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Oh Nose

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A terrible thing has happened today. My sister was watching TV a few hours ago and then she went upstairs during a commercial (I can't quite remember why, but it's not important). Anyway, when she came back, she asked me if I had turned off the TV. Having been at the computer the whole time, I told her that I hadn't and that she must have done so and forgotten. Shrugging her shoulders, she reached for the remote and pressed the On button but nothing happened. I was called in to investigate and found that no matter what I did, I couldn't turn it on. So then I called down my dad; still no luck. He and I then hoisted the TV onto its face, opened its back panel, and then looked around, but we found nothing and still couldn't get it to work. So in the end, my dad decided that it was toast and now plans to throw it out.


IPB Image

:crying: It was a good TV. It played VHS, DVD, PS2, antennae, and satellite faithfully, but now it's time has come. Farewell old friend, I shall never forget you...


BTW, did I mention I'm getting a new LCD television in the near future? :P

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My condolences to your family and my wishes your TV lives happily in the afterlife.


*puts flowers on its grave*

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Whoa, your TV is older than me. :P I wonder what site keeps on generating pictures like that. I see it very often.

Here's the site and don't worry, when you reach the ripe old age of 12, I'm sure that you won't die. :)


13 on the other hand... :P

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hey i was born then!!!


I'm sorry bout ur tragic loss spirit, but just think of all those happy memories with it.

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