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Caffeine and Existentialism


Name Olympics - Day 2

Posted by Eyru , Oct 28 2014 · 177 views
name olympics
The votes are coming in, and it's been decided! The six names (chosen randomly) eliminated yesterday are:

Everything is Awesome
V1P2 is the Best
Uryie-buryie the Kazuryie
"Ey, Ru!"
Upper-Left Kidney
Not actually a llama

Which leaves the remaining 18:

Tyler Is Love - 1
Tyler is Life - 1
Comfy Cushion Seat - 1
Philbert The Great - 0
Biebendum - 1
Rotten Banana - 1
I'm an Ostrich - 1
OMG bonkle's back!!1! - 0
This is a llama - 0
Yet to Reach 20k - 0
20k is Far Away - 0
Hamazing Ham Sandwich - 2
The Rather Dull Alpaca - 0
Stop Poutine - 2
And Then Depression Set In - 1
Changer of Names - 0
Hot Leaf Juice - 1
The Best Name Ever - 0

* * *

You have 24 hours. And go!


Name Olympics: Day 1

Posted by Eyru , Oct 27 2014 · 161 views
name olympics
Aaaaand we're back, ladies and gentlemen, for the biggest event of the year!

(not really)

Below are the 24 dazzling (some more than others) contenders for my next screen name! Every day, the bottom six names will be eliminated, and those remaining will be re-posted so you can all vote again. By the end of the week, only one name will be left standing!

Without further ado:

Tyler Is Love
Tyler is Life
Everything is Awesome
Comfy Cushion Seat
Upper-Left Kidney
Philbert The Great
"Ey, Ru!"
Rotten Banana
I'm an Ostrich
OMG bonkle's back!!1!
Uryie-buryie the Kazuryie
This is a llama
Not actually a llama
Yet to Reach 20k
20k is Far Away
Hamazing Ham Sandwich
The Rather Dull Alpaca
Stop Poutine
And Then Depression Set In
Changer of Names
Hot Leaf Juice
V1P2 is the Best
The Best Name Ever

* * *

You may only vote once, so make it count. May the best name win!



Posted by Eyru , Oct 25 2014 · 249 views
name olympics
Some of you youngsters might not remember the good old days when I held a name change contest every month and a half, but all y'all vets will remember just fine, I'm sure. Such were the days of names like "kjanfijfaoisfjasfiseyruado," "Nukaya is Awesome," and "Delicious Chocolate Milk."

Well, guess what? We're back!

That's right: you lucky kids will get the honour and joy of watching me parade a silly name -that one of you submitted!- around BZPower until December. All you've gotta do is post your suggestions in this blog entry, and I'll run up a couple polls for everyone to vote on them.

Rules? Yeah, there're a couple:

1) Two names per member (I learned this the hard way back when Sumiki submitted a twelve-name-long list. Not this time, bud).

2) All names must be BZP-friendly.

3) Don't submit a name I've already had. That's boring. Come on, kids, be creative!

You've got until Sunday, October 26th to submit your names, and the polls will start running the following week. May the odds be ever in your favour!


you are not clever because you know two words in italian

Posted by Eyru , Sep 16 2014 · 261 views
coffee, starbucks, barista and 1 more...
So I was at Starbucks the other night, buying a bag of coffee beans.

There’s a line, but it’s only three people long, so I’m like “no big deal” and wait with my coffee. It quickly becomes obvious that these three people ahead of me are friends and hanging out at Starbucks. The first two order their drinks loudly, but they’re pretty ordinary. Then the third guy steps up to the plate.


and on and on and on he goes, with this little smirk, and the poor kid at the till tries to interrupt with “well you see our venti has twenty ounces” but this potato is having none of it. Keeps yelling about how smart he is, finally orders his drink, then goes and laughs with his friends about how stupid Starbucks is (of course with lots of needless swearing mixed in for some reason like dude you’re in public).

Finally I get to buy my coffee and the poor kid is so rattled he asks me twice if I’m buying the coffee so I make sure to leave a tip and then I leave but man I just wanted to slug that fetid excuse for a carbon-based biped across his big mouth.
Moral of the story: you are never as funny as you think you are.

Second moral: don't make me say it again please.

Third moral: no.
thank u for listening bzp



Posted by Eyru , Jul 12 2014 · 122 views

Tohu spinny. That means I've officially spent way too much time on this site.

(woo woo ten years)



Posted by Eyru , Jul 03 2014 · 253 views
Bionicle (stylized as BIONICLE) was a line of contraction toys created by the Lego Group marketed primarily for 5-to-16-year-olds. Originally a sub-theme of Lego's Technic series, the line was initially launched in early 2001 in Europe andAustralia and the following summer in North America and over the following decade became one of the Lego Groups's biggest-selling properties. The theme's concept is based on two earlier Lego themes that featured characters based onclassical elements and incorporated a similar building system. In 2009, The Lego Group closed down the production of future Bionicle sets due to a lack of new sales in the product, and in the wake of theme's cancellation "replaced" Bionicle with Hero Factory; a new contraction series that carries Bionicle's legacy and features a similar building system.


That's My Secret: I'm Always Angry

Posted by Eyru , Jun 24 2014 · 217 views
Do you ever have one of those days where something really just gets up in your face and grinds your gears? Uhh, bad wording: I bet you're all picturing that Peter Griffin meme that pops up every few weeks on Facebook like a pimple on my news feed. I'll try again: you ever have one of those days where something rubs you the wrong way and you just about burst like a broken fire hydrant?

Yeah, me too.

(I usually do better with the metaphors, jsyk)

Those who know me are aware that I don't get angry easily. Contrary to popular belief, it's not because I'm on a perpetual high of maple syrup, or because I've been conditioned to be polite since the age of five, just like every other Canadian child (we've also been conditioned to guard the 49th parallel with our lives, but that's a story for another day). It's been a long, difficult process learning to control my temper, but it's part of becoming an adult. You learn to control your emotions: you rein in your outrage when The Hobbit Part 2 ends with Smaug flying out over Long Lake, and you hide your tears when you watch the finale of How I Met Your Mother (at least until you're alone in bed and nobody can hear your desperate sobs).

But when I do get angry? Oh boy - you better go call that fire-breathing dragon back, because he's got nothing on the heat I'll be giving.

Again, it's rare that I really let loose. I played in a road-hockey tournament over the weekend, and you ain't heard nothing till you've heard the chirping that goes on between young people pumped on adrenaline and Gatorade with two minutes left in the last period and the score's tied at 5 and elbows are flying and sticks are everywhere and woo hockey yes yes yes GO TEAM. But I didn't get angry then. I was sweating and bleeding and bruised from head to toe, but not angry. It's a game, even when someone cross-checks you into the boards so hard it feels like your spine is coming out through your chest.

Injustice, on the other hand, isn't a game. There isn't anything that gets me going quite like injustice. I can get so intense that I scare myself sometimes. But I'm okay with that.

It took me awhile to be okay with that, to be honest. Like I said, all Canadians are conditioned to be polite, so breaking the mould meant rewiring my own brain in ways that would make any psychologist proud. I thought getting angry was bad, and calling out people was the ultimate in flagrant disrespect, worthy of the highest punishment (which I've always considered to be watching M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. Haven't seen it? Don't).

Thing is, there are some things worth getting steamed about. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating irrational anger that blows up unpredictably, hurting random people and making a mess, but I am making a case for rational indignation that lights up when someone needs to know that what they're doing is wrong. Anger doesn't have to lead to hate if you don't let it (but I'll still argue that hate leads to suffering, and no amount of cookies is worth that, you crazy Sith).

I'll cut my wandering monologue short by summing up my thoughts as best I can (but it's past midnight, so it might not be as succinct as I'm hoping): if you see someone doing something you know is wrong, something that negatively affects another person or group of people, get angry. If you see someone perpetuating injustice, get angry. If you hear someone perpetuating injustice, get angry. These are things worth getting up in arms about, so don't let anyone tell you to simmer down or stop freaking out. The only thing that needs to stop is injustice, and the only way it's going to stop is if we call it out.

It can be scary, letting people know what you think. It can feel awkward. Believe me, I know. But justice is worth standing up for. It's bigger than manners; it's bigger than you or me.

So make a scene. Get angry. Because what we choose to stand up for shows what we value the most.



you so vain, you prob'ly think that this entry's about you

Posted by Eyru , May 21 2014 · 280 views

don't you?


New Job

Posted by Eyru , May 02 2014 · 154 views

Started a paid internship yesterday.
Summer's gonna be fun~
also started xenoblade chronicles and stopped sleeping wbu


The Gender Ratio

Posted by Eyru , Apr 18 2014 · 414 views
If you agree with this, go read this post.
If you don't agree with this, then good job! Go read this post instead.
If you're confused, go read this post.
If none of the above apply to you, then this post is the one for you.

À Propos De Moi

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