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Preparing A Collection of Sorts

Let's Henshin!


For a long time I've had this collection of Army Men in a bucket just sitting there, with me doing next to nothing with them since I was about 8, and I've had these guys for even longer than that. Recently I decided I'd take to organizing, so for about 2 hours I finally organized them all so that I had an idea of how many I had.


Soon I'll be buying more, and displaying the ones I have in some sort of scene, I'll post of picture of that later.


Without further ado here are the pictures.


As a whole.


First Rows.


Second Rows.


Third Rows.


Fourth Rows.




Total Figs: 150

Army-Men: 142

Others: 8

Native Americans: 6

Cowboys: 18

Soldiers: 118

Green Soldiers: 3

Big Green: 1

Dark Green: 47

Tan: 16

Light Tan: 18

Blueish Green: 16

Light Blueish Green: 17

Number of Unique Molds(Excluding Non-Soldiers): 19

Total Hours Project Has Taken so Far: 3


Recommended Comments

You have an army!

Hahaha That's sort of the point. :P Now to just set them up in an interesting scene. There go another two hours of my life.


Now the real question is, do you have a Hulk. :P

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That's a lot of dudes you have there. :P


Yup, and soon there shall be more, I found a bucket that has 120 soldiers, trenches, a fort, tanks, helicopters, planes, and it's all pretty cheap as well.

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