the people rushing by all stopped and took one moment out of their busy lives to see what had broken. The two young men just stood there in disbelief. "I... I …" Alex fumed. Mitch reached down and started picking up the main piece with the handle. It was ultimately unusable. A middle aged woman, who stood near Alex, muttered a sorry before continuing on her way. "She bumped into me." "It's alright, pal. Come on..." "She's gonna hate this." "Nah." "It's not worth giving it to her now." Alex held half the glass in his hand. "Yeah it is." "Can't drink from it, just half a mug of glass... part of the quote's missing too." He said, dishearteningly. "Yeah. But give it to her... alright?" His friend took the glass from Alex's hand, and inspected it. "I think what’s left is good enough." *** "'Gonna make it,'" she read aloud. A small smile crept on her face as she looked at the glass that was taken from her brother's bag. She pulled her hair back and let out a choked laugh. She did like it. And somehow it was just what she wanted. "Thanks..." she whispered under her breath, as she moved forward and hugged him.
  12. "I'm so surprised you want to dance with me now." - Pink Rabbits, The National (

  13. Gosh dangit Katie if you ever have an issue you like that you need to understand that our friendship is high enough in levels that I will delete anything you accidentally half post and would be more than happy too! *drowns in sorrow because I have no cookies with me at the moment*

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Grant-Sud


      Woah. I didn't get the concept there for a minute, but after studying that picture for a while I realized the subtle hints of friendship laced throughout it. Yes, it's all coming to me, I literally feel as though "friendship" is being spelled out to me all across the image. It's just ... a feeling, I can't explain why but something just screams, FRIENDSHIP, on those cookies!! =O


      Anyway, I'm glad we've settled this matter and the bumpy road ha...

    3. Grant-Sud


      has become smooth! =D

    4. Ezorov


      Hahaha, you, sir, are brilliant! I was afraid at first that you wouldn't be able to grasp such a complicated idea, but I was indeed proven wrong! Silly me for ever thinking otherwise... x3

  14. Yay, Cave Story!

    1. Grant-Sud


      Cave Story is wonderful ^^

  15. Thank you. THANK YOU. THAAAANK YOU. Finally, someone who gets it. JV, totally, 100% agree with you on almost everything. You've written a great review here, but thank you for getting that this movie fell short on a LOT of things. It's just a good action movie, period. It doesn't really get who Superman is, and falls short on ALL of his relationships and WHY he wants to be who he is. We've had talks before, I'm a Batman fan first, but I had HIGH hopes for Superman because I respect and appreciate what he represents and what he stands for. But this movie just didn't do it for me at all. Everyone I know has been saying this is a great film, and I just can't see why. It's just a CGI action movie featuring a guy who looks like Superman. >=/ (I will admit, I thought the actors weren't bad and the action was fun. Story, character development and ...even fresh action scenes, all were lame.)
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