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Rough Concept for The Lego Bionicle Movie

Pahrak Model ZX


Life as a retired theme is actually pretty great! The extensive cast of the Bionicle franchise has spent the last few years relaxing in luxury with not a care in the world, and is having their annual reunion party as the film opens. The scene focuses on big name characters like the Toa and Makuta, with a few condescending references to “the Gen 2 side of the family” and a small appearance from an old drunk Slizer who rants some gibberish about the prophecy of the Slizers’ return. One of the Toa, probably Tahu, off-handedly turns away one of the minor characters near the end of the scene and goes home to resume his easy life.


Soon, however, trouble begins. Numerous major characters are found missing their masks, which has resulted in them losing all their powers and memories! A few of the Toa are called out of retirement to fix this, but all of their combat experience and character development has gone down the drain after being out of the game for so long, and so they’re barely able to do a thing against the various generic enemies they keep bumping into. Eventually they come face to face with the one stealing masks: the minor character Tahu shunned at the reunion, who is fed up with being constantly shoved into the background even so many years later. Their goal is to steal the powers and memories of all the franchise’s major characters and make them their own, so that they will be the only important character ruling over a bunch of nameless nobodies!


The Toa begin to realize how poorly minor characters are treated, and this leads to them visiting their estranged relatives in Gen 2 to ask for their help. Unfortunately, the minor character has become so powerful and amassed enough generic minions that even the combined forces of Generations 1 and 2 aren’t able to claim victory. (Around this time the minor character will transform and rename themselves Voriki Toa of Energy. The Toa will comment that name sounds really fake.) When all seems darkest, the sound of disks flying fills the air…and the Slizers bust in, shouting something along the lines of “TIME TO FULFILL THAT PROPHECY SON!!” The kooky geezers are enough to tip the scales, and the minor character is defeated by a Toa Seal created from the combined powers of major, minor, Gen 1, Gen 2, Slizers, and…some other sixth thing. The masks are returned to their rightful owners, who regain their memories and abilities, and the minor character laments at how they’re now forever doomed to life in the background.


The last scene is a year later at the next reunion, where all the characters are being treated as equals, including the minor character who became the villain. Major or minor, Generation 1 or 2, Bionicle or Slizers—they’ve come to realize they’re all part of the same gigantic family, and that they should be treating each other with love and respect instead of looking down on each other based on silly things like how many sets they’ve gotten or which island they lived on. Tahu excitedly makes an announcement: Generation 3 is in the works, and he was able to convince Lego to include new versions of a whole slew of minor characters! The celebration goes on and the credits begin to roll, accompanied by a new remix of the Piraka Rap.


(I’ve said this before, but you can hire me whenever you want, Lego. I’m free.)

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the sixth thing is either a roborider or a galidor set


I honestly don't know which would be better


We may have to increase it to seven things

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