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Portrait of a Plumber

Posted by Obsessionist , Jun 18 2014 · 246 views

Music VGM Mario Super Mario 64 OCRemix
So OCRemix just released a really cool album you should all download.  It's even better than the trailer makes it sound.  It was released yesterday and I've already listened to Peach's House Party far too many times.

Also, Link and Ganondorf were featured on the front page, which is pretty neat!  If you haven't, you can still check out the topic here.

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Darkness Turducken
Jun 18 2014 12:46 PM

Silly Obsessionist, that video is about Mario, not Zelda.  =P


I like OCremix.  Been a while since I listened to the songs, though.  Flute Boy's song from A Link to the Past is always overlooked.  I am so glad OCremix did it because it's my absolute favorite Zelda song.

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