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Random Thoughts of an RP'er


So Long and Thanks for All the...

Posted by Let's Henshin! , in Life Jul 27 2013 · 254 views
End, Last
So I suppose this marks the end of my Premier Perks and the end of this blog. Its been fun, and the moment I can spend money on the internet I'm definitely buying Lifetime PM, cause I mean honestly, if there's one place on the internet I feel deserves my money, it's here. BZPower has helped me grow a lot, both as a writer and a person. 
For now so long, and thanks for all the fishmemories!


VGHS Season 2

Posted by Let's Henshin! , Jul 26 2013 · 380 views
VGHS, Burnie, Joel, RoosterTeeth and 1 more...
First episode was awesome in it's own right, but those Cameos man.
Burnie Burns and Joel was awesome enough but then you get Stan Lee. Seriously that's so many levels of awesome all in addition to Freddie W.


Youtube Mix

Posted by Let's Henshin! , in Life Jul 26 2013 · 139 views
Youtube, Life, Music, Vocaloid
So now that I can actually talk about this I can rant/ask about one thing that's been bugging me.
What happened to my Youtube Mix? Did anyone else rely on that feature as heavily as I did? It was how I listened to all my music and found new ones, just picked a song I liked and bam an entire playlist filled with songs like it. Now though, I haven't been able to find it.
Help please, anyone know what happened?



Posted by Let's Henshin! , Jul 25 2013 · 160 views
Youtube huh, took long enough. Now I can link my OSTs and the like. 
Speaking of which: 

My reactions to this development are also at the end of that video.


This Definitely Deserves an Entry

Posted by Let's Henshin! , in Life Jul 25 2013 · 290 views
Birthday, Sister
It's my little sister's birthday today. I'd be a terrible brother if I didn't make an entry about it. 
Happy Birthday [NameRedacted]! Wish you the best!


Kurozuma Wataru

Posted by Let's Henshin! , in Anime Jul 24 2013 · 504 views
Anime, Railgun, Awesome
 "When it comes to milk, its gotta be Musashino Milk"
Seriously, this guy is awesome and you know it. I need more than just two episodes of him.

Anyhow, I really felt the need to make an entry dedicated to his awesomeness, I'm enjoying Railgun a lot so far. Now if you'll excuse me I've more episodes to watch.


Epilogue and Words of Thanks

Posted by Let's Henshin! , in RPG Jul 24 2013 · 180 views
OTC, Epilogue, RPG, Thanks
So Epilogue is up and I'd just like to post a few words of thanks. First off a big thanks to the Judges and Makaru, without their approval Epilogue wouldn't be up. I'd also like to thank the many people who helped me out with this, including: Silvan Haven, Humva, Lord of Adder's Black, BenLuke, Hubert, Xomeron, and a plethora of other people I'm now doubt forgetting considering the hour and I feel really bad for that.
Finally, I'd like to thank all those people who joined Epilogue during its first day, the warm welcome is a lot more than I expected and for that I really have to say thanks.
My dad always says you can never say thanks enough so, thanks guys for just being so plain awesome. Here's to hoping Epilogue has a successful run and that you guys enjoy playing it.
Once again, thanks a ton. 


Secondhand Lions

Posted by Let's Henshin! , in Life Jul 23 2013 · 278 views
Movies, Awesome, Hub, Garth, Walt
So I just watched that movie and loved it. Wished I could've heard Hub's speech though.
It was rather interesting watching the Deleted Scenes and seeing the alternate take they seemed to be going for originally, ultimately though, I loved the way they did cut it. 



Posted by Let's Henshin! , in RPG Jul 22 2013 · 613 views
OTC, RPG, Epilogue
I've set up this Entry to act as a sort of Discussion Topic for Epilogue for until it gets approved.
Here you can ask questions about the game, leave profiles for me to approve, or just discuss aspects of the game. 
So yeah, have at it I guess, of course I'm not sure if really sure if anyone is even going to use this. 


A Certain Despicable Pacific Rim

Posted by Let's Henshin! , in Life, Anime Jul 21 2013 · 388 views
Anime, Railgun, Movies and 2 more...
So I watched a decent amount of stuff today.
First off I started A Certain Scientific Railgun, I really enjoyed Index so I'm hoping Railgun lives up to that reputation. It's been varying from decent to good so far, so a promising start I guess?
I also watched Despicable Me 2, it was good, I suppose. Much more comedy based than the first one though, hence I do like the first one better. My sister really enjoyed it though.
Oh yeah and I watched that Pacific Rim thing. I have but two comments to make.
First Rocket Punch! 


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