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    I'm a Lego fan, of course. Especially Bionicle. I spent years collecting tons of sets I now mostly use for MOCing.

    I also like drawing (I want to become a comic artist and novel author in the future), nature, astronomy, science, computers, Doctor Who, photography, and friends.

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  1. Entry name: Onihr Entry pic: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=5763353]here[/url] Entry topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=8672]here[/url] Good luck everyone!
  2. Hey everyone! I'm posting my entry for BBC #64. Not hoping to win, but entering is fun. Other pic Back Torso For more pics look on Brickshelf or MOCpages (coming soon). The name is, of course, rhino spelled backwards. Because this is a mighty rhino warrior with a might mace and a Chi heart. C&C welcomed. Good look to everyone!
  3. Chapter 12: Fight of the Century   Me: So, what's up since last time? It's been months and months that I haven't had the time to update my comedy. Many things happened since, readers. Narrator: Let's make a brief return in the past: "Core Hunter: Knocks Merry, removes his core and goes out. Radiak: Oh, good job. Nuparu: Now that is a critical situation. Me: I know someone who could help us. Nuparu: Who? Me: Dunkan Bulk." Me: We set on a quest to catch Bulk and make him fight Core Hunter. And yes, it wasn't easy. ------ Part 1: How To Catch A Werewolf Deep in the forest around the City... Me: Oheeeeeey, Buuuuulk! Are ya still here? Bulk: Yeah. I'm right in front of you. Me: Oh right. Bulk: So, what are you here for? Me: We need your help. Bulk: Nah. Me: Please. Bulk: Nah. Me: Okay, Nuparu. Plan A has failed, let's try plan B. Nuparu: Knocks Bulk. Ehlekdude: Unglues Bulk from the floor. Me: Carry it, now. We're heading to my laboratory. Nuparu: I hate carrying everyone and everything. I ain't a donkey. Me: Now you are. Nuparu: Grrrrmbll. Nevertheless in the jungle of Bota Magna... Krakua: Now I'm far away from those Rahkshi. Turakh: Really? Krakua: Aaah! Turakh: Surrender or die, Toa. Krakua: Never, ever. Turakh: So you chose to die. That's okay for me. Krakua: Anyway what would've you done of me if I'd surrender? Turakh: That's a good question. Hmm... Let me think... Krakua: Think forever, dumby. I've bought a private airplane. *takes his phone out of his pocket and call his airplane* Airplane: Lands. Turakh: What? Krakua: Goodbye! *goes in the plane* Airplane: Takes off. Turakh: Noooo!!! Who will I kill now? Back to the City... Nuparu: Sooo, Bulk should come out of my machine in approximatively five seconds. Radiak: Bet he does for 10 $? Nuparu: Yup. One... two.. three... four... five... Come on! Radiak: Six... Bulk: Comes out of the machine. Radiak: You lost your bet! Gimme the money! Nuparu: Grrmbll. *hands 10 $ to Radiak* Bulk: Strange, I don't feel evil anymore. Me: Look at your armour! You're bulkier than ever and ready to fight, Hero! Bulk: I feel like... a Hero again! Yay! Me: Welcome back, Bulk. Bulk: Let's catch this villain! At Kopaka's house... Kopaka: Wait, how can you overpower me with a freezing gun? I am the master of ice! *frees himself* Pohatu: Come on icy, there's work for me and you. Kopaka: What happened? Pohatu: Vezon kidnapped Tahu. Kopaka: And you didn't stop him? Pohatu: I was sleeping. He left a note with the location he went to. Kopaka: He's even more stupid than you. Let's go! Pohatu: And if it was a trap? Kopaka: Who cares. Pohatu: At least let's call Onua. He's good at freeinng people from traps. Kopaka: Be quick. Pohatu (phoning): Hey Onua! Onua: Hey Pohatu! Pohatu: How are you? Onua: Good, and you? Pohatu: Good. How did you find that dinner to Gali's last evening? Onua: Very good. Loved the roasted Kranas. Pohatu: Personally I think that rock cake was awesome. Onua: Yup. What about... Kopaka: WHAT ARE YOU DOING ROCKY??? Pohatu: Oooh, right. I called you for something, Onua. Come with us. We have to track down Tahu. Onua: Okay, okay. Kopaka: Hmpff. ------- Part 2: There And Back Again Me: The problem is, where is Core Hunter gone? Bulk: Where he can find Heroes to disable. Me: I bet he already disabled all the city. Narrator: Nex is lying on the other side of the street, without core, a bag of crisps still in his hand. Nuparu: Oh, didn't I tell you? I threw a spider on him to locate him with my phone. Me: Great! Wait, a spider? Nuparu: A fake one. Me: Like Spiderman? Nuparu: Pretty much. *takes his phone and looks at it* Ooh, he's heading to a planet named Mechna! Ehlekdude: Allons-y! Me: You watched too much Doctor Who, Ehlekdude. Let's go! At Vezon's house... Kopaka: We know you're here, Vezon! Open the door or I'll smash it! Vezon: Never! I'm not here! Kopaka: But you're talking. Vezon: Oops. Kopaka: smash opens the door. Tahu (tied on a chair): Aah, Kopaka! Free me and I'll let you be the leader for one month! Kopaka: Okay. *freezes Vezon* Onua: Frees Tahu. Pohatu: Hmm, seems like there was no trap after all. KA-BOOM!!! (Just so you know, a bomb exploded in the house as soon as Pohatu said this) Narrator: We'll leave a bit of suspense and focus on our quest. Me: We're heading to Mechna, which is far away. Hopefully I always have a free spaceship when I need to travel around. Ehlekdude: Hope you're a better pilot than Onua. Me: Sure. The ship crashes on Mechna. Me: Well, I'm not so sure now. Ehlekdude: At least we survived. Nuparu: He's in Makuro's factory! Just there! Bulk: Come out, Core Hunter! *smash opens the door* XT4 Robots: Attack Bulk. Core Hunter: Hahaha. Those drones are my slaves. You fell in a trap, Bulk. And your core is gonna be a part of my personnal museum. Bulk: Never, ever! *shoots a XT4* XT4: Kss, kss! We-are-te-rri-ble-ene-mies-and-sp-eak-li-ke-stu-pid-ro-bots-be-cau-se-it-is-fu-nny. Ehlekdude: Glues XT4. Nuparu: Knocks a XT4 with his shield. Radiak: Stabs a XT4 with his sword. Me: Your XT4 are defeated, Core Hunter! Now surrender! Core Hunter: Never, ever! Bulk: Stop stealing my catchphrase. Core Hunter: Knocks out Bulk and prepares to disable him. Ehlekdude: Glues Core Hunter. Bulk: Hits Core Hunter. Core Hunter: Aaargh! Bulk: This is the strength of my iron fist. Nuparu: Takes the bag with the cores. Me: Let's go out now. They go out. Core Hunter: I will return! Bulk: Fires on the factory and destroys it. Radiak: So, goodbye, Core Hunter. The factory collapses on Core Hunter. Me: Mission succeeded! Ehlekdude: Thanks to me. Nuparu: What about my spider? Me: Who cares. Let's go back to Spherus Magna. The ship takes off. Nobody noticed it, but a XT4 took place in it and is hiding in a dark corner, waiting the right moment to strike... Narrator: Goodbye, readers! Next time: Will the XT4 kill everyone? What happened to Kopaka, Tahu, Onua and Pohatu? Where are Rocka, Weathy and Kirop gone? What is Pridak planning? And where is Krakua going? Word Count: 1059  
  4. Merry Christmas everyone! :D

  5. Hi again, I'm going to show you my best attempt at TransforMOCs ever. Watching Transformer movies helped me a lot to make some decent transforming robot. This one was made for the sixth BCBS challenge on MOCpages, a Halloween-themed contest. I wanted to build a skeleton or pumpkin man, and I thought of a TransforMOC, and I mixed all three ideas, which explains the color scheme and the transforming ability of my entry.Car formNormal formBack viewBackstory: There was a man, a mad scientist, who worked on mutagens. In the night of Halloween, dressed up as a Skeleton, he was driving his car with a bottle of mutagen in his bag. He accidentaly crashed on a wall and broke the bottle. Instead of dying, he fused with his car and his clothes. When becoming biomechanical, he felt most of his internal organs were missing, giving him a hollow feeling. So he called himself "Dr Holloween" and disappeared in the night for new adventures.Thoughts welcomed.
  6. Best: Probably Mata Nui who finally kills Makuta.Worst: So much of these. Telluris' stupid death, Carapar's stupid death, Makuta's stupid death, Alternate Tuyet's stupid death, Takanuva locking the Creature out of the Silver City believing it was evil and getting locked out by the Kestora...
  7. This is amazing. You managed to make all parts of the MOC look good, even the minimal amount of keetorange, while it might need more, it still looks good. The damaged Ignika is fantastic. The waist, torso and overall build are good, I like how you incorporated the heartlight, and the eye colour is perfect.
  8. I love how they look. They're pretty simple, yet amazing, and bright-coloured. The silver masks and flame pieces are a great addition.
  9. Ah, I remember this one. I even voted for it in the 4th BCBS challenge. I like it very much, especially that gun. It's a good concept and a well-made Matoran, just needs to be a little filled in around the waist, but that's just me. Can't wait to see the improved hand and feet designs!
  10. Nice MOC overall. I like the whiteness and body design. This torso is good, it'd just need to be a little longer and bulkier. The arms are well made, they're just too long, maybe try metru legs pieces instead of inika ones. The legs certainly need some customisation. Overall this is very reminiscent of Matoro Mahri as everyone said, but pretty cool.
  11. Oh lol this is awesome. Never thought of a such idea, and it works! Great use of System pieces, for that belt and control panel on the chest and the lightsaber. I love the cape, it's blocky but cool, never thought of a making a cape out of liftarms. The face is great and funny. Good use of Kraahkan's for the feet. Overall it looks blocky, but it's a creative and awesome MOC. Good luck!
  12. Hmm yes you're right about the purple sockets. I just wanted some purple in this area. If only Lego had released dark purple ones... The torso is pretty awkward because it was hard to build. Thanks for the advices!
  13. Time to post another recent MOC. My first ever DC MOC. I wasn't satisfied of the Joker's random green-white-orange-gunmetal-purple-neon green color scheme so I decided to revamp him, making him only purple and green (with some black, which I tried to avoid at best) and keeping white as his skin. I gave him a more classic gun and a scythe because I thought it'd look good with him.Front viewSide viewBack view (kinda hollow, I know)C&C welcomed.
  14. @Ehlekdude: Thanks!@Fsnorglepuff: Thanks for trying to improve this MOC! I admit the legs aren't as well done as the rest of the MOC. I think you're right about the heels. Not sure about the liftarm, though. And I wanted the tubes to be noticed.Red was supposed to be present only in the blade, otherwise it would've become a tertiary color, which I wanted to avoid. The frost gun was also supposed to be transparent, because it had to look like clear, frozen water- ice, in simple words. But yeah I think some opaque thing in the centre of the gun (like the opaque lime in the clear Meltdown tubes) would've been great.Finally, I must admit that I don't care if I use only 1 or 2 System pieces in a Bionicle MOC, as long as they look good. That's why I used them- they looked good and they were practically my only trans-clear pieces. You may be right, though, but it's a matter of opinions.Anyway, thanks for liking it! I'll keep these advices in mind, and I might make a second version someday..
  15. Good job, Xin! I love the color scheme and head design, and the dragon wings fit this guy perfectly. I just think you could add a little more keetorange on the front upper neck. Now post it to Piece Out!
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