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  1. Hahaha, unfortunately I have a deep hatred of having anything sticky on my hands, including icing. I've been missing out on the biomechanical experience this whole time! 😱
  2. Yeah, I'm sorry - I thought they changed at some point so any member could start a blog, but maybe I'm mis-remembering! Thank you for the clarification! Maybe that's why I was confused!
  3. Hmm, my mistake. There may be a waiting period for newer members or some other guardrail. I'll see if I can find the revised criteria for creating a blog.
  4. I am not, and never will be ashamed of the cake puns in this blog entry title. Anyways, it's been fun to look at milestones from the past 5-6 years of my baked goods journey. Please enjoy (vicariously) snapshots of gloopy sadness and glutenous glow-ups. My ego insists that I tell you about my natural dis-inclination toward exact measurements and the science-y part of baking (which is why I historically have had more success with cooking). But sharing sweet food with friends and family over the years has been a good motivator to improve, and there's nothing like a sporadic BZP blog post to share the progress 2018, for a sibling's birthday. This was back when I didn't know (or care) about pan sizes or icing consistency. My mindset was "It's sugar, flour, and more sugar. How bad can it be?" To be fair, it (probably) tasted good. I'm pretty sure we ate all of it, eventually. 😅 2019, for the same sibling's birthday. I had the vision, obviously not the execution. To be fair, it was a very hot summer that year, and I think this was my first attempt at homemade icing? But, yeah. ooof. To be fair! It was eaten and did not go to waste! 2020, this sibling is very spoiled, and finally had a cake from big sister that stood up on its own!! Progress never tasted so good! (probably, I don't actually remember at this point what flavor this was) 2021, Valentine's brownie/cake. This is when I decided to care about form factor and presentation more. Boxed brownie mix and store-bought icing all around - two modern marvels that I will never cease to love. 2022! This is the year I stepped it up because suddenly there were in-laws to impress! Lemon raspberry cake, got my whole baking pan situation sorted and took homemade icing seriously. I've found the YouTube channels Binging with Babish and Preppy Kitchen to be the most helpful (educational, practical, and instructional), and you can probably tell! But also, I found that I had more free time on the weekends with a job change. Moving from a physical warehouse job to a sedentary office job during this year was interesting - when I had a physical job, my hobbies outside of work were much more internal and sedentary. I got a lot of reading and writing done in these time period. When I changed to an office/teaching job, my hobbies almost immediately changed back to tactile and physical (knitting, cooking, baking, hiking). Funny how balance just kind of happens sometimes. Pies, scones, muffins, cupcakes, and a few other desserts were also explored in this year. In a slightly broader scope, we also tried some fun international dishes at home, like pupusas, baozi, and spring rolls! 2023 cakes, and many other baking ventures happened this past year. Here are some of the highlights. It also helps that I changed jobs and had an office to share these baked goods with (as opposed to the old warehouse gig). Apple Butter Maple cakes, from Preppy Kitchen. I actually broke a crock pot trying to make apple butter from scratch for the filling 😱 The small cake on the right is gluten and dairy free, and underneath the passable icing, was a DISASTER. Still learning the intricacies of the GF/DF world for the sister-in-law. Thankfully there are many box mix options now!! Pink brownie cakes for niece's birthday. Had some fun with icing piping bags and nozzles, but have yet to actually get into decorating (may not actually happen. There's still that primal battle between "make it look nice" vs "it's all going to the same place", so there's a limit to my dithering. Christmas Babkas! Technically not cakes, but after many attempts at sourdough that were meh at best, babka sounded like sufficient, sweet, and swirly compromise for a dough-based challenge. 2024 has yet to see large-scale baking productions - just some congratulatory oreo cupcakes to welcome a new nephew, and a batch of Hong Kong egg tarts that were a funky texture 😝. Anyways, that's a slice of my life recently (wink!) and I'm always excited to hear suggestions, tips, or other tales!
  5. Yes, to this point, you might want to consider starting a blog here on BZP for things like pringle vlogs and so on. I've found it nice to use my bzp blog as a place to collect and post non-Bionicle thoughts and musings for the community to interact with. They're a nice platform for getting to know community members and their own interests and hobbies. Sure, the blogs are a bit "out of the way" and don't show up on the bzp home page, but there is slightly more consistent interaction I've seen on users blogs. Be sure to read up on the rules, [ link here ]and I recommend browsing some of the more active blogs to get a lay of the land before starting your own.
  6. Cool to hear more about peoples' creativity and intellect As for me, I was recently introduced to Baldur's Gate 3, and because I have very little ability to self-moderate when it comes to video games, have just completed my 4th play through. I think I'm done for a while now 😅 Besides that, I enjoy: Trying out new recipes (I've found Binging with Babish on YT to be great fun) My kitten plays fetch! We try to do that for a stretch every day! I do enjoy reading, and after I finish the Ender's Game saga, I really want to tackle more of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere universe. Dabble in knitting, comes and goes in waves. Simple but functional things like sweaters, hats, a few scarves, and fingerless gloves, maybe mittens. I have no patience for knitting individual fingers. Enjoy board games and card games, although most of the game time has recently been taken up by DnD campaigns with friends/family, which is also fun and very immersive.
  7. Aww, look at that sweet lil smile - what a handsome pup. Now, I don't consider myself a coffee aficionado - perhaps a begrudging semi-dependent. My palate isn't sharp enough to really get into deep and/or subtle flavors and variations. A few factoids I've gleaned over the years that I've found interesting: 1. Light roast has more caffeine than dark roasts. 2. You might enjoy different brewing methods, depending on how much you want to get into the process. Some of my friends really enjoy pour-over coffee, AeroPress, french press, among other methods. I do have a few who like to buy and roast and grind their own coffee beans, and one who has some coffee plant seedlings that she's growing. It can be a very involved hobby! 3. If you eventually find yourself nauseous after drinking coffee, there are low-acidic versions on the market, and I found that helped me. 4. Instant coffee is fun to use as watercolor for art, and useful in a pinch for all-nighters, but beyond that, consume at your own risk. 5. Adding cardamom apparently reduces or negates the caffeine's effect if you want some coffee before bed. 6. Adding a dash of salt negates the bitterness - I've tried this one. It's ...weird? Maybe I added too much salt 😂 Have fun on this new venture!
  8. This is amazingly cool! As others have said, logical, comprehensive, and practical. I definitely remember trying to learn this as a kid, and putting a little circle around each letter was so tedious! I like how your system makes the circles essential based on the position of certain markings within the circle. In my head, it also seems like a writing system very compatible with how I very vaguely imagine biomechanical beings to process written language - I'm thinking like how you fill in the A B C D bubbles on standardized tests to be scanned quickly by a machine. Great work!
  9. Right and wrong according to a community's rules and guidelines is one thing. Sure, you can go back and forth about what you did or didn't do in regards to those rules. But right and wrong are completely different when it comes to interpersonal interactions and personal boundaries. I understand that those sets of interpersonal rules may seem arbitrary, subjective, and changeable, but that doesn't make them optional. And as it seems you've found out, you've discovered just how non-optional those are. As a predictive warning, I also suspect that if you keep dragging this conflict out and trying to drag more people into it, you soon won't be welcome in this community either. Tread more carefully moving forward.
  10. Certainly a hot take you have here - I've always thought of the raffles as a way to give back a bit to the LEGO fans throughout the years. I think the reward for being active on BZP is a sense of community - you get out of it what you put in. Sure, it's declined over the years, but that's to be expected with the cancellations and time. I agree with Nato that a "post quota" would not incentivize any meaningful activity.
  11. Aww, thanks you guys It's always nice to know a story draws in readers. I had fun writing this one, I'm glad you enjoyed the read!
  12. From what I understand, Matoran and the other biomechanical races in the Matoran Universe can live/function easily for tens of thousands of years, possibly hundreds of thousands but I'm a bit fuzzy on the details. Kinda crazy to think about, but I always reasoned that if you're more than half mechanical, maybe that helps make monotony over the eons more palatable.
  13. Oooh, I don't think I ever played that one, I couldn't figure out how to get it to run. Maybe I'll have to give it a try one of these days. I remember The Son of the Toa was a fun fangame back in the day - there are probably a bunch of other good ones in the archive as well - thanks!
  14. Mm! I see. My bad, I think I did link to an older topic, and here's a more recent post. I also think the creator, @Toatapio Nuva is still somewhat active on this site, and I remember him being very receptive and responsive when I belatedly DM'd him about the game back when I first played it. Hope this helps!
  15. Hi - sorry in advance that this is only peripherally relevant to your original question, since I haven't played the GBA adaptation. I do remember quite liking that book though. I'm assuming you've read Voyage of Fear, then? Because a year or so ago, I came across a video game adaptation of that book on this site, played it, and loved it. I remember it being kind of short (probably about the same play time as it would take the read the book itself? maybe a bit longer), but I really enjoyed it! It was fast-paced and followed the plot of the source material well, and did a good job (re-)creating the sense of urgency for the characters as I remember them fleeing through the tunnels in the original book. The good news is that here's a link to the game/topic, if you're interested.
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