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13 Years



Actually missed this one by a few minutes - forgot it was, well, yesterday at this point. Time flies...!


I've been a member on BZP for thirteen years now, even if I spent a good seven of them completely absent. Even with that caveat, that puts me at near the five-year mark for being active here in recent times. And somehow I've wound up a Global Mod? Life is strange indeed.


Truth be told, this wasn't my best year BZP-wise. A lot of that just comes back to, well, real life - this past year was my first one working full-time the whole way through, and that coupled with other obligations meant I haven't been spending as much time around here as I used to. Bit ironic, given the combination of the whole GM thing and the fact that, well, Bionicle is back! But unfortunately I just haven't had the time/energy to keep up with the elemental-lego-robot-Joneses.


I'm hoping to change that this year, if only a little. There's a not-so-secret project I've been working on for the site behind the scenes - several of the staff will now throw tomatoes at me for holding things up - and after a year marked by a pretty sharp decline in creative work, I'd like to get writing again. We'll see how it goes, but I'm hopeful.


Thanks for all the good times, BZP. Here's to many more.

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By the power vested in me as a retired staff member, I hereby promote Tekulo to Executive Vice President of Tomato Throwing.


Have at it.

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*brings in tomato catapult* *illegally fires away* 




(I'm not a staff member, but my hatred for unfinished projects is universal. Especially ones wanted by people.) 

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here's a fun fact: I spent double-digit hours at work on the two days immediately following this blog entry and darn near close to it today


at this point I'm just thankful for the calories those tomatoes have

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