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D&D Characters



Currently Playing: Zizelkatzeka "Zizel" Nindu'ain, Grey Elf Psion (Shaper). Eager to become a world-renowned sculptor, Zizel services his keen capitalist instinct with persuasive Psionic powers and +13 to Craft(Sculpture). Has a thistle plant named Gunther who he's convinced holds psionic secrets and a Psistone named Zeka who has the feat Light Armor Proficiency.


1st Ever Character: Fado Kooloo-Limpah, Gnomish Druid. Had a Camel named Molgera. At level two, died, then was resurrected through having his soul and body combined with that of a young red dragon. The party later killed him after the dragon took over his consciousness.


Previous Character: Reic Trigmond, Human Wizard. Played two sessions with this guy.


Other Previous Character: Eustace Trigmond, Human Ardent. Ardents are the Psionic equivalent of Clerics, but instead of being devoted to a god they're devoted to universal concepts. Having killed his father, Reic Trigmond, in a freak accident, Eustace was devoted to Murphy's law and constantly expounded on the futility of it all. As an Ardent ability, Eustace regained Power Points any time he critically failed at something.



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Ahh. Lego is such a perfect subject for D&D character building. :)


I took a picture of my last two campaign characters, I wonder if I still have them around... Haven't been in a campaign for at least a year, but the character elements and props are still organized into full bead cases just in case for the future. XD

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