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The Force Awakens (spoilers within maybe)



So, I saw that new Star Wars movie today. I wrote up a whole big review, but it's too profanity-laden to post (not because I disliked the movie; I just swear very casually off BZP), so instead I'm just going to say it's very good. Of the two extensions of a pre-existing franchise I've seen this year, I would definitely, definitely recommend TFA over Jurassic World. Unlike JW, it doesn't rely on nostalgia to sell it; it actually took the time to make a good movie in the process.


okay but one spoiler thing, alright? i'll try to put it in spoiler tags but they don't always work. Don't click if you haven't seen it, etc.




So Rey is totally Luke's daughter, right? Like. Nobody actually outright says it, but it's very, very heavily implied. I'm not just overthinking, right? She's a Skywalker? Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees this.




(oh yeah also i'll take care of the premier membership giveaway soon. i've been a little lazy lately. i haven't forgotten; one of the two entrants will get it, i guarantee)


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rey is the child of gonk droid and watto, as raised by background kamino clone factory operator #7 and kashykk greenscreen suit man #19c83

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It seems heavily implied that she's Luke's daughter, which would be my preferred theory, but from what I can tell they're also hinting that she may be another son of Han. There is also the theory she might be a Kenobi.

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I was totally waiting for the last line of the movie to be, "Rey!  It's me, Luke.  I am your father."  Just to troll those people who say that "Luke I am your father" isn't the actual line.


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