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kaput goes computer

Posted by Finch , Oct 18 2017 · 65 views

so my laptop went kaput

good news is i got a new laptop. which isn't a garbage one from 2013. hallelujah.



Posted by Finch , Oct 07 2017 · 78 views

So, Made in Abyss ended and I didn't actually make an entry about the finale. It was...very good. Just like the entire series, really. Gonna spoil it a bit but...


All in all, it was a fantastic series. Some pacing felt off here and there, but it ended on a solid note. And now I'm sad, 'cause I don't have more to watch. Maybe we'll get a second season...

Oh well. There's always tomorrow. I still have Xenoblade 2 to look forwards to.


it's the most wonderful time of the year

Posted by Finch , Oct 02 2017 · 72 views

it's halloween, everyone.

ready your bones for the skeleton wars.


The Underground River

Posted by Finch , Sep 27 2017 · 59 views

i usually don't watch seasonal anime, outside of jojo and such when they air.

but now i'm watching Made in Abyss and oh man it's probably like...my second-favorite anime ever now. Gurren Lagann is the only thing above it. Made in Abyss is basically everything i like in a setting and story. exploring a strange setting that only gets stranger the further you go. actual danger for the characters. a beautiful soundtrack and world design. fantasy, but not the generic medieval fantasy - it's got steampunk influences, but it's not entirely steampunk. a very cute fuzzy animal girl i want to hug.

oh it also gets very uncomfortable to watch. in a good way, i guess. it's very rare for media to make me physically wince when something happens to a character, but MiA does that and does it well. episode 10 has one of the most viscerally painful scenes i have seen in an anime so far. and after reading the manga, i know what'll happen in the finale...and it's gonna be even worse.

go watch it. if you don't plan on watching it, at least listen to some of the gorgeous background music.

(also bondrewd is a horrible, horrible man and stole shou tucker's #1 dad trophy. well. in the manga at least. we won't see bondrewd be a dad in the anime...)


guess who's back

Posted by Finch , Sep 20 2017 · 109 views

it's your girl

the one that screams about xb2 nonstop and little else. and the only reason i'm back is to scream about xb2 and play games. did you guys know i'm excited for xenoblade 2? i don't think you guys knew. i preordered the special edition already and there is no way xb2 will disappoint me.

xbx didn't disappoint me when it disappointed a lot of fans of the original. it'd be a horrifying miracle if monolith somehow makes xb2 a bad game, considering i've loved nearly everything shown so far.


granted i just don't like pyra's outfit or rex's pants and that's it.

anyways yeah hi i'm here i'm still a girl and you can't stop me.

Obligatory game trailer

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