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Small Currency Collection

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So, over the past few years (about 3?), I've had the privilege of being able to travel to a few different countries. Mostly for academics. I started collecting the different bills, because, as a United States resident with a mostly monochromatic currency scheme, the other colors and sizes of foreign currency is one of my favorite things ever. Also, sorry, the coins photographed really terribly, but I realized too late. 

这是中国元。 我在大学的时候, 专业是中国文化, 所以我需要学习一个学期在中国。我三年以前是留学生在上海。

Translation: This is Chinese currency. (if you didn't guess). When in college, I studied Chinese, and needed to study in China for a semester. Three years ago, I studied abroad in Shanghai. 



The two small bills, which are the equivalent of a few Chinese cents, were pretty hard to come by, I think I only encountered two or three of each my entire semester there. 




Entonces, tengo dinero Guatemalan tambien. (lo siento, mi español es muy muy poco, jaja). Viajé a Guatemala uno año pasada. Creo los dinero Guatemalan esta mucho bonitos. 

Translation: I've also collected Guatemalan money. (sorry, my Spanish is abysmal). I traveled to Guatemala about a year ago, and I think their money is gorgeous. 



A fun fact, the exchange rate for Chinese Yuan and Guatemalan Quetzales is almost the same. (or at least, it was when I was in each country, respectively). 

While I don't think I can say I've been to Colombia, I do have Colombian bill (the little blue one beneath the Guatemalan coins). It was acquired during a layover in the Bogota airport. My personal requirement for being able to say I've been to a country is 1) leaving airport/customs/border crossing property and 2) buying something in the country in the native language. The Colombian bill was more of a gift, and was kept because it's really pretty and makes a good bookmark :)

Now, what I really need are some widgets.  

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Very cool! I went to China a few years ago but did not keep any currency from the trip. Not sure why since I usually do. I have Euros from a trip to Europe a decade ago (floating around somewhere), and every denomination of Guarani from living in Paraguay.

My family went to England for a trip when I was a small child and I'm sure I have some pounds floating around somewhere too. If my goal is to hold on to foreign currency for posterity I should probably be taking better care of it...

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So well-traveled! That's awesome! How long did you live in Paraguay for? The little I've seen of South and Central America was beautiful, I bet Paraguay is, as well. 

Haha, I, too, wish I'd hung onto more Euros. I think I traded them all back in because of the exchange rate, but I don't remember. Now, getting some of the pre-Euro currencies of some of the European countries would be fun. And probably difficult. And I feel like I'd have to learn more about European history and politics. But still. 

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