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Things to Read before I die...

Posted by SwagtronYOLO , Oct 04 2012 · 928 views

life is short unless it is long

I am clearly not immortal (well, I know I shall live on forever through the hearts of ALL OF YOU because I have been infecting my blog entries with heart parasites that- you know, that's not important), so I figured I should start writing down a bunch of books that I'm interested in reading and then expand the list over time.

In short, this entry is mainly for my self-benefit, so KEEP OFF MY LAWN!!! (Triple exclamations of DOOOOM! I like adding DOOOOM! to things. Gives it a nice air). That is, unless of course you have any suggestions.

-The Count of Monte Cristo - I've heard about this one here and there, but I only just recently found out about the plot. Revenge, romance, drama! Sounds like an excellent read (plus the anime is a bit out there at some points, plus I hear the novel is in chronological order)

-Murder on the Orient Express - Sounds like a good read. Okay, so I have this weird love of murder mysteries... I have an even higher love of mysteries on trains or one that involves trains of some kind. It's one of the reasons I love a certain episode of a certain cartoon series that may or may not have pony protagonists of which PinkiePie is best pony and any other argument is invalid because she defies the very laws of reality.

-Others in the Diane Fallon mystery series by Diane Connor. I've read Dead Secret and it was a nice read (especially for a mystery genre book). The ending was utterly chilling...

-The works of Edgar Allen Poe - I really haven't read much of these... Gothic literature always does sound very interesting to me. I have read the works of The Raven, The Pit and the Pendulum, The House of Usher, etc, though it has been a while since I've read his works.

-The Complete Works of Hans Christian Andersen - Seriously, I love this author. His stories are some of the most beautiful pieces of literature that I have ever read (and I actually do own this book, so it'll probably be higher up on my priority reading). Some of my favorites include The Little Mermaid (and the original is amazingly better than the animated movie), In 1000 Years, and The Pearl of Sorrow.

-Webster's Dictionary - this is mainly just because I'd like to expand my vocabulary a bit without coming off too pretentious and boastful. Plus it's highly interesting at times to look up new words. Though, Scrabble dictionaries would probably be a better start (because those things have some pretty funny words in there). This is more of a whim than anything, though and would be very low on my priority list (sorry technicalities that could help me trip up the grammar police, but stories are by far more interesting).

Adding to the list:

-Bartleby the Scrivener,Unlighted Lamps and other stories of Sherlock Holmes. I have been inclined to read them for a while, but the movies kinda killed that for me. Anyway, I would love to read these as they've inspired many works of mystery and I generally hear a good reputation for these works (understatement of the year).

-The Jungle Book - I've actually never read this one, though I have heard a bit about the characters over time. It does sound like an interesting read.

-I, Robot - I haven't been much of a sci-fi fan (though I do enjoy the genre from time to time). Still, couldn't hurt to broaden a few horizons.

-Through the Looking Glass - Never read it as a kid, though I do have the book from childhood.

-Treasure Island - Again, considered a classic or whatnot. Never read it. Have a copy. Also the Muppet Version was not to my liking no matter how much my ever so kind brothers tried to argue that I was wrong and that my taste in movies is bad and that I should feel bad. XP

So, any suggestions, Billy?

... No?



~Tekulo <3

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Oct 04 2012 09:11 PM
House of Usher is really good. Have you read all of the Sherlock Holmes books/short stories? We have the complete collection in my school library, so I've been reading that whenever I have Study Hall. Good stuff.
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Oct 04 2012 09:32 PM
You know, you'd think I'd really be into Sherlock Holmes more, but after a few disappointing movies and the fact Akano is a nutcase on the subject (I can't AGREE with my siblings about stuff! I'm the younger one!), I actually think I'll shy away from those books for a bit. Though, I do plan on reading the series at some point.
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Oct 04 2012 11:23 PM
Dissapointing movies wat

Game of Shadows was so-so(especially that mind-screw of an ending), but the first movie was EXCELLENT.

While we're on the general topic of short stories, Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville(yes, THAT Herman Melville) and Unlighted Lamps by Sherwood are both really good.
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Oct 05 2012 09:36 AM
The Jungle Book and the second Jungle Book.

Also I, Robot.
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Oct 05 2012 11:22 AM
You know, maybe it's because I saw the movies first with no prior knowledge to the Sherlock stories, but... I kinda hated them. XD (Especially the actress that played Irene Alder. She did a terrible job for her character's archetype, I thought. Too sweet, like the smell of a rose. Not enough toxic thorns. Ironic that a poison got the better of her, though. Maybe if she just had a bit more venom coursing through her veins... I digress -I LOVE that type of character; sweet on the outside, yet diabolical, calculating and venomous on the inside. I was disappoint-).

Still, I think the movies just didn't do the story proper justice for a first-time viewer. I think I would probably have appreciated them a lot more if I'd read a few stories beforehand. I was judging the movie by how the actors and director chose to do things (which I had loads of issues with) rather than the overall story (which I general found a bit confusing in the first movie).

Let's just say I'll be shying away from the franchise for now, but I could see myself reading short stories and maybe even the first book in the series in the near future.

@Lego Obsessionist: The Jungle Book, eh? Hmm... I think I actually do have a copy of that lying around somewhere.
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The trick to bucket reading lists is that you need to pick the longest books available. If you can't die until you read them, it'll extend your lifespan by hundreds of pages. (Trust me; I got an A in biology class.)

but the movies kinda killed that for me

Why should a work in a totally different medium, only tangentially related to the source material (if I know which movies you're talking about), and generally subject to the whims of other artists have any bearing on what you read?

Also, this looks more like a summer reading list, so, here, have a dump of important books--the final bosses of the literary world:

-The literary corpus of Vladimir Nabokov
-Finnegans Wake
-The Tanakh (cover to cover)
-The Talmud (a.k.a. Shas--cover to cover)
-The Bible (cover to cover)
-al-Quran (cover to cover)
-The Sound and the Fury
-The Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals
-Anna Karenina
-The Iliad and The Odyssey
-Godel, Escher, Bach
-Candide, or Optimism
-Encyclopedia, or a Systematic Dictionary of the Sciences, Arts, and Crafts
-The Stranger
-Gravity's Rainbow
-The Constitution of your home country
-One new bill introduced to your legislature every year

Oh, also, don't read Webster's dictionary. Go for something better, like the Oxford unabridged dictionary.

Eh... that's a start--in total you have probably enough for several years by now. I'll probably dump a few more when I can dredge up my own to-read list.
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Oct 05 2012 06:16 PM

That's quite the list there.

Well, first, let's go with my answer to the Sherlock thingy: I'm just kinda... sick of the subject. Similar as to how the first ten minutes of the first Twilight movie, along with reading a few exerts from one of the books, killed that franchise for me as well as vampire themed stories for a little while.

I don't mean I will never read the books because of the movie, but there are plenty of other works of literature I'm interested in, so I figured I'd put that particular series to the side for a bit.

Also, the fact that there's a family member of mine interested in the books, my younger sibling instincts are telling me there's going to be some smug "I told you it was good" vibes coming my way and I don't think my poor, innocent inner child could survive that again. Trust me; I've lived the role of a younger sibling. XP

Also, I don't want a really long life. Medium is fine by me. ^^ But this is getting off topic.

Anyway, I'll have to look into some of the ones you mentioned as I have no clue what a few of them are or have little knowledge on the subject.

Though, I have read exerts of Beowulf, but you're right; reading the full story would be quite the experience. ^^
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