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Oh My - January Haul

Posted by Ektris , in Reading, Video Games, Collecting Jan 31 2015 · 763 views

Bionicle Transformers Nintendo Star Wars Kamen Rider
Yeah... I spent a lot...

Posted Image
Posted Image

  • S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Duke Lemon Energy Arms
  • Figma Kirito
  • BIONICLE Tahu - Master of Fire
  • Nintendo Amiibo Diddy Kong
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Alpha Bravo
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Firefly
  • Transformers Masterpiece Ultra Magnus
  • Transformers Generations Skrapnel & Reflector
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Silverbolt
  • Star Wars: The Lando Calrissian Adventures
  • Star Wars: The Han Solo Adventures
  • BIONICLE Onua - Master of Earth
  • BIONICLE Protector of Earth
  • Transformers Generations Cosmos & Payload
  • Nintendo Amiibo Samus
  • Nintendo Amiibo Yoshi
  • Nintendo Amiibo Peach
  • Nintendo Amiibo Kirby
  • Transformers Generations Brainstorm
  • Figma Saber 2.0
  • BIONICLE Pohatu - Master of Stone
  • BIONICLE Gali - Master of Water
  • Transformers Generations Chromia
  • S.H. Figuarts Luigi
  • S.H. Figuarts Super Mario Diorama Playset C
  • Nintendo Amiibo Bowser
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Bombshell
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Dragstrip
  • Transformers Combiner Wars Skydive
  • Nintendo Amiibo Donkey Kong
So much came out this month that I had my eyes on. Wow. And circumstances had me able to get a lot of it right away that I probably would have waited for honestly.

Transformers: Combiner Wars, man. So freaking awesome. And except for Powerglide, I got all I want from the first wave already! Thank you, for once, HasbroToyShop. I also snagged Chromia and Brainstorm from there, since they were completely skipped over (as the last wave of 2014) by stores here. And cemented my interesting in Masterpiece, we also have Ultra Magnus. This guy is huge and incredible and I love him.

I finally got hardcore into Amiibo... Yeahhh... I really hate Nintendo for how they're handling these. Pretty much going to preorder from overseas starting with wave 4 just to make sure I actually get everything. But hey, some of these are pretty darn cool - like Bowser. That guy has some nice heft to him and the detail and paint work is incredible. By far my favorite so far.

Duke and Kirito actually arrived at the end of December, but, well, I wasn't here to pick them up, so here they are now. Kirito looks great, but man is getting his swords into his hands just an absolute pain in the butt. Duke is yet another addition to my growing cast of Gaim and... eh yeah, wasn't too excited for him, but I do love his yellow lemony self in hand. Saber 2.0 finally also saw release after a couple delays and while I haven't messed with her too much yet, she's also a fine addition and Archer won't look so odd on the shelf by himself anymore heh. Luigi is... eh. What I expected based on Mario and looks good, but definitely not the best that Figuarts has to offer. Oh, and I picked up some more Star Wars books to add to the backlog while looking for calendars. I hate seeing that Legends banner. Hate it so much. But dang, those are some nice new covers they made for them!

What's left... Hmm... I don't...

Oh yeah! BIONICLE, baby! I meant to go slow with them, since they should last until the summer wave, but just a few weeks after their release and I already have 5/13. Oops? Ah well, when LEGO offers you free shipping, why not take advantage of it haha. It feels so great to have new BIONICLE sets in hand and all of the ones I have really impress me. Can't wait to finish off the wave, but that'll probably take some time.

I also did buy a pair of bookshelves and finished putting them together yesterday. About half of the rearranging is done now. So some time in early February will be a new collection update.


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A Forgotten Soul
Jan 31 2015 03:12 PM

That serious has to be more than a $200 there. I wish I had that amount.

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I've heard some horror stories about Kirito's swords. Fragile figma accessories are the worst...

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That serious has to be more than a $200 there. I wish I had that amount.


That's about how much just Magnus was, so...

I've heard some horror stories about Kirito's swords. Fragile figma accessories are the worst...

Yeah his blue one (can't remember the name right now) is about ready to snap at the hilt I think. :( It bent at it while trying to get it in. I really need to get some super glue and hope a tiny dab will sure it up some.

Or just never remove it ever again I suppose...
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That Bowser amiibo though

I'm jealous

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Seriously, reading these I wonder whether you'll run out of money...or apartment space ...in short order. 

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Oh I know I've let myself go a bit overboard since moving and starting work. (And get mad at myself for it too...) If I didn't have that disposable income though, there's no way I'd be doing this.

Apartment space, on the other hand...
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A Forgotten Soul
Jan 31 2015 11:53 PM

Just by a storage space. You'll be able to place your stuff there and have space in your apartment

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That worries me just a touch. Living by yourself tends to bring yourself out - show all of your qualities off in an even deeper light. Even the ones you don't like. I lived by myself for a year, and I went from weird to weirder. Like really weirder. All these preferences I didn't know existed slowly appeared. It was crazy.


I know that this will sound cliche, but you could do with forgiving yourself and calming down. You like collecting things. I can totally tell from yonder blog. And living by yourself, there's no one else to comment on your collecting habit, so you do more of it. It makes sense.

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