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So, Made in Abyss ended and I didn't actually make an entry about the finale. It was...very good. Just like the entire series, really. Gonna spoil it a bit but...



The final scene of the anime - the balloon rising up from the depths all the way to the surface, passing by all the challenges Riko and Reg managed to pass...it was a beautiful scene. Especially with the music on top of it. That track has to be one of my favorites from the OST.


Also Nanachi's flashback was heartwrenching and painful to watch in the best way. While I don't think Mitty's transformation was handled quite as well as Riko's arm breaking, it was still a viscerally unpleasant scene. So that was nailed down pat. The scenes after it, though, made it even worse. Mitty crawling out with her half-destroyed body was hideously grotesque, far worse than in the manga...so, uh, good job guys. I didn't know you could make that scene more unpleasant to look at but you did.



All in all, it was a fantastic series. Some pacing felt off here and there, but it ended on a solid note. And now I'm sad, 'cause I don't have more to watch. Maybe we'll get a second season...


Oh well. There's always tomorrow. I still have Xenoblade 2 to look forwards to.


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:kaukau: "I love ya, tomorrow!  It's only a day away!"


Also, sadly, I don't really watch anime, so I've never heard of this.  Out of curiosity, are products labeled "Made in Abyss" typically cheaper or of higher quality relative to American-made products?  Because I only want the best of the best.



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