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Oh, Uh, Ok, Copper

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So apparently I'm a POBZPC now. That's pretty sweet. Was...honestly not expecting that. I'll take it though. Thanks B6!


Next RBZPotW in a few hours or so. I mean, I could do it now, but it's really time for bed. It's 12:12. That's a pretty cool time to sign off for the night.



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Taka Nuvia: Cheers! ^^


Ballom: Oh yeah, the banner. OK, there we go.


Gatanui: Donation. That's why I was kinda surprised, wasn't expecting that. I guess it makes sense but, eh. It means I've only really 'earned' one of my five boosts, through a news story a while back. I guess I have helped out the community, but yeah.


BioGio: Anything that's related to BZPower gets posted in that category. 'Issues' probably doesn't always apply in the sense you're thinking.


GSR: Oh yes, I'm going to lord over you guys so much, you have no idea.



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Personally, I think this proto boost was more earned than the one for reporting news. ^_^ Congrats again! :)


-Gata signoff.png

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