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50 Favorite Songs of 2018



Get it On:


Another year come and gone, which means it's time to roll out my list of my favorite songs of the year!

This was my fourth year doing a favorite songs list and like always since January first I've been compiling my "nominees" into a word document as I find them; unlike previous years though I started work on this list a little bit early than normal (early October). Sorry, couldn't help myself.


Anyway on the list itself, if you know my taste in music then you know what to expect, various forms of pop music with a few sprinkles of other genres like EDM. CHVRCHES, K.I.D, Clean Bandit, Princess Chelsea, Alice Glass, Cyn, Meg Myers, Pale Waves, Lila Gold, and Allie X are just a few of the artists represented on the list.


So, check out the list if any of that interests you and be sure to share the songs you loved most from 2018 in the comments below.


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