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  1. In the post, they note that was influenced by LEGO's insistence that the weapons used by the Toa Mata were not weapons, but tools. This being the case despite their obviously weapon-like appearance! And consequently, the action scenes in that game are generally set up so that no one does obviously lethal damage to each other. This is fascinating, and a really great example of a top-down philosophy of play in application, from conception to consumer. Especially the word choice of having tools, not weapons, putting agency and responsibility with the person wielding it. That LEGO and its partners can weave these lessons into their product and the marketing/lore that goes with it is really uplifting to me, for some reason. Like, the world they made is one I'd trust to give to my kids someday, if I may be sentimental. But some of my early literacy and language development textbooks have definitely referenced LEGO and creative play for social learning and problem-solving skill development. I think the responsibility/agency message goes along really well with the 'chipping away at the good/evil dichotomy' you highlighted. It can help learn early on that "I did a good/bad thing", without falling into the trap of "that makes me a good/bad person". They did a good job there.
  2. Hi! I enjoyed the read much more than I thought I would, just having not been as on-board with the Bara Magna storyline and serials back when they came out. But I think you portrayed Pohatu and Kopaka very well, and their familiarity and relational dynamic drew the story along. I'm curious if Marendar would have eventually decided the whole Matoran species should be eliminated, since Turaga and Matoran have trace amounts of Toa energy, and Matoran have that potential to transform. My favorite part was how Pohatu pieced together his theory for the ultimate solution - very well put together. Now, perhaps I've been conditioned too much by the "if you don't see a body, they're not dead" trope in TV shows and stuff, but I also found the "maybe he made it through" mindset compelling. I guess you wrote this a while ago, but I hope it did well in the contest it was originally written for!
  3. Ga-Metru's symbol always reminded me of what I pictured Fountains of Wisdom to look like, maybe the three dots representing the three virtues. You know how fountains typically spray up and then umbrella out? So you can kind of see that in the contour of the design. For Ta-Metru, I agree, I could picture it being the Great Furnace, but also when I first saw it as a kid, it reminded me of the head of a wrench (facing downward) a bit, so I always associated it with a mask-making tool? Haha, and Po-Metru is anyone's guess, I agree. Maybe it's meant to be a common layout of assembler's villages or sculpture fields? I agree with your other three interpretations, especially the Onu-Metru one, which I hadn't thought of before. Cool ideas!
  4. I kind of like the idea of the Rahkshi staffs having accents that go along with their Kraata's color scheme (BS01 list), although that's purely personal conjecture. Harking back to your question, there's also some info on the Rahkshi BS01 page (my go-to in lieu of Greg, tbh) about how certain types of Rahkshi don't necessarily need staffs to use their powers, such as heat vision or heat/cold resistance, although staffs increase the power level in general. That said, it makes sense to me that a Heat Vision Rahkshi's staff would be less ornate than a Guurahk's, based on utility. This makes the most sense to me, if we're trying to make this fit into the canon.
  5. https://biosector01.com/wiki/The_Rebuilding I think you answered your own question. This page on BS01 states that Matoran have the ability to rebuild parts of themselves. I think it's totally canonically plausible that Nuparu, because he is a very talented engineer, can modify his extremities for things like piloting a Boxor, then modify himself back again pretty easily. I'd say you don't need an 'official expansion of the lore' for his character to make this work in your head because 'the official lore' kind of already covers this. We just have to take it and run with it as the fans.
  6. If I can throw in my 2¢, (and this is may be outside the scope of the current discussion) I know a fatigue I've personally had in the entertainment realm has been 'nobody's making anything original anymore. It's all just reboots and spinoffs*'. Specifically, I'm thinking of Disney and their live-action remakes. However, Batman and Sherlock Holmes are also up there. Maybe Spider-man, but I'm very biased in his favor. Anyways. I understand there's a 'whole new generation' to be captured, but the only headlines I really see about the remakes are how they're a flop and a money-grab. I know I felt that way when G2 came out, and cynical old me would definitely be pessimistic and probably embarrassed if a G3 tried to start up. *Slight counterpiont - certain spin-offs, though, are definitely worthwhile, but they're the ones that kind of add depth to characters and canon (examples that jump to mind are Falcon & Winter Soldier and The Mandalorian). At one point, I was on-board with the Bionicle spin-off series (the serials), but the whole multi-verse dimension hopping was just not appealing. Again, I'd have preferred depth of breadth.
  7. I also agree, and I do find this to be a refreshing post here. Like, if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it until it is. Let a good thing be, so we can experience our nostalgia in peace, without various reboot attempts to inevitably disappoint us for one reason or another ( like either by ending again or it doesn't live up to overinflated expectation, etc).
  8. Ooh, I enjoy this question, and as amusing as a Toa high school would be (and what, a Matoran kindergarten?), the concept doesn't jive with the overall feel of what Bionicle is in my head. Anyways, my headcanon was always that there were multiple Toa fortresses, similar to the one where that Makoki stone was kept, and they were the hub for Toa from a region to go and train, that's how they heard about and were assigned to teams to handle larger threats from time to time, and how they were organized in times of war. They could receive mentoring from another Toa with a same or similar element, study things like Kanohi and Elemental theory, history of the MU, tactics and strategy, etc. Nothing formal with curriculum or assignments, but definitely a dissemination of knowledge and resources.
  9. Yes, I am the same way. When bored, I occasionally think about trying the Journey to One on Netflix, but I always say 'meh' and find something else to do. Best of luck with your storyline, I always enjoy well thought-out G1 expansions. That's one thing I enjoy - how much creative fuel G1 gave us to keep going, even approaching 2022. I'll keep an eye out, and go check out your Vakama model in the meantime
  10. This is definitely an alternate timeline I'd follow. I get the impression Vakama's character is criticized often for the flip-flopping between sides (which is fair), so I like that your premise here has more drastic actions and living out the consequences, both the survivors/victims and the antagonizer. I'm sure awakened Teridax and disgraced Vakama would have an interesting dynamic as rulers. I'd be curious to see your Vakama model for the timeline. If I knew more about sets and 3D modeling, I'd also try and complement more competently in that arena, but they look great. I've not followed every one of your topics here (apologies), so maybe you've stated this elsewhere, but is it kind of like a revamp of G1 with G2 elements mixed in? The masks especially remind me of G2.
  11. From 'Aderyn', a name that means 'bird', because flying would be super cool. I think my very first username was Rusty Red Raptor because I was going through a phoenix phase from reading Harry Potter at the time (also it was a more androgynous username, which seemed advantageous), so the bird motif carried over.
  12. Sounds cooler. Marketing and whatnot. Alternatively - Lance is the weapon's given name, as opposed to Phil or Derek? But same reasoning, it has a nice ring to it.
  13. Actually, this reminds me of that interesting thing where the Turaga of Metru Nui can create more Matoran using machinery in Metru Nui somewhere. Maybe the Turaga has a 'Matoran Blueprint'? Which doesn't answer the question at hand, but I'd guess if you found mint Matoran anywhere, it would definitely have been there.
  14. The Great Beings based Matoran off of Agori, for one. If memory serves, Av-Matoran were the first type of Matoran created, so perhaps the Karda Nui Matoran would be what you're looking for? But then BS01 says that the following Matoran created after the Av-Matoran were smaller in stature. So, the Metru Nui Matoran, pre-Cataclysm would be a good bet, I think.
  15. Aren't you the BZPower member who posted that topic asking why some Bionicle fans are toxic? And here you are trying to call out a collaborative creative work in our library for not being 'trendy' enough? In a topic that the author created specifically to get help for the problem you yourself decided to point out? He posted this trying to accommodate your grievance, and was kind enough to not mention you by username, even though you posted directly in the story topic, which isn't allowed? I can't tell if you're joking, because internet, but like, wasn't Bionicle discontinued twice because it wasn't 'trendy'? Yours seems like a null criticism, at that point. As someone who's spent a lot of time in the BZP library, I'll pass you this advice - if you don't like it, don't read it.
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