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holy grail



I said I'd pop back in on special occasions and I think this counts


a couple weeks ago I dropped $40 on a copy of Machinae Supremacy's rare, out-of-print Redeemer (Underground Edition) CD. this was an independently-released limited run version of their second album that was only available through their website and has long since been discontinued, featuring a different mix and an alternate tracklist to its more common major label retail counterpart. they rarely ever show up for sale anywhere so when I saw it, I had to jump on it, and today it finally arrived.




as the title states, this is basically a holy grail of my music collection. I'm stoked to finally own a copy.


updated collection picture:




from top to bottom:


- Redeemer (Underground Edition)

- Redeemer (Retail Edition)

- Overworld

- A View from the End of the World

- The Beat of Our Decay (rare UK promotional compilation)

- Rise of a Digital Nation

- Phantom Shadow


also owned digitally and not pictured:


- Deus Ex Machinae (band's first album, available for free through their website)

- Origin (compilation of free singles available through their website)

- Arcade (compilation of free singles available through their website)

- Fury (compilation of free singles available through their website)

- Echoes (compilation of free cover songs available through their website)

- Jets'n'Guns original soundtrack (free through their website)

- Jets'n'Guns Gold EP (free through their website)

- Gianna Sisters Twisted Dreams original soundtrack

- Epic Fan Pack (odds 'n' ends collection briefly available through their website)

- Live at Assembly 2011 (HD live video officially distributed through The Pirate Bay)

- "Gerudo Valley" single (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time cover, free single released this year)


band's currently in the studio working on the follow-up to Phantom Shadow, which is supposed to be released later this year. I'll update this entry when the time comes.

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