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Dr. Evo's Miracle Diet



Posted by Nathan Evo , Oct 09 2014 · 326 views

and of COURSE my favorite Toa is the one whose name they screw up


Bionicle 2015

Posted by Nathan Evo , Aug 01 2014 · 1,032 views


Posted Image


new life goal

Posted by Nathan Evo , Jul 27 2014 · 582 views

Posted Image

i WANT one of these

particularly the onua one



Posted by Nathan Evo , Jul 25 2014 · 505 views

well ask me whatever

although I can't guarantee I'll answer any questions about dreaming of farm animals



Posted by Nathan Evo , Jul 02 2014 · 961 views

Honestly I was kinda torn about writing this because obviously I'm going to be shot down, but I really want to get this off my chest.

I don't WANT Bionicle to return.

I know, it's likely not going to get the most positive feedback on a bonkles forum, but everything about this just feels... wrong.

First off, if this happens, I shudder at the thought of the reactions. Primarily those of the bring-back-bonkles crowd- the whiniest, most obnoxious part of the fandom, now celebrating and dancing on Hero Factory's grave because they "won" by throwing temper tantrums over a toy line ending and LEGO took notice. I doubt that was the case. Besides, what are they going to do once New Bonkles ends?

And then there's Hero Factory. I'm not calling it flawless- it was pretty far from that. Unresolved cliffhangers, a highly groanworthy TV program (honestly, can we even call it a show?), and, of course, the now-infamous Nathan Evo scene where he almost killed a bunch of babies just because one member of their species happened to be a criminal.

That being said, Invasion from Below is possibly the worst place for the series to end- with an ending slopped together in the last twelve hours of production featuring the complete genocide of a species and yet another unresolved cliffhanger. I have to admit this doesn't really have much to do with bonkles, but if we could see at least one more Hero Factory wave that somewhat resembled an ending before bonkles' triumphant return or whatever the next constraction line is comes out, that'd be a lot better than what we have now. Unfortunately, given LEGO's track record, I sincerely doubt that'll happen.

And lastly, possibly the biggest reason I don't want bonkles returning is because if it returns, it'll be, well, bonkles. Getting anything resembling 2001-2004 or any other period when bonkles was great is highly unlikely, and we'll likely get something more like the ending years of bonkles when the storyline was extra convoluted and Farshtey favoritism ran rampant. I don't know- the story serials were my least favorite part of bonkles.

However, I will admit this: I will gladly accept bonkles' return if these conditions are followed:

1. The Toa Mata/Nuva return, and resemble the Toa Mata/Nuva
2. The storyline gives us some look at the story through the Matoran's point of view and doesn't portray them as worthless objects the Toa need to defend (assuming New Bonkles has Toa and Matoran)
3. The Piraka return, because from any perspective, ironic or otherwise, they were a lot better than that big gold thing from the serials

(addendum, actually, I'll just lock this entry because I don't feel like dealing with fallout. if a staff member informs me that for some reason this entry needs to be removed, I will gladly do so. otherwise, I'm sticking with my thoughts here)


month of chima

Posted by Nathan Evo , Apr 01 2014 · 368 views

I'm disappointed. I thought the box would contain an unconscious Rick Astley, whom, upon awakening, would be forced to perform Never Gonna Give You Up for Six's amusement.


Top Ten Best Minifigs of All Time

Posted by Nathan Evo , Feb 15 2014 · 605 views

Posted Image

2. Shaquille O'Neal

Posted Image

That's it, there's no 3-10; everyone go home now



Posted by Nathan Evo , Feb 03 2014 · 593 views
the sports
That certainly was some sports, wasn't it? Oh, yes. That was most certainly some sports. I can say, without a doubt, that was definitely the sports.



Posted by Nathan Evo , Jan 09 2014 · 521 views

If I bring this series to BZP would anyone care

Posted Image


the pekomans

Posted by Nathan Evo , Nov 17 2013 · 311 views

I'm pretty sure the main reason why I had so much fun with Pokémon Y is because I named my team after the Piraka.

First, we take on the Pokémon League... then we kidnap the All-American Rejects!

Still a pretty fun game. I'd probably play it again... and also probably name my team after the Piraka again.

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