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The Gay Topic

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As many of you know, there are homosexual banners going round at the moment. And a lot of you people have a problem with it. But some people stood up for them...


These people are a little thing called 'open minded'. D'you know why? Because gayness isn't wrong. I'm a bisexual, and I'm proud of it. Yeah, I've had boyfriends, and they were all awesome people!


It's a natural thing for God's sake! Those intensely religous people are condemning a group of people for being themselves! Now, I don't often get angry over the internet, because it is pointless; but when so many people are against a part of me for no real reason, I just feel so much rage at them. Can you blame me for that? No.


I think that if your God condemns people for such a harmless and totally natural way of being, then I don't want to follow him. I was on the BNG chatbox the other day, and talking to two members. We were talking about the gay picture fad on BZP, and they just went mental! They said it's 'sickening' and 'offensive'. Do you wanna know what I find offensive? Prejudice!


And when I heard them say that, my stomach just turned. I felt so alone, and it was just making me sad. I was so offended that I asked to be banned for a week.


Now let me ask you this, homophobes:

Why is gayness wrong? Give me a proper and logical reason.


That's my thoughts on this fad.


P.S. Is there any kind of petition to allow the banners?

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Homphobe isn't a word. No is scared, or has a fear of homo sexuality. ;)

And if it was right, why would guys also like girls? Why can't men have babies?

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I just wanted to say that remember this is a KIDS TOYS forum. Move everything to somewhere else. I am not anti-gay, it's just the fact that people seem to forget this is a kid toys forum.

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As Tenebrae linked, discussion about this topic has to end, so I'm going to locking this entry.



P.S. The banners depicting kissing gay people are allowed.

P.P.S. Such a shame the situation got out of hand...

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