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The Rings Of Akhaten

Posted by Zeene , in Televisionary Apr 07 2013 · 125 views

Doctor Who Oswald For The Win
Another Saturday has passed, and with another Saturday, comes another episode of Doctor Who.
+10 Cookies to you if you could pronounce this episode's title. nom nom nom
Also, leaves are now the official initiator of ships.
Especially ones which produce impossible-yet-extremely-awesome babbies.

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Colette Llyan
Apr 07 2013 02:41 PM
Ack-Hah-Ten. Or, alternatively, Ack-a-Ten

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Ack-Hah-Ten. Or, alternatively, Ack-a-Ten



*reluctantly hands you the cookies*

Someday there will be an episode about Cthulhu. Someday.......


Back on-topic, I didn't really like the way this episode ended. I mean, yeah, that leaf was important, sure, but the moment and the leaf's importance just weren't build up very well.

I suppose that's what you get when you have just 45 minutes for an entire episode, which was the reason the 2-parters were always really enjoyable. Until they stopped making them.

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Colette Llyan
Apr 07 2013 04:11 PM
I figured the leaf would have some importance, since it was shown in the preview image rather prominently. =P

What I'm confused about is the whole thing with the Doctor's memories; did it just not take them, or what?
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What I'm confused about is the whole thing with the Doctor's memories; did it just not take them, or what?

Hmm, yeah, the other objects it consumed indeed vanished completely, but the Doctor still retained all of his memories.
This might be a similar case as Clara's "un-downloading" from the previous episode though, with his memories not being fully absorbed yet before Mr. Hey-I'm-a-God-and-oh-did-I-mention-ludicrously-massive-parasitic-planets implodified due to memory-induced overload.
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Colette Llyan
Apr 07 2013 09:29 PM
That's a good possibility... And it would also reinforce my current theory... It's been mentioned how eerily similar this is to the Great Intelligence's ploy from the last two episodes... But, let's take a step back, the last two times we saw said being, it was in the form of a Snow globe and a computer.

Who's to say that it didn't take the form of a giant planet at first? Perhaps THAT is why it's slowly turning against the Doctor more and more?
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Everyone seems to be missing the big white elephant in the room: they left a solar system without a star to orbit around or to heat things up.


Millions will die because of them


All in all I really didn't like this episode. Implausible even beyond doctor who logic, bad buildup, senseless plot devices, and a really awesome planet-demon that did absolutely nothing.

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