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More Strange Restaurant Adventures



So last weekend, the four denizens of the fishers clan went to a Chili's in town. We haven't gone to Chili's in at least four years, even though it used to be one of our favorite restaurants. Apparently we thought that there were no Chili's in our part of the world where we now live, even though it was completely false since we drove past a sign for a Chili's at least once a week on our way to church.


This is entirely dumb.


We finally get into the restaurant and take a seat, and all of us comb the menus looking for one thing...Monterey Chicken. For those not familiar with this delicious menu item, it is chicken covered with barbecue sauce, cheese, bacon, and tomato, served with broccoli and potatoes covered with more of the cheese and bacon and possibly infused with more of the fattening stuff that is supposed to reduce your lifespan.


But it wasn't on the menu.


The four of us looked at each other in the early stages of panic. None of us knew what to order. We began looking over our menus a second and a third time, in vain, hoping that our eyes were fooling us.


"We should ask about it," my mom said, ever the sensible being in a moment of crisis. But all of us knew that the odds of us getting what we wanted were slim. We tried to throw together a backup plan.


Finally, our waiter arrived. "Do you still serve Montrey Chicken?" my mom asked.


"Yes," the waiter said.


"Uh, we were just wondering, because it wasn't on the menu," my dad said.


"It's on the other menu I have in the computer," said the waiter.


"What is the price?" my dad asked. The waiter came back with it while we waited in suspense. It was the usual price.


"So what are we having?"


"I don't know about you, but I want Montrey Chicken," I said.


"I want one too," my mom said.


"Monterey Chicken," my brother said, with his typical throw it in shrug.


"Four Monterey Chickens," my dad said.


The waiter then told us that we were making his life easy - but we were ordering something that wasn't even on the menu!


(Except they always told us that 4 years ago too, when it was on the menu. It baffles me how four of the same order is easy for a restaurant, but there you go.)


And sure enough, after Uno Epidemic Round 2 Not-Quite-So-Weird Edition, 4 Monterey Chickens were served. All plates were cleaned.


The waiter told us that apparently we had made his day and that the other waitstaff wanted to eat our meal too, and that the chef was impressed. I guess we had made him the "star" for the day with our unusual order.


Except, we may not get such a nice waiter next time. I'm missing my Monterey Chicken dinners already.

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The Monterey Chicken is what I always ordered when we used to go to Chili's, but I haven't been to one in ages. Goooood stuff.


And you make his life easy because the order is easy to remember, and he literally can't give anyone at your table the wrong food =P

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