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Inspiration Manifestation



16 minutes until new episode time!


Hm.. Not be able to do this based on all the lag I'm getting


Here we go!


I spy a Apple Bloom


And Vinyl


Oh my


Poor Rarity


Aaaand here come the ridiculous commercials


Alright, I survived




Three seasons later and Spike still thinks he's asking "who?"


Why is that in the Princesses' old castle?


That "nom nom nom" sound is sooooooo annoying


So, I guess this means there won't be an Changelings this season. Good




He likes that better than the old one?




Please not a crazy pony episode


I've got a bad feeling about this...


And commercial time




This commercial makes me want to bash my head into my desk


Good, we're back. I almost didn't make it




What about Owlowiscious?


Reused Swarm of the Century voice clip


lol Spike's face




I feel another Lesson Zero


I don't see how he can help her do this


Oh dear...


Commercials again


Can I say how bad of an idea this "My Spy Bird House" is?


Aaaand we've finished the last commercial brake of the day!


Good luck with that Spike




Uh oh


Will Spike suffer from the side effects?


Well that was unexpected


Yep, a Rarity Lesson Zero. Not a good thing




Looked like her eyes fell out


Ah, can't believe I missed that


Hah, and earlier on in the season people were complaining about them trying to kill Sparity


Hm.. What do I think.. I don't like crazy ponies, especially when that's one of the things the episode focuses on. If it wasn't for Spike I'd say this one was pretty bad, but because of him I'll give it a "fair" rating


Recommended Comments

This one reminded me of an old Brothers Grimm fairy tale where a husband and wife were granted any wish they would make. The husband didn't think much of it and was content when they got a larger house instead of their hovel, but his wife soon went mad with power. She asked for a castle then to be king and then emperor and she became abusive to her husband to the point where he was afraid to speak out against her ambition.


That story ended a bit differently from this episode, though.


Ultimately it wasn't bad, but it could have been better. The last scene was priceless. =P

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It is still bugging me how fast Spike melted that lock. He melted a solid chunk of copper into a liquid in two seconds, his fire breath has to be as hot as the dang sun to pull that stuff off.

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