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Actually Bloggin

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So whoa, forgot this thing still existed. Anywho, been really busy and such this past year, doubt that I'm going to be any less busier. Shipping out to Utah for a week on Sunday and then moving into a new apartment when I get back, so I don't think I'll be by the pieces for a good while.


However, I did manage to build something (well actually I built It awhile ago and have just now taken some decent pictures of it)


(click on the picture to go to the topic)



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DeeVee, on , said:


Because I love you here's the image with proper colour correction.

Man, how'd you pull that off?

Layers. First I select all the yellow parts, and copy-paste them into their own layer. The bottom layer then, since it's all greys and whites and blacks gets greyscaled. Then I go into the colour balance options on the yellow layer and de-saturate all the colours except yellow, and then slide the hue slider until it matches the official yellow colour.


Yay photoshop.


This is how I do all my set review photos. Which is way rough when there's more than just one non-greyscale colour.

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