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The best D&D party



So I'm DMing a D&D 3.5 game with six players. Here's the deal:

  • None of them are RPG gamers.
  • Five out of six are girls.
  • They are totally oblivious to all the fantasy tropes and D&D traditions they are constantly throwing out the window.
  • They are totally oblivious to how incredible their total lack of metagaming is.

One player is Kowski Bronwyn Arcana, the Whisper Gnome Halfling. Normally Whisper Gnome would be a very cheesy race--mechanically, they're one of the best 0 LA races in the game. She chose them because she liked a description of Whisper Gnomes she saw on Wikipedia. She didn't even realize there would be mechanical benefits until I told her.


Kowski doesn't steal things. She's a rogue who developed her stealth skills so she could do good deeds without being thanked.


Concrete is a half-elf ranger. She cares deeply for the Orc populations and is constantly trying to help the poor Orc farmers. Her favored enemy is Animals because those are what most often threaten said Orcs.


Kowski once accidentally one-shotted an Orc in a dungeon. Concrete immediately brought the Orc's body back to his family and offered her condolences. Kowski went into town, purchased a casserole, and left it on the Orc family's windowsill during the night.


Redwynn is a Dwarf barbarian. Illiteracy is usually a class feature of Barbarians. Here's an excerpt from her backstory, written by the player:

When not working, Redwynn usually retires to a cave within the Scar, which requires a bit of a climb to get to. In this cave, she’s hoarded quite a few books, it’s important to her that she’s well read as most people assume she isn’t even literate. She also enjoys writing poetry during her stays in the cave, although it’s not very good.



Just... No metagaming at all, genuine and continued remorse for everyone they've harmed, and (usually) a great deal of respect for the city authorities. I find it hilarious and touching in turns.

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just wait until they meet the time-travelling warrior Voltex, who insists on being each party member's polar opposite in turns

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That is fascinating.


But then, the character I'm playing in my current campaign is a fighter named J'hon Cinah, so who am I to talk?

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