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Make Me A Hero! -voting Round 1

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hey it's felix


Welcome, one and all, to Piece Out MOC Contest #1 - Make Me a Hero!
This contest was held on another site, and all 7 MOCs here were made by different people.
The object of the contest was to use the Hero Factory 2010 torso piece.
This round of voting will start as of now, and end Saturday, 5th February at 5:00PM WST. The top MOCs from each poll will proceed into the finals.
Please vote for one MOC from each poll that you think is best.

Poll 1:
Jack Justice

Poll 2:
Dunkan Bulk (Assassin Armour)
Chaos Antroz

Poll 3:
AAAT - All Adjustable Assault Trooper

As a side note, I will accept votes from those on the other site who do not have a BZPower account. Do not be alarmed if the figures suddenly go up without reason :)

The prize is yet to be decided.

Good luck to all contestants!
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Recommended Comments

Poll 1: Versarak.

Poll 2: Chaos Antroz.

Poll 3: This was the hardest to chose. I'd say AAAT.


Good luck to everyone! You're all great MOCists.

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I wish I could've entered ;_; too bad I'm not on that site :P


1: Veserak

IMO Both are around the same quality but Veserak has less gaps then Justice.


2:Duncan Bulk

Both again are around the same quality, but chaos antroz seems a little akward in its build :/


3: Silex

As good as the AAAT was it's shaping was akward, and the torso should be taller. Whereas Silex is beautiful IMO <3 Silex is less complex, but its color blocking and sleekness is hypnotizing @_@


Lord Oblivion

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