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Ambitious Plan: Buying Nightwing... on the cheap! Also maybe Red Hood.

Posted by Swert , Jan 24 2013 · 1,223 views

So, in 2006, I was very poor. This is to expected, I was still in high school. I couldn't afford to buy the good sets like (at the time) the popular Batman line sets. What did I miss out on, one might wonder. Well, the biggie I have is Nightwing the figure. He was only available in the Arkham Asylum set, #7785. He is probably one of the rarest figures I have ever laid eyes on in that particular series. I'd put him rarer than some of the others, especially since he was not re-released in the Batman II/DC Comics series.

Now, my goal is simple. I must obtain my own Nightwing figure. TO VARIOUS ONLINE STORES!

Oh wait... he's like averaging $40-$70 USD. Huh.

Okay, so I'll bypass it... I'll just buy the torso, use black legs I have, get the head and hair...

What do you mean the hairpiece is $10-$33?! THE HEAD'S HOW MUCH AND SOLD FROM WHERE?! AND THE TORSO-

Okay, forget this. So, as I no doubt have said in the past, I work in a LEGO art studio. Okay, so no problem, check our stock in the back... Oh hey, like 10-12 Nightwing torsos! Epic. Grabbed legs too so I didn't need to dig any out.

So now it's on to the head and hair... Oh wait, we have the hair. Sweet. Wait, it's the only one in the shop. Not so sweet. Okay, so leave that. I can find a better one for him later I suppose. Yeah, long hair in black, found that already pretty cheap (didn't buy yet.) So that leaves my head, right? Still expensive and only sold in two stores I found. So, I'm going to forego accuracy and go with a newer Robin head, which uses a similar mask but not the same. I'm fine with this. Also LEGO recently released 3 stud lightsaber blade (bar) elements in trans light blue, so I'd switch to those instead for accuracy to the set.

Okay, so now I have that all done, right? Nope, cause I'm too broke to buy it still. Go figure. Anyway, the long story short, I have a Nightwing torso and legs. That's pretty much it.

As for Red Hood, I decided to not make him using a Deadpool head, I'm going to be painting or affixing something to another red head to make him, I think. Or something. That way I can have both fight it out in an epic layout eventually.

Sorry for the long blog rant, but I figure SOMEONE is bound to read it. TL;DR: I'm a geek.

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Lego art studio?

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Lego art studio?
City Blocks, Tacoma's LEGO Art Center. It's in Tacoma, WA. I'm the Shop Foreman and one of the designers.
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I have the Nightwing minifig. In a box. Got him with the set he came in while it was 50% off. :)

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You realise the day you complete your Nightwing figure is the day that images leak of a new $10 set containing a new, better Nightwing minifig? It's bound to happen.


I really want Nightwing, but I'm going to wait and see if they make a new one. We need a new Killer Croc, too. And if they use a Chima crocodile head for that minifig it'll be the dumbest thing ever.

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Yes I realize that might happen, but I'm going for a custom design anyway, so I won't be saddened by it.

... Except if they design it to match what I make :\
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We also have extra Nightwing hair from Exo-Force. That we might consider parting with if you come over to the East Coast to get it. :P

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Again, I decided to do different hair anyway, to both match the comics more, and to be more original in my approach. I'm not a fan of wild hair Dick Grayson, I'd rather make long hair or swooshed hair Dick Grayson.
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